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  2. I have a bundle home&work and the one I am carrying to work has problematic middle click it is nor registering click half of the time. I have switched mouse to show force percentage and I can see that the switch is ignoring most of the middle clicks using wheel. I would use a discount to repurchase the second the mouse since I am happy with it.
  3. Im using swift-point z gaming mouse over a year now and the middle mouse wheel button currently stopped working. is this just happened to me?
  4. I'd guess you already know the answer to this question, since iPadOS 13 has been out for a while. The answer is "Yes, but..." For the benefit of iPad users who don't have one, but are considering a ProPoint or GT mouse: 1) Through the accessibility settings (Settings > Accessibility > Touch > AssistiveTouch), there is limited mouse pointer support for general iPad use. It won't turn your iPad into a Macbook, but with your mouse you can mimic touch operations: launch apps, go to the home screen, tap buttons, etc. It's not a precision pointer in this mode. It's essentially a virtual finger. 2) With some remote access apps, like Jump Desktop and the beta version of Microsoft's Remote Desktop client, you can use it as a regular mouse when you're connected to a PC. Here it does act like any other mouse.
  5. @milkman Hey buddy, i grabbed EFT back in '16 Just re-installed, will start by using @AODqw97config and let you know!! Here we go again!!!
  6. Does anyone know that moving 180 units to the right refers to 180 pixels, or is it the actual physical distance 180mm? What is the unit of measurement? Do you need to move different physical distances under different resolution computers?
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  8. Hi all, second post here. I have just bought a Z second hand but immaculate condition, I bought it mainly for the tilt action as I play a lot of FPS mainly PUBG, now on the few times I've used it the lean left or right will randomly engage and I can't get it to stop, is there anything I can do or something I haven't done properly to fix this in the software or do you think it my be the mouse itself, thanks for looking and for any help.
  9. Holy shizzle! Bryce is ALIVE!!! i thought you were dead mister I've seen these screenshots of updated interface, looks nice, but without that everyone is looking forward to swiftpoint Z version 2 or swiftpoint Y? scroll wheel which fails to many of us, shoud be fixed or designed new one (sadly logitech use microsoft's patent until 2030 for free spin wheel) and more ergonomic or modular design to whole mouse added. This mouse is amazing and community wants to interact in process, but socials are forbiden, which leaves a bitter... We need advanced gaming gear!
  10. @NeonGamer It's too early for me to be confident on dates, so all I can really be sure of is that it's at least a couple months away.
  11. Hello, Is it me or is there no dedicated app specifically designed to support the propoint mouse? For the price of the item there should be a far more developed user interface than the convoluted system provided. "before the I.T crowd start turbo geeking about how easy it is, it should be a smooth simple single click like every other firmware update"
  12. Features included with both the ProPoint and TRACPOINT:• Ultra portable ergonomic pen-grip design.• Two devices in one. Both a wireless mouse & presenter.• New "Spotlight" presentation features.• Customizable gesture functions with the "Swiftpoint Control Panel" for Mac and Windows.• Up to two weeks battery life of a full charge.• Rapid charge for over an hour of use from a 60 second charge.• Bundled USB Charger.• Bundled Travel Case. The features currently exclusive to ProPoint include:• Third mouse button, enabling additional gestures.• iOS remote desktop app support.• Bundled Well-being software.• ProPoints bundled USB charger is also a receiver, enabling its use with devices that do not support Bluetooth 4.0. So basically they are the same except for a "third mouse button" on the ProPoint
  13. Any idea when the 'next big update' will be?
  14. Unfortunately this isn't possible, but you can make dpi profiles which you can then change
    Nice job. Thank you
  15. Hey guys! So I am configuring my mouse, loving the customization but Ive hit a wall. I am trying to put the mouse into a mode to adjust DPI when I tilt it forward a certain angle (lets say 3 degrees). Currently I have it setup so when I tilt it forward it changes profiles into a profile (Labeled DPI) thats soul purpose is to be a DPI config mode. In concept I should be able to adjust the DPI when like this (With the OLED telling me current sensitivity and scroll wheel changing it). I can, this part works well, the problem is when I set the mouse back down to its original profile the DPI changes to what the original profile has. I was wondering if you guys have any idea on getting one profile to make a change that affects another profile. All suggestions are welcome!
  16. @Bryce No worries; I can appreciate that. Thanks for the transparency and detailed replies as always! We all appreciate it a lot more than you know! For anyone else dealing with this: I'll report back here if I find any better alternatives for the time being (e.g., an updated 'resetmsmice' or equivalent script to simulate a unplug/replug for our particular device, etc). Likewise, if anyone makes their own solution (or stumbles into someone else's solution), please give us a heads up here accordingly; it'd mean a lot to those of us who struggle with this literally every day! Thanks again, and best of luck to all!
  17. @Skip We haven't made any progress on this yet. It's on our list but since this is a relatively niche issue with a known workaround it's not a very high priority. This could change if the feedback we receive warrants it, but at this stage unfortunately it likely wont be addressed in the near future.
  18. @vertexUnfortunately we don't have an ETA for XInput support. It was on our road-map early on, but things didn't pan out as we had hoped and it had to be put to the side for a while. It's still on our wish-list, but is not part of any planned update at this stage. Though if we get more requests for it, it's possible it could be moved further up the list. Regarding being banned for using X360ce in GTA Online, this isn't something we can confirm or deny. As far as I know Rockstar has not issued a specific statement on it, and looking around online I can see reports of people saying they've been using it for years without issue, while a few others say they were banned for it.
  19. @David.L I can't share anything in regards to hardware development. But we're still working on the Zs software for both macOS and Windows and will be giving it a bit of an overhaul in the next big update.
  20. Doesn't seem like it. I've asked simple questions and received no response whatsoever.
  21. @Bryce Ah, I see! Sorry for the late reply, but thanks for the link and clarification! Is there any chance you've made (or heard of) any progress on this front yet? Any update or feedback would be greatly appreciated! Thanks so much! 💗
  22. Hello, someone here who has something to say on side of swiftpoint? Answering mods, active developer? Like anyone who does provide any kind of support?
  23. I would like to see Swiftpoint do a product like the Grifta (which appears to have died,maybe buy the rights?) for FPS gaming. As an old guy I couldn't get the hang of the whole WSAD thing and the Grifta allows me to game without a keyboard but I would love a similar done by the folks who came up with the wonderful Z.
  24. Thanks for the tutorial. Anyhow, I got two questions: Regarding "We will be adding Xinput support to the Z in the future" Considering it's been 2 years since that statement: Are we there yet? Could you give any ETA? I once used the solution mentioned above to get rid of the dead zone in GTA Online, but people told me I could get banned for placing stuff (like foreign DLLs) within the game's folder. Can you confirm or deny this claim? I'd very much like to use tilt left/right to steer in GTA Online - but I really wouldn't like to get banned for it. Thanks for any heads-up you can give!
  25. @Nick I'm not sure how you do this on Linux but in Windows you can go into device Manager and disable the Z's controller interface. If there is no equivalent to this in Linux, there is another way you can temporarily disable the controller interface. As you plug in your Z just hold down the "Top Thumb Button" and the "Left Trigger (Push)". This will disable the Z Controller interface until the Z looses power.
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