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  4. yeah, putting it under a subprofile will require JSON fun. But honestly it's pretty easy to do when using a blank parent profile. see attached. as for the pressure stuff, I'd recommend just adding one pressure point, then use that for a bit, then add a second etc. might make it easier to make it feel more natural. As for the pivot tilt stuff.... I don't use them for that exact reason. I really wanted to use them for tilting and peaking in games... but it was a bit difficult to actually do so without screwing up my attempt in game. though putting the tilts at a higher angle really did help lessen the accidental tilt/peak. Again, if you want some editing help or something then send me a message. Good Luck! Games with ETF sub.spcf
  5. Apologies again for my delay! @Blaen You sir, are a gentleman and a scholar! thank you so much 🤗 I really tried to do it myself but the length of the text and my lack of JSON syntax knowledge meant it was corrupt every single time. I have imported it and it is currently functioning, I will test it out much more in depth shortly and then reset and reimport everything for good measure. Yes, I agree with you, and my initial error was a rather colossal one, editing the Global profile. I will never change the Global profile, outside of my sane defaults, again. I will also look into making a parent profile for games and editing apps etc, with sub-profiles for each specific game or program. Is there a way I can easily move this profile you fixed for me under a parent one? Or would that require more tinkering with the JSON? I'll have a look at your profile too. It's interesting to see what others have done. Browsing all the profiles and problems on here gave me so much knowledge. I guess in that I was lucky, coming to the party so late, every question I had was already answered! And yes, you're absolutely right, the pressure levels are... complex 😅 I'm still trying to get used to them. It's a real shame that in the heat of the moment in these fast online FPS games it is very hard to remember the correct combination and press it in a timely fashion, but the mouse is built for exactly that. It's frustrating that I might be better off not using the pressure sensitivity and having one press per button, but that seems entirely defeatist. So I will soldier on and try to find a workable middle ground! Any advice is always welcome. Especially as it relates to isolating the tilt and pivot functions. They seem to very easily activate each other and all blur into one. Again, thank you for your hard work!
  6. Could you show me a screen shot of it so I can understand
  7. One tip I can offer for this is to use separate "Press" and "Release" outputs rather than a single "Tap" output. That might seem counter-intuitive, but a "Tap" output has a built in delay to ensure it is always registered. So a manual Press followed by Release will be quicker. If necessary you can add your own wait between the press and release to limit the speed.
  8. I have tried to make an autoclicker on the swiftpoint z but it only goes up to 26 cps. Does anyone know if you can make the cps higher?
  9. I strongly feel you should create new profiles for each application, link the app to the profile then use the auto switcher. For example, i have all my games subbed under the games profile, linked to the various games etc . I Wouldn't just put all me bindings in one profile, really limits you on what you can do, plus no need to rebind in game/app. Here's my rather basic setup that's slowly grown over time. I haven't done anything complicated or repeating but it'll give you an idea on what i mean. Oh. I converted your global profile as a new profile. so import to test then restore the profiles to default, then re import... your use of pressure must be difficult to manage.. well at least I'd have trouble with that. Any queries etc message me. current profile.spcf EFT.spcf
  10. I'm a strong believer that the products is only as good as the software. In saying that I kickstarted the Z, and didn't have offical Mac drivers for a very long time. I can wait as long as I know work is being done on it and there is a roadmap of features they are looking to build. Something Swiftpoint is arguably not good at doing. The lack of macro's can be fixed by using other software like AutoHotKey. I'd assume you could bind a macro to a hotkey and then set Azeron to trigger that hotkey. I'm interested in getting the Azeron. I've desired something better for my left hand for a long time. My main concern is that in my research, reviewers weren't sure the thumbstick was good for FPS movement e.g. the quick A/D strafing. Yet seems great for 3rd person e.g. GTA where its better when transitioning between walk and run. I saw a few gamers using it in Fortnite, I'm guessing Azeron pushed a few their way for marketing reasons. Not my game but they seemed to love it. I'm guessing the learning curve is also huge, moving away from WASD and muscle memory. My birthday is coming up, maybe a present to myself.
  11. Long time Z Mouse user, I just started seeing OPs issue on MAC. Ie. it started scrolling by page instead of line. The same mouse works fine on PC, only Mac has the problem. The issue started when I introduced a different USB hub to my setup. When the hub is plugged into my PC, all connected device work (including Z Mouse). When the hub is plugged into Mac, all connected device work EXCEPT Z Mouse (it scrolls by page not line??). Side note: my previous USB hub had a different issue with Z Mouse (mouse pointer moves but buttons won't click and LED logo is unlit) I tried everything in Swiftpoint Z Software settings (storing in mouse, etc). No luck. It did appear to be a mouse config issue (either Mac OS Mouse Settings or Swiftpoint looked responsible). The problem went away once I changed the USB port... I literally tried everything else to this point and this was the only thing that fixed it. The solution may seem trivial but the underlying issue is affecting OP with a separate use-case. Perhaps the issue could be addressed in the USB device driver during USB device enumeration (or something like that)
  12. Honestly guys, the Azeron is a great piece of gear. I do want to point out it is a newer product and the software is still Alpha so where you guys use the Orb Weaver with the fancy smancy Razor Synapse(I used Razor products for a long time so know that software too) You may want to wait a bit. The Azeron software is not even close to having the capabilities of your current software. This is why I'm having to figure out how to do my macro keys on the Z as I can't do them on Azeron yet at all. Not that I want to discourage your interest by any means, just want ya'll to be aware of that aspect as well. I swear by the comfort of Azeron though. Combined with my Z I can game all day with absolutely no pain in my hands now. I'm an old lady though, so comfort was more important
  13. Importing the file in 2020 does not seem to work. It's available in All Mappings and can be edited, but it does not trigger when the mouse is pivoted.
