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  2. Here i face same problem. So, please share new driver.
  3. You could technically remove the game controller function in device manager
  4. This has come up on enough games for it to be an irritating problem for me - mainly because it happens infrequently enough that I forget this is a problem and spend far too long troubleshooting it. I never use this thing as a game controller, yet it stays at the top of the list of game controllers connected to the system. The problem being, some poorly coded games - usually console ports - only accept input from the first controller on the list. The list is shown inside of the Game Controllers control panel(joy.cpl) and uses some odd system that's difficult to manipulate. In fact, I only know
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  6. The interface itself is digital, which means, you can pass information in a very precise manner, lets say 16bit resolution, which feels like analog, due to the amount of states it has, but is not truely analog, since it is still something like let's say 256^256 states. Compare it with PWM and voltage controlled fans, the PWM ones are not analog, while voltage controlles ones are. And I never said, the Thumstick(DPad) of the Tartarus is analog, but the keys themselves on the upper side have 256 recoginzeable states over a travel of 2.2mm, which I would say that I am not able to distinctively
  7. You seriously think that nothing connected through USB is analog? What about wired controllers? an 8-way binary movement apparatus is inherently inferior to an actual analog stick a la xbox or ps3. Razer has only ever done the hats and not an actual stick, unlike the G13 logitech made a while ago. I am baffled by your "nothing is analog through USB" claim.
  8. If you are looking at it that way, nothing plugged in via USB is analog, since USB is a digital interface. That being said, you may believe Razer's marketing or not, that's on you, I belive what I am using and that is a Tartarus Pro which works extremely well for emulating the left controller stick e.g. You don't need to believe me, but there is no need, to damn things without testing. Also on the keypad side there is Coolermasters ControlPad with Aimpad Technology, which is "analog" as well in the matter, that it can detect how far the key is pressed, and you will not believe it, but that
  9. All razer options are not analog no matter their marketing. Something like an Azeron would work well in tandem, probably as a left-handed setup. Another thing I personally don't like about this mouse is the pinky wing. The way I hold my mice is usually clawing with my pinky, and with that wing it's very anti-ergonomic for me.
  10. I don't think, using a analog stick on your mouse while plaing shooters would be a good idea, since it would be kind of hard to use it precisely when flicking around the mouse like hell. Also there is the Lexip mouse which has an analog thumb button. On the keypad side, you could get a tartarus pro and use the analog inputs, to put a controller stick on "WASD", which works surprisinglx and extremely well(I'm doing that in the games, that can handle simultaneous controller and mouse input)
  11. Just want to echo that this is a functionality I would be interested in as well. Leaning in to use the pen on my tablet is wrecking my spine. I wish there was a pressure sensitive mouse that would work with Photoshop and Clip Studio Paint.
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  13. Version 1.0.0

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    This is the Second Profile I will be Sharing! Today it's POLYGON! A Free-To-Play game that looks like it has a bright Future. So why not make a Profile for it! Features: Tilt Controls: - Added Tilting for "Q" and "E" Controls (This has Haptic's to know when Pressed) Trigger Controls: - Pressing Left Trigger Will throw Grenades - Pulling Right Trigger will Reset Tilt Angles Scroll Wheel: - Scrolling Up will Change to Primary - Scrolling Down will Change to Secondary Edge Buttons: - Front Edge Button will Open All Chat -Rear Edge bu
  14. I have been a 7-year user of a MadCatz MMO 7, and I still stand by it's button layout for the thumb as the most comfortable and distinct by feel that I've ever used. I made a thread posting the two main points I want to see this company take careful consideration into with regards to the future of this mouse, one of them being XInput.
