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  4. 3 years after the KS, still no support for stylus pressure emulation (hooking into Windows Ink / Wintab APIs). Not sure why I got this and recently also the Tracpoint. :(
  5. thats also possible Add each mouse key under tilt left for example and assign different stuff to it
  6. I was thinking something more along the lines of Razer's Hypershift, it's like a custom shift key for all the rest of the mouse buttons.
  7. You could add a second thing in the tilt and then make that do for example Ctrl + a
  8. I'd like to be able to set up combinations of tilt + another mouse buttons to = a custom imput but I don't want the tilt to be assigned to ctrl, alt or shift. Is there any way to do this? Thanks
  9. @MichaelRx Other than the changes I mentioned above the basic specifications (optical sensor, micro, on-board memory etc.) will be the same as the Z. At least in the first models introduced. @Heoot The Z's software and firmware will continue to be updated as we introduce new features with the new models in the professional range. But in terms of hardware changes I can't confirm anything yet.
  10. Will the Z be updated too or stay the same?
  11. Any chance we could get some specs on the new ones? All I can find is this vid from CES and it's not in my language: http://zol.iqiyi.com.cn/video235343.html Thank you.
  12. Version 1.0.0


    Hi, this is my ArmA3 profile which relies mostly on Joystick button (JB) binds. That means after you select the profile in the swiftpoint driver software you still have to map the joystick buttons in the ArmA3 key config. Right Button - aim scope; deep press - lower DPI to 200 and hold breath (shift) Left Fingertip - JB3 mounted to stance down; deep press - JB9 mounted to prone/standup Right Fingertip - JB4 mounted to stance up; deep press - JB10 mounted to crouch/standup Left Trigger Push - JB5 mounted to handgun Left Trigger Pull - JB6 mounted to secondary weapon Right trigger push - JB7 mounted to reload; CTRL+JB7 mounted to deploy weapon Right trigger pull - JB8 mounted to inventory Front Edge - JB1 mounted to throw grenade; CTRL+JB1 mounted to change grenade Rear Edge - JB2 mounted to map Mouse B5 mounted to primary gun; CTRL+MB5 mounted to tactical view Mouse B4 mounted to compass; also mounted to lase target; CTRL+MB4 mounted to 3rd person vierw Tilt mouse 10 degree to the right to get additional keybinds Left Fingertip - JB11 mounted to flash light/headlights Right Fingertip - JB12 mounted to nightvision Mouse Wheel push - JB13 mounted to zeroing up Mouse Wheel pull - JB14 mounted to zeroing down
  13. Congrats, I hope you come out with some new enhancements we can attach to the original Z as well, maybe some feet and some new button shapes maybe in a purchasable addon so we can customize things even more.
  14. @Zeanon By "subset of the Z's hardware features" we mean that the Z will remain as the top-tier product within the professional range (at least for the time being). For example none of the other mice in the range will include the OLED screen, or gyroscope and some will not have other features like haptic feedback, RGB logo etc. Not all of these details are finalized yet, so I can't go into specifics, but more info will be made available soon in the lead up to launch of the first new model.
  15. Ok since it obviously didnt get to me New range of Z's? And maybe some of the staff could explain what they mean with "subset of hardware features"?
  16. are those professional swift point Z any diffrent at all? the ones with the colours? seeing as scorptec nolongers supply's swift Z are we never going to see it drop to 200 again ever? (I got answer ! cool thought U like to know!!!) cool "Hi Each mouse in the Professional range is targeted at a specific use case, and has a subset of the Z's hardware features that are best suited for that use. Also, as they are intended to be used with specific applications their software will be pre-configured for that purpose. We are also updating the software to make it much easier to tweak these settings to your preference; while still adding to the advanced customization from the Z. We don't have a firm date yet for the Z range, but some of them should be released this year. Kind regards, Swiftpoint "
  17. This is really helpful, thank you Bryce. 😀
  18. @Aaron Unlike the GT, ProPoints software does allow you to bind custom keyboard shortcuts. They can't be set to the buttons directly, but there are a variety of "Tilt Gestures" which they can be assigned to. For example tilt can be used as a modifier for both the center and rear buttons on ProPoint (Right click and middle click). So that if you tilt then click either button, your custom shortcut will activate. The same is true for the scroll wheel, and you also have two sets of four gestures activated by tilting the mouse, holding the center or rear button, then moving the mouse left, right, up, or down. The screenshot below shows an example of one set of gestures assigned to custom shortcuts.
  19. I'm a happy owner of a Swiftpoint GT and was considering getting the ProPoint for the 3rd button, but wanted to confirm the extent of its programmability. Can I set the 3rd button to run a key command? I have a Logitech MX Anywhere 2S, and I love the fact that I can individually program it to run a key command (in my use case I have it auto-open a clipboard manager) with a single click. I've played with the Configure tool on the GT and didn't see any kind of option and wondered if it was any different on the ProPoint. Any clarification you can provide would be great, and keep up the great work!
  20. I too wanted to randomize a wait function and didn't think it was possible. Just tried it out with alternate option and it works great. I had my Z for about 2 years now and there are still things I am discovering. Terrific mouse!
  21. @Kuta The Z's wait function doesn't have a random option currently. The closest you could get would be to alternate between a long list of waits with different timings to approximate the effect of a random wait. What would the use case be for something like this though?
  22. Fellow Necromancer! A Blender profile would be appreciated.
  23. Hi, The Wait function takes in a number of seconds/milliseconds. Is it possible to specify that it waits a random number of seconds/milliseconds? I would like to say wait a random number of seconds/milliseconds between 1 and 3 something like randomGenerator.nextInt(3) + 1 (based on java)
  24. Showing the tilt in the display helped. I got it working. Nice to be able to verify if tilt is registering correctly
  25. It sounds like you're on the right track, but just to clarify for anyone else reading this. For a setup like this where you want a modifier key to effect other button presses you need to make sure that the modifier key is not released too early. For example if you had Control set as a "Tap", you would not be able to use it to modify other buttons, as it would release itself immediately. The same thing will happen if you set the release immediately after the press. So the standard setup is to have a press output that triggers on button press, then a release output that triggers on button release; as shown below. If you do not have the release output set, the mapping will still work most of the time. But it may sometimes get stuck down. So adding the release output is highly recommended. When you use the record function to add a single key press it will give you the options below. Selecting "When mouse input is released" will add the release output to the correct location for you.
  26. I think I may have found what I was doing wrong to make my solution so convoluted. I think disabling adding key releases automatically made it to where I can just use the thumb button as a modifier with no additional functions needed as long as it is held.
  27. How can I make it so that when I am holding down a thumb button, it will make the other buttons on the mouse function as though they are being pressed with a modifier? i.e. If Left Trigger Pull is set to NUM5, when I hold down a thumb button it would modify Left Trigger Pull to be CTRL+ NUM5. Ideally this would be able to modify all clicks on the mouse to be CTRL+ their assigned input when the thumb button is held. I have tried using "record keystrokes" to map when the bottom thumb button is held I can press Left Trigger Pull and it will execute "CTRL press, NUM5 tap, and CTRL release". I assume with the method I have chosen I can just add all the mouse buttons to the function and eventually achieve what I want, but I don't know if this is the most efficient or smartest way to do so. Thanks for the help, ESC
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