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  3. Interesting experience! I have had way more of these mice but talking about quality control Z had the worst of them. As for the gaming mouse, there are literally no competition for Z, every mice are just 20 years old model and technology. So i guess it's personal choice. I agree on that, i will not buy another Swiftpoint product, unless there are improvements.
  4. I've had the mouse for 1.5 years (and it's in better condition than my old mice, which kept breaking after 1/2 years) Mouse experiences: * I had two Leadr's, which had a poor quality "thumb-sticks". * Razer Mamba exploded randomly when wirelessly charging it with the same cable, same everything, after 1/2 years. * My Logitech G903 mouse had ghost-movement after 3 months, so this Swiftpoint Z is so far, the most durable mouse I have had. The Swiftpoint Z is probably the best gaming mouse I have had, but I'll not buy another Z when this breaks.
  5. If you mean the scroll wheel, then yes. It has very poor quality control, and is made extremely bad. Clicking feels like it will brake anytime and i have loads of loose space between scroll steps. I can rotate it 20 degrees angle freely till next step kicks in and you get that tactile feel, and i feel like it can give up. I have two Z mice and they both act the same. Having in mind quality control- plastic is the lowest grade, rubbers on sides fell off after a month and mWheel- omg, cheapest 10€ mouse has godlike scroll wheel compared to this... If you consider Swiftpoint next time, have in mind that they do not update Z mouse (hardware or software), even tho i find the technology superior and ahead of time by 10 years to any mouse on the market. That is the only thing to stick to it... But... they are milking "point" mice which are the same mouse with different name and color.
  6. You know the little stickers they use on the bottom of the detachable parts to set their height? Yeah mine now have cat fluff etc stuck in them, is there anywhere we can buy new ones?
  7. Analog joystick outputs cannot be mapped to mouse movement, but they are available for tilt. If you still have the default "Gaming Analog" profile it has tilt setup as a joystick. But you can also easily add it to any other profile by going to its tilt settings and adding a "Game Controller" output to the "Analog" inputs; which are at the bottom of the tilt sections. You can find more details on the options available for tilt inputs here
  8. I have been having this issue for a few weeks as well and came here to see if anyone else had a solution before I contacted support. I looked into the help, and I found a solution that is helpful at least. According to these two pages: https://support.swiftpoint.com/portal/kb/articles/pushing-the-scroll-wheel-to-the-right-activates-a-button-but-to-the-left-does-not https://support.swiftpoint.com/portal/kb/articles/one-of-the-buttons-on-my-z-is-not-working I used the knowledge from the first page to press right on the button, hoping that would knock it back on its axis, while on the button test profile from the second link. I went from not getting any acknowledgment of the presses to the OLED screen registering my middle mouse clicks every time. When I went back to Chrome to test, it looks like it's working at 100% again... for now. Certainly more reliably than I've seen in ages. Try messing around with those steps and seeing if it helps you as well.
  9. As title states, my Swiftpoint Z's middle button is very unreliable when clicking. Is this a common issue? The middle button is also a bit loose.
  10. Is there a way I can either bind the tilt or mouse movement to a mimic a joystick?
  11. LOL Okay, I just found the solution myself. In a desperate attempt I exported all my mappings to a file and then selected "Clear and Reset Settings in Driver and Mouse". Being asked if I want to load the default mappings, I chose yes. Then it took some time until the mouse got reconnected. I performed a test of mapping keystrokes: works again! I imported my old mappings: works again too! ____________ Bottom line: aaaaall is fine again. Huh. Okay! 😄 I'll leave this thread to sink into the archives. Maybe one day it helps someone else.
  12. Hey there, so far my Z has performed quite nice, but lately when I want to map keystrokes to mouse buttons - like the pause key or backspace or a simple letter like "C" - they are just not being sent anymore. No matter if I select "Tap" or assign "Press" to the press event, plus "Release" to the release action, it just doesn't do anything anymore. Mapping of mouse buttons still works just fine, so the hardware is "ok" - as does stuff like vibration, etc. Only key presses as output actions are affected - including every possible type, even media keys. As far as I remember I didn't change anything, so I'm a bit lost about what to check. I just ran the installer for the driver again and selected "repair", but didn't change anything. Anyone experienced this and knows a solution? Or maybe some suggestion what I could try next? Thanks!
