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  2. sLpFhaWK

    single shot autofire

    I just came to ask/search for this, thankfully it's on the front page. WIll test and let you know how it works. Thanks for posting! So I tried it out with a repeat of 6x and it only shot twice. I'm going to leave it on 0 for infinite loop and try again.
  3. Hi guys, Can you please let me know how to do a right mouse click for sight/scope, then hold shift for steady/hold breathe input for the right mouse button. Thanks!
  4. BryceThompson

    Mouse not detected

    Hey Guys, I am running the V1.2.54.0 of the software on a Mac with Remote Windows 8 Operating system, The program runs fine and the mouse works Plug and play without issues, but the software cannot locate the Mouse when we try to apply the updates, is there a way to reset or force the mouse finder ?
  5. Tuudi

    Need Help, Love Mouse

    What your after is propably something like this: On the screen shot above you would switch to the Building mode and keep tapping the lmb indefinetely. You might want to add some Waits there before tapping and before repeat if needed. Also I guess note worthy is this is on the mouse button press. On this screenshot you will break the loop from the press of the button in the release of the button as well as switching back to your weapon.
  6. slimtimmy13

    Need Help, Love Mouse

    any help on this one would be great. thanks everyone
  7. Totally appreciate it!! I'll give it a try
  8. In the screenshot above, pushing left trigger runs throught the macro(inputs 1-6) waits for 10 seconds and then runs the macro starting from input 1 through 6 and repeat. As the times it repeat here is left 0 it will run this indefinetely untill either broke out by an other button press(or maybe on left trigger push realease) or when profile is changed.
  9. As written above, the repeat function only supports ONE ACTION. I want that the whole sequence to repeat itself after x seconds
  10. The output number chosen in repeat function is the output you want the loop to begin from not a single output you want to repeat. Also you'd need to add a 10 scond wait before the repeat, since you can't define a wait time into the repeat function.
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  12. Calador

    Profile setting not overriding Gaming Gestures

    Wow I did not know this either but it does make sense as to why I was having issues. I ended up changing my global tilt angle for config mode to 50° which I actually like better. To make this a bit more user friendly would it be possible to show this information in the All Mappings view? If you do add it please add some indication that this is being inherited from global.
  13. Calador

    single shot autofire

    I may be wrong but i'm not sure that you can overwrite the default left mouse behavior for normal clicks but you can change the deep click. If the game you are playing uses the left mouse button I think you can set you mouse like this below to achieve your goal. In this case a normal click should only be press and release, and a deep click will keep tapping it. If for some reason this did not work for you maybe you could add a Left Click Release action as action 1 and then loop from action 2, but i don't think that it is required. I tested both ways and they seemed to do the same thing for me. Left Button Overview Deep Click Press Details Deep Click Release Details Optional Looping with added step above to release the mouse before starting the tapping
  14. Calador

    Push/Pull trigger mappings

    I think the answer you are looking for is no. At this point in time you will have to delete the other button mapping and then recreate the mappings for both push and pull.
  15. Hello! My question: Is it possible to let the mouse presses its own buttons over and over again? I've configured my Left Trigger Push as following, and want it to run like every 10 seconds. Is that possible anyhow, since "loop" only supports one action only? Would appreciate any answers!
  16. PingThing

    single shot autofire

    im trying to configure my left mouse button to tap fire repeatedly until I release the button,,,,,,with deep click to fire as normal. I can get it to start firing with the repeat function, but I cant work out how to get it to stop firing, it seams to get stuck in the loop. thanks in advance.
  17. PingThing


    Version 1.0.0


    Standard FPS setup based on the Rainbow 6 layout, including tilt and DPI shift on ADS hard press, also crouch with prone on hard press.
  18. Hi all It appears that the font doesn't seem to be showing correctly, making it a tad difficult to read. Has anyone else experienced this issue? The typeface looks like Gill Sans MT to me, which I have installed on my system. I'm running Windows 10 Pro Version 10.0.18262.1000. My PC is connected to a domain and I'm a creative cloud subscriber. Can't think of anything else that could affect the typefaces. I've checked my group policies, and there doesn't appear to be anything that affects fonts. Any assistance would be very much appreciated!
  19. Has ssvvvv

    Driver Feature Requests

    Can we have a way to trigger mouse features with a hotkey like for example changing DPI or profiles
  20. Hououin Kyouma

    ESC press on rear+front click

    my Swiftpoint GT has been registering ESC press on rear+front click, its been very infuriating to use the mouse, the mouse is new as well, is there any solution to this? i've unbound everything in swiftpoint gt configs, but it didnt work it keeps registering ESC
  21. Ian

    and for us lefties?

    I second this request for a left-handed version.
  22. Bryce

    GT: Troubleshooting

    I just updated to macOS 10.14 Mojave, and my GT is no longer working. Mojave introduced some new security features which can interfere with the Swiftpoint Manager and prevent the GT from working. Fortunately this can be corrected by giving the Manager access to your Computer again in "System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility", as in the screenshot below. If you do not have a touch-pad or another mouse you can use to do this, you will first need to disable the Manager. This can be done with just your keyboard by following the steps below: 1. Press "Ctrl + F2" to shift focus to the menu bar, you should see the Apple symbol highlighted in Blue. (on a MacBook you may need to press the "fn" key as well to enable F2). 2. Use the arrow keys to select the tools menu, then Select Disable Manager (Press right arrow twice, then down arrow twice, followed by Enter). 3. The Manager will ask you if you want to disable it, press Enter again proceed. With the Manager disabled, or using another mouse/touch-pad use the steps below to allow the Swiftpoint Manager to function on your computer again. 1. Open "System Preferences" from the Dock. 2. From System Preferences Select "Security and Privacy" from the top row. 3. Now select the Privacy Tab, and look down the list for Accessibility. 4. With Accessibility open, click the lock and enter your admin password to make changes. 5. Once these settings are unlocked click the checkbox next to "SwiftpointManagerHelper". 6. You can now close the "Security and Privacy" window and go back to the Swiftpoint Manager to re-enable it.
  23. RegularZ

    Replacement or 3D model for extenders???

    @Bryce I have similar question, can you share 3d model of z mouse so we can model our own addons to print? i have idea for pinky finger rest, because i see that as a weak spot+ rubber grips are really poorly designed so i see place for improvement ill do myself.
  24. Tuudi

    middle mouse button stopped working

    I'd suggest to mail them at [email protected] since it sounds like a mechanical defect and they propably and get you a replacement for it.
  25. My middle mouse button stopped working. I did reconnect the mouse, did a reset (holding down left/right mouse buttons while reconnecting), deleted the windows mouse drivers to force a reinstall and also tried it on another machine -no luck. Anything else I can do? Thanks
  26. Is there a way to change the mouse DPI with the keyboard maybe with some sort of scripting
  27. I am using this mouse for WoW and my rotation is basically 1234567890-=1234567890-=. That is working fine but it is just going too slow for me. How do I increase the speed of the macro?
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