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  2. Are these profiles not compatible with the import feature on the new swiftpoint x1 software?? pls advise. TIA!
  3. The Qwerty thing is less of a Swiftpoint-Problem and more of a Windows-Problem, Razer has it as well for example, but there is an extremely easy workaround: if you are on qwertz and need a "y", just insert a "z" and vice versa for example And for the Windows driver, I don't really know what version you are using, but the one I have is pretty much bug free
  4. Several years after release, the only "official" windows driver is still severly bugged (non qwerty = half of the planet: not supported), you still do not provide any kind of linux support, you don't open source because you are afraid of loosing your "competitive advantage", you won't help developers ok to work for free, because some evilcorp would rip you off. Your HID spec compromise is a joke, you know it. Who would invest days of work in a driver unable to manage/switch profiles. I would rather buy a concurrent mouse than retrofitting your 300$ hardware that I can use as a mere 10$ mouse on my favorite OS.
  5. Nothing major, just unnecessary "E Rlease" keybind in place. I would suggest to move "G Release" command to "Right Fingertip Release" and just delete "G Release" from "Right Fingertip Press". But if it works, don't fix it. Alternatively, if you're going to leave "Right Fingertip Press" button as is, you may as well just change "G Press" to "G Tap" and remove "G Release" to make it neat, coz its the same thing with one less keybind, unless someone corrects me. (Forgive me for pointing this out. Ive become a neat freak creating Z profiles to the point i get rid of unnecessary keybinds/macros to save on mouse memory space so I can have more profiles on my Z mouse for other games I play.)
  6. I welcome this profile variation. Well done! You may want to re-check on "Right Fingertip" button configuration in this version 2.5.
  7. Hope this explains & helps. Source: https://support.swiftpoint.com/portal/en/kb/articles/profiles-sub-profiles In summary, to save on mouse memory.
  8. Version 2.5


    Original by Oxicon. This is a remodel of Oxicon's file so please give him support!
  9. The inventory toggle is a genius idea! I'm going to use it for my profile!
  10. Hi, Would anyone else find this useful for adding multiple of the same action?
  11. My middle button stop reacting to every click too after several years. I actually hate scroll/middle button in mice in general after a while they stop to scroll properly why not to replace it with a three additional buttons/stick/sensor???
  12. If you pin the configuration software to the task bar in one of the first 10 positions you can also launch it with the shortcut "WIN key + Number key" (not numpad). For example in the image below it's in the 4th position on the task-bar (not counting the Start button). So "WIN + 4" will open the config window (if it is not already open).
  13. One way could be to assign a complex shortcut and the use an autohotkey script to catch said shortcut and open the software. Basically make a script, add it to autostart so it will always run in the background and use something like ctrl+shift+f24(if the Swiftpoint software let's you use f24) as the hotkey for example If needed I could write the script for you.
  14. I'd like to be able to tilt my mouse and pull the left trigger in order to open the driver window. Is this possible at all?
  15. I had a quick look at how easy the minimum window width would be to adjust. For simple mode it would be trivial and didn't seem to break anything, but Expert Mode is more difficult. Since there are a lot more UI elements things get very cramped if you reduce the width by even the couple hundred pixels. So expert mode would probably require more design work and testing than we can justify, unless this effects more users than I expect. Admittedly I also use a 1080p width monitor in portrait as a secondary display at work. But I always keep the Control Panel on my main display so hadn't seen this as an issue until you mentioned it.
  16. Those permissions can be a pain to deal with, and we will be looking into ways to get around this issue. Likely by providing a list of installed or running apps to select from instead of browsing for an exe. But for now a last resort way to link an app that wont work via normal means is to do it manually with a text editor. To do this first link your profile to any other exe, then export it to a file. Next open the exported .spcf file in a text editor and search for the name of the file you linked. You'll find something that looks like the following: "Applications": [ { "Name": "VALORANT", "Path": "VALORANT-Win64-Shipping.exe" } ], Simply modify the Path to the exe you want to activate the profile, set the Name to whatever you want it to show as, then save the modified spcf file. Before importing it back into the driver I recommend you also do a full export of all of your profiles. Just in case there is a problem with the import.
  17. I have two monitors with the following characteristics: 27" 1920x1080 On the left, in purple, the monitor is vertical. On the right, in green, the monitor is horizontal. I noticed I can't resize the SwiftpointZ Control panel to fit on vertical screen. Actually, you can barely resize it. Would sure be cool if I could resize that window. I understand that having a vertical monitor is not very common setup, but regardless... being able to resize the window into a smaller size would be a nice addition to the program. Maybe the mouse image should resize ? or maybe some UI elements could become smaller? Idk.
  18. I've found that I cannot seem to get the profile switching to work with Windows store games. Most of it has to do with specific file permissions which I have toyed with. I have taken ownership of the files and given myself full control. But for some reason when trying to set the exe file to profile switch to it keeps telling me I don't have the proper permissions. I've tried researching this across the net but I can't find any references to the problem. I can't be the only one having this issue because from what I can tell this is an inherent problem caused by the protected nature of windows managed files. Is there something I'm missing or possibly a fix for this? Can anyone help me here?
  19. I understand now. I need to put 1. "layout_Zpoint-Swift_exported.xml" file into "...StarCitizen\LIVE\USER\Controls\Mappings" 2. "actionmaps.xml" file into "...StarCitizen\LIVE\USER\Profiles\default" If anybody would like a copy of that profile but without "replacing all global settings", here you are - grab attached file, begin import, select this file, when you will be asked for "Select profiles to import" select only "Star Citizen" profile, press "Ok". Star Citizen separated.spcf
  20. Yeah that is what actually got me back in here. Have to re download the software. I had to reformat a couple weeks ago and hadn't reinstal the Z software. The problem of using only one profile and it being saved to the mouse. It is easy to forget till you need it lol
  21. You should be able to disable the controller part of the z and azero via the device manager to fix that problem
  22. Yeah I don't play any of those games @untag so i couldn't say. My daughter actually asked me to play Soulclaibur VI with her and I am having a deal setting that up right now as it keeps thinking I have a controller...Talk about double jeopardy as it could be either the Z or the Azeron causing the glitch pfft. Nothing worth doing is always easy though I hear ;)
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