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  3. Thanks Bryce, I missed that. I was going by set dpi value and thinking I could add 2 dpi values for x and y..
  4. To do this you just need to create DPI levels with the specific X/Y settings you want. Then set the button press to switch to that level, and button release to switch back. For example: You can either jump to a specific DPI level as I have done above, or move up and down levels with the next and previous options shown below.
  5. @Mitchy1690 Unfortunately it has been some time since the last update for the Windows driver. However work on it is still ongoing. Since the last update our focus shifted to getting the Mac version up to speed with Windows . That milestone was reached late last year and since then we have been moving our Windows development onto the same cross-platform framework that we used for the Mac version. While at the same time doing an overhaul of the UI. So there is a significant update coming for both Windows and mac users, and further updates are planned for the foreseeable future.
  6. So I have a standing desk that tilts front to back. Sometimes I leave the mouse resting turned sideways and it will calibrate with a ~0.7 degree angle then if I start using the mouse and jump into a game it will make it nearly impossible to lean to one side and the other side will be way to sensitive. Since the mouse doesn't recalibrate if it's constantly moving this killed me a few times where I immediately discovered the issue then kept trying in vain to get it to zero out by not touching it while also not dying. Anyways I figured out a quick fix if anyone has a similar issue. The following setting is based under the default "tilt right 25 degrees enters calibration mode" gesture, the 1.5 second delay gives you time to put the mouse back down and stop touching it before it recalibrates. I also recommend using the lcd to display roll/pitch/yaw unless you use it for DPI so you can make sure the calibration is always correct (this can also be cycled in calibration mode using a default setting). Just wanted to throw this out in case anyone else was having similar issues. Loving this mouse more every day.
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  8. Is there a way to have separate x /y dpi levels when holding a button and return to normal when button is released? I know it can be done on the main configuration screen , but that is for the whole profile. I was hoping i can do it with a button press.
  9. okay, so a custom made thing wouldn't be able to get information or tell information to or from the mouse oh well, could have been fun
  10. We were experimenting with ideas for other attachments until late into the Zs development. But unfortunately none of them worked out well enough to put into production at the time. So the pins are technically still active, however the Z's firmware is not setup to respond to them.
  11. Ah I see. Unfortunately you can't do that with a single input. So you would need to use a second input to end the loop. This could either be completely independent of the button used to start the loop, or you could use an input combination. For example if you are using the bottom thumb button to start the loop, "bottom thumb + top thumb" might be a good combination to end the loop. This would look like the following: The small '+ADD' button next to "Bottom Thumb" is used to add the "Top Thumb" input.
  12. On the underside of the mouse there is a little dip with 6 pins inside. I am a bit curious about them? Because i havent found anything on your site that supports them, and the mouse is not young anymore. Have some theories, but would like to know. 1: are they made for an atachment that was planed but never made? 2: (i play a lot with arduino's) are they like the icsp pins? to directly program the mouse? 3:something third... and if it is for attachments that havent been made, are they functional? like could i maybe create my own attachments? (again i like playing with arduino gadgets)
  13. This is a great profile. I am confused on how to map the JB within Arma. Are you adding it in the cfg file?
  14. Are we going to get another update or is this basically what we have to work with? it's been way to long since an update and the mouse is still being priced £170+ wtf?
  15. Just was wondering if you press the button once, without holding it, can the loop run indefinitely, and if I press the button again will it stop. So instead of holding it, just pressing it.
  16. If you find that you frequently need to calibrate your tilt angles as Tuudi suggests (more than once a day). Then try disabling the "Tilt Auto Zeroing" setting which is in the profile settings screen (e.g. at the bottom of Tuudis screenshot). This setting is intended to ensure the Zs tilt levels do not drift over time, but there are certain use cases where it can make matters worse.
  17. You can find some details on where to find config mode, and how to modify it in the thread below. If you just want to prevent accidental activation's I would recommend increasing the tilt angle used to activate it from 25° to 40°+. But you can also delete all of config mode functions if you want to get rid of them entirely. Regarding vibration, the only one you cannot remove is the vibration that occurs when your mouse connects to the Driver on boot. However even this can be noticeably reduced by adding a 0% strength vibration to trigger on profile change (as shown in the image below). This will trigger as soon as your mouse connects and partially interrupt the normal double vibration that occurs. All other vibrations in the default profiles can be found and removed on the button that is triggering them.
  18. I'm not certain what change you're after, as the setup in my screenshot is actually all triggered by a single button press already. Pressing the button starts an infinite loop, then releasing it stops the loop. If it helps here's some more screenshots showing what the full output lists on the press and release of the bottom thumb button.
  19. I was given a Swiftpoint Z as a gift and I love it mostly. That said, every time I lift the mouse and move it a little to the right it enters config mode and vibrates. I can't emphasize enough how much I want this to stop. I've tried setting other things to right tilt but that doesn't seem to work. Two questions: Is there a way to turn off config mode or make it so my mouse doesn't vibrate when I lift it? Is there a way to entirely turn off vibrate entirely? Thanks for the help!
  20. There's option in the driver to recalibrate your gyroscope.
  21. How do you get the tilt to go back to center position?
  22. Thank you so much for the tip. Saved me countless more hours. I'll check it out right away.
  23. Just another clarifying question Bryce, if I wanted to press that thumb button once and it do everything you pictured above, what changes do I need to make?
  24. The analog tilt functions of the Z can currently only be assigned to joystick axis outputs in our software. So you can't map tilt to mouse movement directly. However it should be possible to use a third-party tool to map a joystick output from the Z to mouse movement. I haven't tested it myself, but it looks like the macOS tool "Enjoyable" should be able to do this.
  25. Perfect, this works. Thanks again for your help.
  26. unfortunately I believe it's not possible
  27. Hi everyone. I'm admittedly really new to using the Z, so please forgive me if this is something that's already been asked/covered. I've searched for hours upon hours and can't seem to find anything that covers this question. I'm using a macbook pro, and because of how I need my workstation set up - it'd be really helpful to be able to use the tilt functionality of this mouse to control the mouse cursor on the regular desktop. Kinda similar to the SpaceMouse, but obviously better. Like I said, I've been searching a lot and can't seem to find anything covering this. Is it a possibility - and if so, any suggestions?
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