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  2. Yeah that is what actually got me back in here. Have to re download the software. I had to reformat a couple weeks ago and hadn't reinstal the Z software. The problem of using only one profile and it being saved to the mouse. It is easy to forget till you need it lol
  3. You should be able to disable the controller part of the z and azero via the device manager to fix that problem
  4. Yeah I don't play any of those games @untag so i couldn't say. My daughter actually asked me to play Soulclaibur VI with her and I am having a deal setting that up right now as it keeps thinking I have a controller...Talk about double jeopardy as it could be either the Z or the Azeron causing the glitch pfft. Nothing worth doing is always easy though I hear ;)
  5. @CodeBerryWhat I use the tilt in shooters for is weapon switching, which works extremely well
  6. Azerons software is limited. For more sophisticated bindings I use ReWASD. They both work well together. An example of a bind I've done is add slow walk, joy and run to the thumbstick depending on how much pressure you put into a direction. Unfortunately there is no deep click on the Azeron but the number of buttons and ease of hitting them makes up for that. I find the physical form better than the Razer keypads, build quality not as good. https://www.rewasd.com/blog/post/fps-games-on-pc-xbox-one-controller-with-rewasd I don't play these games but I would think that if you have
  7. I dont have an Azeron, but imo nothing can replace a proper Joystick, not even a Z unfortunately. The problem in this case, in games/simulations like SC or ED you need to be able to make rather precise movements and still be able to make "fast" ones too, so you need the big movement angle a Joystick offers. I have tried ED with Z and Keypad, with controller, just basic mouse control and with a Joystick and Keypad and the best results in overall stuff and especially combat came from the Joystick (but that also depends on the Joystick and it's centering mechanism). But I think, a ke
  8. This might be what I'm looking for. @CodeBerry / @Dragonfail can you guys test it on a game like: No man's sky / Elite Dangerous / Star Citizen. I wonder if this setup could replace a HOTAS / HOSAS. The extra analog stick + 4 way hat might be just what the Z needs. On another note... how's your experience so far? How customizable is the Azeron? For example, does the Azeron allow you to customize keypress / key release? How about macros (apparently it doesn't)? I can't find a single video on youtube with this amazing combination. Would be real nice if you guys uploaded a video ab
  9. No regrets. The best mouse I've owned so far. An advice? Don't try to bind everything to the mouse. You could... but you need to keep your index finger on the trigger, so there are limits. I did try the tilting functionality (Q|E), but I haven't used it for real. It was more like a test drive to see if it worked. If you play on US-East coast add me on discord (UNTAG#0327) or steam (https://steamcommunity.com/id/UNTAGATNU/)
  10. a fully programable split ergonomic mechanical keyboard 🤑
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  12. @untag I'm not sure I understand. What were you hoping/expecting to happen when you quickly taped the button?
  13. I read this entire thread and I don't understand where you are coming from. Can you share your profile(s)?
  14. @Bryce Thanks for sharing. It helped me fix my spam function. If I hold my Left Mouse Button (LMB) it will spam flawlessly, but I noticed that if I quickly tapped my LMB it would do a regular tap. Is this intended? Don't worry about that. It works fine, I just didn't expect it. After trying it out for a while it's very useful just the way it is.
  15. @untag Thanks for the report and the feedback. It looks like the wait duration was setup to always display as milliseconds on this screen, while the unit shown is always 's'. I've adjusted this now so it should only use milliseconds when appropriate and display the correct unit either way. This will be included in the next update. I agree that the tilt icons could do with some revising, so will pass this feedback on to our designer. In most cases even when there are multiple exe's you should only need to link one. But we plan to revise the system for linking apps to prof
  16. Thanks everyone! I got it working now.
  17. I don't use my middle mouse button (scroll wheel button) often.... until I started playing Apex Legends after work. It is the default tag button. Yesterday, the middle button suddenly got "mushy". I have to press harder to get it to register. Sometimes no registration at all. I am using all my buttons for other things... *sigh* so I am considering where to move my ping to. Well, I do have more buttons, but the top lifts are a bit odd. It is also hard to use those top triggers in the heat the the battle. I'll look into cleaning the switch.
  18. Hey! Thanks for listening to the community and keeping us toghether! ❤️ I just found this tiny bug: These are my settings (0.040 seconds) but this is how it gets displayed: Tiny bug. Also some feedback on the new tilt icons. The new ones: Versus a suggestion (using the old icons): Having it called roll, pitch, and yaw is increadibly useful specially because the joystick functionality is heavily advertised. Using 3 words for 3 different movements really helps! Specially foreigners and people who are not fluent in the language. The
  19. Ok, that was my issue. Thanks. <Thumbs Up Emoji> That is fair enough. I figured it might be a decision like that. I had an issue with this on my dekstop. Try removing other USB devices (in my case it was a G600 mouse) which might be causing a conflict.
  20. There is a known issue with the RGB drop down right. If you have moved the Control Panels window significantly since it was launched this drop down may appear in the wrong position or not at all. You should be able to access it again by moving the window approximately back to where it first opened. Or just exit and re-open the Control Panel. The old "Swiftpoint Driver" software wont be getting any further feature updates. Other than a few quirks with the new software, it should now be redundant. So all efforts will be focused on improving the X1 Control Panel. It
  21. Dang, I'm having issues with that firmware update, my Z does not turn back on during the update so I have to remove the USB and insert it again, which cancels the update. Or I'm just doing something obvious wrong and not realising.
  22. I also made the jump to the X1 software and have a few points of feedback: Switching profiles via the mouse does not change active profile on the driver screen (IIRC, they were updated under old software) There is no option in old software (nor new) to start or not start with windows. W10 control panel was able to fix that for me to stop old drivers. X1 software does not start minimized. Not a huge deal but an annoyance since I'm currently updating everything and it's brother. I can give a name to commands (e.g. "Reset Tilt") but I don't yet see a way to quickly impor
  23. I took the leap and uninstalled the Z driver and installed the X1 software. A few observations for others who might be nervous about upgrading: The software offers a mouse firmware update upon installation, which you can ignore but it warns that the X1 software will not be able to connect to the mouse. I took the leap and upgraded the firmware. I do not know for certain but suspect this action might prevent reverting to the Z software. I exported my profiles ahead of time in the Z software, which was necessary as the onboard memory was cleared when I updated the firmware U
  24. So using the X1 software on the Z will remove your ability to modify what is displayed in the little oLED screen since the new Tracer does not have this? Is there a user guide already for the X1? Been trying to change the color of the logo but the drop down is not working. At this point, will the Z driver still get updated or its history?
  25. @Demonspawn Thanks for pointing this out. I've updated the general support page to clarify that the Z driver link is actually the new X1 software for both Z and Tracer.
  26. @lgustafson Thanks for the lead. @MeckeOfficial you need to select "Swiftpoint Z and Tracer Software" from the hover dropdown. If you click "Software Downloads" before CSS shows the dropdown, you'll be taken to a page where the old drivers are offered and not the tracer drivers (or follow the link at the bottom of my post). @Bryce Can you direct someone to offer the Swiftpoint X1 Control Panel drivers at https://www.swiftpoint.com/customer-support/# ? Direct link to Windows X1 drivers for the fast-track: https://www.swiftpoint.com/customer-support/download-z-drivers/
  27. I was able to download it from Swiftpoint's "Software Downloads" link across the top navigation bar today, it now appears to be the only version offered.
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