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  2. Showing the tilt in the display helped. I got it working. Nice to be able to verify if tilt is registering correctly
  3. It sounds like you're on the right track, but just to clarify for anyone else reading this. For a setup like this where you want a modifier key to effect other button presses you need to make sure that the modifier key is not released too early. For example if you had Control set as a "Tap", you would not be able to use it to modify other buttons, as it would release itself immediately. The same thing will happen if you set the release immediately after the press. So the standard setup is to have a press output that triggers on button press, then a release output that triggers on button release; as shown below. If you do not have the release output set, the mapping will still work most of the time. But it may sometimes get stuck down. So adding the release output is highly recommended. When you use the record function to add a single key press it will give you the options below. Selecting "When mouse input is released" will add the release output to the correct location for you.
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  5. I think I may have found what I was doing wrong to make my solution so convoluted. I think disabling adding key releases automatically made it to where I can just use the thumb button as a modifier with no additional functions needed as long as it is held.
  6. How can I make it so that when I am holding down a thumb button, it will make the other buttons on the mouse function as though they are being pressed with a modifier? i.e. If Left Trigger Pull is set to NUM5, when I hold down a thumb button it would modify Left Trigger Pull to be CTRL+ NUM5. Ideally this would be able to modify all clicks on the mouse to be CTRL+ their assigned input when the thumb button is held. I have tried using "record keystrokes" to map when the bottom thumb button is held I can press Left Trigger Pull and it will execute "CTRL press, NUM5 tap, and CTRL release". I assume with the method I have chosen I can just add all the mouse buttons to the function and eventually achieve what I want, but I don't know if this is the most efficient or smartest way to do so. Thanks for the help, ESC
  7. Showing the Tilt-Angle on the OLED helped me a lot. To check the function I used Notepad.
  8. @Stinger6969 The thread below has some detailed instructions for setting up a tilt command which should work for you. If you've already created a tilt mapping as described there, make sure your Z's tilt angles are calibrated. With the default mappings you will be able to do this by pulling the right trigger then leaving your Z flat on your desk for a few seconds. Otherwise you can run a full calibration via the Drivers main menu. If you set you OLED to display tilt angles you can check that tilt has been calibrated with the 'R' value that is displayed. It should read 0.0 (or close to it) when your mouse is flat on your desk.
  9. @FortyTwo More Z stock is currently on its way to both Amazon and Caseking in Germany. So it should be available again within a week or two.
  10. I am having trouble with the tilt function. I have tried a simple keyboard bind such as R for reload and can not get it to work.
  11. I can't find a dealer in Germany who has it on stock. I bought it in Dec at Amazon but now it is sold out. Any plans to make it available again here?
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  13. Thank you. I have 8 hotkeys on one button and it's really annoying when the mouse cursor stays at the same position while your hand moves. This leads to the arm being in a wierd position and you have to lift the mouse to get it back without moving the cursor. For reference:
  14. Thank you, for adding it back in. I was thinking of using it recently for a setup I wanted to do, when I went to create a bind - it wasn't there. I thought I was mis-remembering and it was never there. Glad i wasn't wrong and it is coming back.
  15. In a previous version it was possible to add a "Pointer Movement" output on some screens. But it was thought this had no effect when added, so the option was removed. I see now that you have found a place where it does have some use, so we will look into re-adding it for this particular case.
  16. Has the Pointer Movement been removed or am i missing something? I use it to keep the mouse pointer moving while using mouse movement, if anyone has another way to do this i would appreciate it.
  17. The feet on the Z are rather sturdy but not as smooth as the mad catz ones which are extremely delicate but extremely smooth as well
  18. i agree about the mouse feet, I already need new replacement base feet.
  19. The 3360 is still more or less the best sensor which one would you want? And as I already stated, how would you like to put all the features in mouse with under 100g? Also a smooth scroll wheel kills the precision to only scroll one click which is rather important in the Z's main field: gaming What they could do in my opinion is the option to buy the mouse feet with Teflon on them like mad catz had it, they are rather sensitive and wear down easily if you are not careful so I understand why they didn't use such kinds but they are incredibly smooth on the right mousepad
  20. @Bryce @ITUSFORUS I agree with you! "I really hope they get better as Z mouse is the only thing I will save along with my laptop in case of an emergency." In fact, this company has the potential to become APPLE. Because they did make a mouse that nobody else would dare. And this mouse really works. And it's a living mouse that grows. The longer it is used, the smarter the mouse will be programmed. It is impossible to replace it with another mouse. Logitech has released countless ergonomics, Razer has released countless black technologies, but I think their mouse will be excluded from the purchase list in front of Z. Where do I go to find a mouse that can control hundreds of operations with one hand hahaha ~ As long as the mouse is below 100g and the scroll wheel exceeds the MX3 silky scroll wheel, it is a perfect product. Oh don't forget that the modular mouse engine is replaceable like the Mad Catz. 3360 can't satisfy me anymore. They seem to have changed servers of froum and I cannot access China directly. I am sad. In China, as long as you are willing to use money to advertise, participate in countless competition sponsorships, and make a splash on live broadcasts, every day someone will tell you that this mouse is easy to use, and this mouse will definitely sell, because we do not lack money. Many foreign manufacturers are afraid of the Chinese market, but do not know that Logitech has made countless money in China by relying on garbage 304 and GPW. What we lack is hope, magic like APPLE. I just reposted a video of lexip mo42 in the correct forum in China. Their sales of pottery feet in China surpassed that of your Z sales by 10 times a year. What they have in common is expensive, but this proves that propaganda = sales = money. This mouse made my desire and imagination endless. I was going crazy.
  21. Comrades is very simple how I see it. Swifpoint is a company founded by type of Wozniaks engineer but there is no any one who does the Steve Jobs role. The company doesn't have good strategies in terms of keeping a good reputation of their products, not for the current users neither for the potential ones. The mouse has a lot of issues specially the software part, and the last update was like June? And is a very young product, normally it will receive at least an update ever 3 months or 4 times per year, no 1 per year or every 6 months. Also they may have internal problems about hiring external people to run their business in the high level due, may be they want to do everything by their own, expecting to become viral one day by magic. Who knows the reasons behind this awful business strategies. But no doubt, they are not capable of handling a serious company and being consistent in their products. Gaming is the best aim, but they prefer to keep releasing office products and less complex products. Maybe the Z mouse was too ambitious for waht they can handle. Actually is better for them that they don't try to sponsor their unfinsihed products (specially the software part) with influencer and gamers, as they will get bad reviews very fast. I really hope they get better as Z mouse is the only thing I will save along with my laptop in case of an emergency. But something ahs to change with Swiftpoint to really become a thing in the market. They are as close to become something similar to Delorean...
  22. Version 1.2.48