  13. Alvar


    Same here, I have no idea how to map the JB.
  14. Hey Bryce, Thanks for the update we look forward to it. To you and the SWIFTPOINT team stay safe in these challenging times. Cheers. J
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  16. So I installed iPadOS 13.4 with mouse support and for the most part, it works fine. It took me a while to figure out how to do things like change pages on my home screen (click below the icons to the right) or even get to the home page (keep going down from the bottom of the screen). However, the one thing that just doesn’t work well is scrolling. It doesn’t seem to be an issue with other mice so I’m wondering if there’s anything different about the GT and if there’s any setting I can change to make it more compatible. Bought this mouse to work with Jump Desktop and it’s great for that but would love to be able to use it more generally without having to buy another device.
  17. Thanks Bryce, I missed that. I was going by set dpi value and thinking I could add 2 dpi values for x and y..
  18. To do this you just need to create DPI levels with the specific X/Y settings you want. Then set the button press to switch to that level, and button release to switch back. For example: You can either jump to a specific DPI level as I have done above, or move up and down levels with the next and previous options shown below.
  19. @Mitchy1690 Unfortunately it has been some time since the last update for the Windows driver. However work on it is still ongoing. Since the last update our focus shifted to getting the Mac version up to speed with Windows . That milestone was reached late last year and since then we have been moving our Windows development onto the same cross-platform framework that we used for the Mac version. While at the same time doing an overhaul of the UI. So there is a significant update coming for both Windows and mac users, and further updates are planned for the foreseeable future.
  20. So I have a standing desk that tilts front to back. Sometimes I leave the mouse resting turned sideways and it will calibrate with a ~0.7 degree angle then if I start using the mouse and jump into a game it will make it nearly impossible to lean to one side and the other side will be way to sensitive. Since the mouse doesn't recalibrate if it's constantly moving this killed me a few times where I immediately discovered the issue then kept trying in vain to get it to zero out by not touching it while also not dying. Anyways I figured out a quick fix if anyone has a similar issue. The following setting is based under the default "tilt right 25 degrees enters calibration mode" gesture, the 1.5 second delay gives you time to put the mouse back down and stop touching it before it recalibrates. I also recommend using the lcd to display roll/pitch/yaw unless you use it for DPI so you can make sure the calibration is always correct (this can also be cycled in calibration mode using a default setting). Just wanted to throw this out in case anyone else was having similar issues. Loving this mouse more every day.
  21. Is there a way to have separate x /y dpi levels when holding a button and return to normal when button is released? I know it can be done on the main configuration screen , but that is for the whole profile. I was hoping i can do it with a button press.
  22. okay, so a custom made thing wouldn't be able to get information or tell information to or from the mouse oh well, could have been fun
  23. We were experimenting with ideas for other attachments until late into the Zs development. But unfortunately none of them worked out well enough to put into production at the time. So the pins are technically still active, however the Z's firmware is not setup to respond to them.
  24. Ah I see. Unfortunately you can't do that with a single input. So you would need to use a second input to end the loop. This could either be completely independent of the button used to start the loop, or you could use an input combination. For example if you are using the bottom thumb button to start the loop, "bottom thumb + top thumb" might be a good combination to end the loop. This would look like the following: The small '+ADD' button next to "Bottom Thumb" is used to add the "Top Thumb" input.
  25. On the underside of the mouse there is a little dip with 6 pins inside. I am a bit curious about them? Because i havent found anything on your site that supports them, and the mouse is not young anymore. Have some theories, but would like to know. 1: are they made for an atachment that was planed but never made? 2: (i play a lot with arduino's) are they like the icsp pins? to directly program the mouse? 3:something third... and if it is for attachments that havent been made, are they functional? like could i maybe create my own attachments? (again i like playing with arduino gadgets)
  26. This is a great profile. I am confused on how to map the JB within Arma. Are you adding it in the cfg file?
  27. Are we going to get another update or is this basically what we have to work with? it's been way to long since an update and the mouse is still being priced £170+ wtf?
  28. Just was wondering if you press the button once, without holding it, can the loop run indefinitely, and if I press the button again will it stop. So instead of holding it, just pressing it.
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