  14. It is possible but VERY clunky! During the beta testing I requested the ability to be put in the software so that sub-profiles could be exported and then imported to a location of your choice but this has not been implemented. At the moment you would have to export your profiles and then open the exported file (it's just text) and then copy your sub-profile to the right level that you want it and then import the new main profile. Doing it this way it is possible to export a sub-profile, provide it to someone else or for another machine but you'd then have to export the profiles on that machine and ticker with the file to slot in your new profile. As I said VERY clunky. There is also a wording error in the import options - see: As I said VERY clunky.
  15. I just got the mouse today and learned how to set nested deep presses, so far I have no problem with 3 nested at 10%, 50%, and 90%, I think with some practice I could get another two layers in. The biggest issue to me is it takes too much force to get into deep press mode. I'm not sure that 5 nested levels will help with anything though. He could map actions to the first, none deep press, release, then map actions to the deep press releases and use the Stop Further Actions to only allow the action for the level pressed, or he could ignore the first 10% to account for accidental clicks.
  16. Figured it out, thanks Bryce.
  17. Ok that works, thanks! But how about the secondary click tied to left ALT? It doesnt seem to do anything unless I am doing the inputs wrong.
  18. If your Z's 'mouse' type outputs are working (cursor movement, left click, scroll etc.) but keyboard outputs are not. I'd first recommend unplugging and reconnecting your Z, or restarting your PC if that doesn't help.
  19. I just noticed that no other button mappings are working. Such as mapping C to the outermost button next to LMB. I have the profile activated....what happened?
  20. Not sure why it isnt working, but I want to deep click the RMB and it take effect. My example would be to use left ALT for a secondary click function for the RMB. I tried using the same configuration for another profile I have but it still doesnt seem to work. Any tips would be great!
  21. Thank you for the response Bryce! That did it!! I didn't even know about that preference, as I'm sure you've heard before. The strange thing is I have been using the Logitech MX Master 2S for the past couple of years, and the trackpad was never disabled. Apparently, when the external mouse is connected via Bluetooth, the preference operates differently. Thanks again for your help, and AWESOME job on the mouse! One of the best and definitely the most unique experiences I've had with a computer peripheral.
  22. @deelydian For your trackpad issue it looks like this could be due to an accessibility setting in macOS. Check under "System Preferences > Accessibility > Pointer Control > Mouse & Trackpad".
  23. Quick update...I did save the settings I had changed in the profile I'm working with to the mouse's flash memory, and now everything is working as it should without the Swiftpoint software running. That was probably covered thoroughly in some instructions I didn't read 😁 Saving to the device's flash memory didn't change the conflict I'm having with the MacBook's trackpad, however. With the mouse plugged in, the trackpad is dead. To be clear, I have tried unplugging the mouse to make sure the trackpad is still working and didn't coincidentally start failing when I plugged in the Swiftpoint Z.
  24. Hey everyone. Just got the Swiftpoint Z yesterday, and I'm trying to get everything set up. I'm primarily a Mac guy, which I use for all of my work activities, but I'm building a gaming PC. So the Swiftpoint was originally intended to just be used on the new PC for gaming. However, after getting the mouse, I saw on the box it was Mac compatible, which was a bonus. After unboxing, I was really impressed with it, I downloaded the Mac software and hooked it up. Absolutely love the mouse, but I'm having a couple issues with using on my Mac. First, does the Swiftpoint software have to be running in order for the full functionality of the mouse to work? I set up everything in the software, it all works on the mouse, but then I turn off the software, and none of the functionality works. I think I may be missing saving the changes internally to the mouse, so I'm hoping this is just a simple thing someone can help me with. Just saw the option to save the settings to permanent flash memory in mouse, so maybe that's it? In the end, I just don't want to have to run the Swiftpoint software at all time to be able to use the mouse to its full potential. Second, when the mouse is plugged in, my MacBook's trackpad is disabled. This is a problem, since there are times when I like to use the mousepad real quick when my hand is off the mouse. I think this issue might be related to the first problem, but I'm not sure. Anyone else have their mouse pad disabled when using the Swiftpoint Z, and were you able to figure out a fix?
  25. I think the Swiftpoint Z already has enough buttons
  26. dont forget the pinky and ring finger for consideration. I agree thumb is prime real-estate. also the pixel phone has a squeeze feature, that would be killer on mouse.
  27. Hi @Dragonfail, happy you solved 👍 I own an Orbweaver too, so if you buy the Azeron I will be extremely interested in your impressions.
  28. Yeah that alternate on release is a sneaky little trick. I'll happily take a Azeron as a thank you or a comment like at the very least 😉
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