    General setting for steering wheel. I used it in Dirt rally 3 and it works pretty well. Basically, mouse tilt used for steering, fingertip deepclick buttons used for acceleration and braking and trigger push for gear change + vibration notification when gear changed. It feels natural to change gear since braking + gear down and accel + gear up aligned correspondingly. It is quit disappointing that Z have only Joystick left/right, up/down axis and a slider. I would love to have 4 axis per each deepclick button. Also, I wanted to assign up axis for right deepclick and down axis for left deepclick but I could not. Driver wont let me do that even though in a game up axis could be used for accel and down for braking. I'm getting output like on a picture from driver with red line on top of the tab. Nonetheless Z is absolutely amazing!!! One can use it as steering wheel and it does not feel clunky!!! Some drifting with Z 2020.01.05-15.13.mp4
  23. Munkie


    Downloaded. Will test and let the swiftpoint community know my opinion, this will be based on my vast wealth and knowledge of Tarkov and also the Swiftpoint Z mouse. Thanks Ping. Commnuity, i look forward to keeping you informed! Cheeki Breeki!
  24. I think a major factor is sponsoring. Example: Team Liquid has their own Razer Edition: https://www2.razer.com/au-en/licensed-and-team-peripherals/team-liquid
  25. I am quite happy with this setup for my druid which has a hybrid tank/DD talent build. 1. Tilt: - Left = Shift to Cat form (and change mouse profile to CAT) - Right = Shift to Bear from (and change mouse profile to BEAR) - Forward = Shift to Travel form I recommend an add-on so you can also change your equipment automatically 2. Middle mouse button klick = Shapeshift 3. Index finger for all attacks 4. Middle finger for form specific casts 5. I use the left mouse button deep klick to shift to travel form 6. As Cat DPS my rotation is shred-shred-shapeshift. Thats why I have on one button shred and on the same button as deep click "Shapeshift" More details see on the image attached. For me the Z is a game changer 🐵
  26. Version 1.0.0


    The simplest way to access the advanced controls such as alt and shift modifiers was to put those buttons on the mouse as side thumb buttons. They also work as sprint and hold breath. Deep press scroll wheel is throw grenade. Deep press right mouse is DPI modifier. Left finger tip is crouch, and deep click on this is Prone. Tilt is Q and E. feel free to give feedback and suggestions.
  27. @TheKazz It is possible to add additional tilt thresholds, you just need to add them inside one of the two base tilt inputs. You do this with the small +ADD button which appears when you hover your cursor over the tilt input, as in the example below For info on how you can use pivot without pressing another button, please check the thread here. I don't really recommend this kind of setup, as pivot does drift over time and will need to be reset quite frequently. But you can give it a go and see how it works for you. Lifting the Z off the table is not a mapable input itself, it just gives you access to the full range of tilt inputs; which you can't use while the Z is on the mat. The Z's software doesn't currently allow for cursor movement as a mapable output. So for now to do this on the Z you would need to use third party software to translate some key combo from the mouse to cursor movement.
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