  15. *Please keep in mind that these are my opinions, and I only wish for future success of this company's innovation* I am a picky person when it comes to gaming mice. I have been using an MMO 7 MadCatz for around 6-7 years now, but was unsatisfied with their future products' button layouts compared to mine. Logitech & Razer would seem to come out with the same tired models and designs every year with no innovation, and I never thought of them as good or innovative mice worthy of daily use. Then I see the Swiftpoint Z. I am awestruck. The tilt and pressure sensors within the mo
  16. I have FS9/FS2004, which I could use to test a bit around, but you added the analog outputs to the mouse in the software, because otherwise it definitely will not work. Also an interesting behaviour I observed on elite dangerous with my Mad Catz FLY 5, deoending on the control preset you use to customize, it either takes the direct input from the joystick, going around the software(meaning, any macro/hotkey I bind in the Saitek Control software just gets ignored, even though they work anywhere else), which could also be the case with the Z and MS FS, so it might help, to either save it on th
  17. Indeed. I'm promoting this as the best mouse ever made to everyone interested But it's not only the hardware, which is awesome (tho for my taste could benefit from a 3-button layout for the thumb), but above all it's the best software I've ever seen and I wish there was a native linux version for my archlinux. It takes a bit of re-thinking, but I've never had any other input configuration software that let me do stuff like automate profile selection, cascading actions, recursions, basic mouse/hardware settings based on profile, option to deactivate auto-release and inheritance. This
  18. I'm hoping that XInput support will be pushed up the ladder, as many games do support only XInput. That being said, this mouse already has insane potential
  19. @jellyfish I don't have Flight Sim myself to test this, But once you have a profile setup on your Z with all of the joystick outputs you want to use the setup in Flight sim should be the same as for any other joystick. (If you don't want to setup your own profile the default "Gaming Analog" profile should give you a good starting point). So you should just need to go into Flight Sims keybind menu to map the buttons and axis you want to use. You can find a video of someone going through the process with another joystick here which might help.
  20. I just downloaded and started playing MS Flight Simulator, and it seems to recognize the Z, there's a special section for it besides the mouse, but I can't get it to actually do anything. Pressing buttons to record them in the config does nothing, I can select from a list of buttons but all of them are just "Button 1", "Button 23", etc, so I have no idea what anything actually is or if they work. I think I selected tilt to control pitch and roll, but it doesn't actually do anything... Has anyone successfully configured their Z to work with the game? If so, do you have a good config that you'd
  21. The G700 uses a replacable rechargable AA battery. It is a well designed mouse. I'd probably still be using it to this day if the Z hadn't come along. It recharges via cable, which I also prefer.... mostly because the battery currently in mine has been "5 minute life" for the last year or so. Since it's no longer my daily driver, I don't care about using it wirelessly so I haven't sprung for a new battery. It still lives on my desk because I love it's infinite scroll wheel for particular uses.
  22. But non rechargable batteries are also bad, cause they might fail on you right in a ranked match, so having a dock for charging seems to be better in my opinion
  23. I particularly dislike the non-removable batteries. The battery is always the first thing to fail on the device. The easier it is to replace the battery, the better. I heavily used my G700 over the years and I've replaced the battery on it twice. Thankfully, it's very easy to replace and a standard battery.
  24. @Zentipede We've been getting this question a lot recently. We're not working on it yet , but a wireless version is something we investigated while developing the original Z. Unfortunately it wasn't feasible at the time, but we hope to revisit the idea in the future.
  25. I've been wanting a War Thunder Profile for Planes that would include tilting forward/backward with the flightstick thing. Just full plane control with the mouse if possible. If this isn't a thing then can someone show me how to make it? Also As a suggestion: Can someone make a dedicated War Thunder Profile?
  26. Hey I Was looking for a Profile that used the Flight Stick Controls for the Swiftpoint Z. Does this do that aswell?
  27. Version 1.0.0

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    This is my First Profile to share here and almost finish! If you have any Ideas on how to improve it feel free to say it in your review! ------------------------------------------------------------ What it includes- Tilting: Tilting is set too "K" Lean Left and "L" Lean Right ( Please change your Lean in-game to Left (K) and Right (L). This is to stop "Q" and "E" use with Mouse) Vibration is set too "100%" so you know when you've tilted ( 0.03 Duration ) Edge Buttons: When pressing The "Rear Edge" Button it'll open camera ( "5" Key ) and will Vibrate Fingertip Buttons: Switches Cam
  28. Yep I guess your both right. But I’ll still keep hoping
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