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  3. I had this problem as well an I tried all the repairs I could but nothing worked until just now. If you want to fix this without having to re-install your windows you'll need to restore windows from a system image that you have made previously either as a system recovery image or a system backup image. Do not preform system restore as this might not work but if you don't have a system image id'e say try it out and let me know if it works. please follow instructions: Before you start please download the latest driver from here 1- Open your start menu and go to Settings > Update & Security > Recovery 2- From Recovery find Advanced start-up and click on Restart now 3- When the Advance Start-up EFI is loaded click on Advance >Troubleshoot > System Image Recovery (if you don't have system image try System Restore) 4- The PC will restart and the system image recover tool will be loaded (you may have to enter your Microsoft account credentials) 5- Select the system image you want to restore (for System Restore select a restore point prior to the issue occurrence) click next and start the restoration process 6- After the recovery is done the PC will reboot and you'll be able to login to your PC again 7- After you login just wait until Swiftpoint driver automatically starts displaying a message for upgrading firmware, at this point don't touch anything but do as follows: A- Right-click on taskbar and select Task Manager B- From Task Manager right-click on Swiftpoint Driver and click End task to close the program C- When the program is closed uninstall the software from Settings> Apps > Swiftpoint Driver > Uninstall D- Now head to the setup file you download earlier and install the latest driver and wait for it to start. When the driver starts the mouse should be in connected status and firmware upgrade message should not appear and you should be able to see your mappings and profiles (if not you can import your mappings from backups in "This PC\Documents\Swiftpoint Settings\Backups". Good Luck
  4. Good Morning, I have been getting an error upon the start up of the swift point drive app, "Sorry, something went wrong. Press Enter to continue." so I do...and the app opens but it won't connect to my mouse no matter what USB port I use. I tried the mouse reset (holding L+R buttons while plugging in) no joy. I deinstalled the program, deleted all the folders, restarted the PC, hunted down registry entries, reinstalled and got the exact same results. Has anyone else had this issue and figured out to fix it? --- Windows 10 x64
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  6. Hi All, has anyone tried to use the Z on the Keymander M&K emulator for gamestations? I saw that the Z should work with the XIM4 but i'm having troubles the emulator registering my key bindings. I've already been in conversation with Keymander support and they are adamant that as long as the mouse has internal memory, it should work on the Keymander. I thought the Z did. They also recommend checking to see if the Z requires an OS to recognize the mappings sent from the mouse??? Anyone else A.) use the Keymander and B.) having the same issue?
  7. I'm sorry, you may have misunderstood my question. I'm looking to have mouse pointer movement be disabled by default, with holding the bottom thumb button enabling pointer movement. I have found an alternative solution for the moment, which is attaching the joystick component to the mouse while playing the game. Would be nice to take advantage of the auto profile switching though.
  8. If you want to restrict mouse movement when you're pressing the bottom thumb button, click on the bottom thumb on the mouse image, and next to where it says Bottom Thumb Press, click +Add. Change Input Type to Mouse Movement and press Add. Normally you'd use this to make your mouse do something, like outputting left for every 10 units you move your mouse left, but you can just leave it as Do Nothing and just disable mouse movement.
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  10. when that happens can you scroll with keyboard? like using arrow keys?
  11. I don't know if thats the same problem, but when I'm in the browser(Vivaldi) sometimes the scrolling just gets stuck, no difference whether with I scroll with the scroll wheel or with a macro Could be the browser but if not the scroll problem seems to be driver sided
  12. hi, i'm using the latest drivers and the previous fixes didn't work for the occasional reverse scrolling problem. is this a hardware bug? or is it fixable by a software update? it is annoying especially when reading a document. you scroll down and you get random reverse scrolling steps which fells like a stutter. i thought opening and cleaning the sensor, but didn't proceed. any ideas?
  13. There is an option to press and hold it's On the top line in the third option over click on that and in the drop down I see press and hold.
  14. I puchased a set of the bottom sliders when I bought mine last year so I know they have them. Not sure about the button switch thing
  15. I have been used the swiftpont Z since it was released and I'm very happy but since few months ago I start having some issues, sometimes when I click it either right or left button it does not respond, I must release the button an push it again. it is annoying specially because many times I did lose gunfights because I shoot late. I have all drivers updated and my windows is updated as well. Anyone else having same issue??
  16. I tried the 100 DPI option already, but unfortunately that wasn't cutting it. Thanks for your effort, though. I also tried changing mouse movement to 9999 units under the profile, but that didn't work either.
  17. After a little bit of fiddling, I didn't really get very far trying to edit a mapping file to override that behavior. I did manage to crash my driver, though. The closest I got was setting the DPI to the lowest it can go (100) in order to minimize the mouse movement. You could set your thumb button to do that.
  18. I play a game that uses mouse inputs from a controller, and any input from my Z moving can mess things up. I want to create a profile where pointer movement is disabled and, if possible, only happens when the bottom thumb button is pressed. Thanks!
  19. Sorry for the lack of reply the past month. It is from the default desktop profile that I experienced this. I suspected it had to do with a slight difference in how Z is sending L Alt down/up versus the keyboard and how Elite is responding to that (and somehow ignoring the L Alt release), but I don't know how to test that. Adding Wait 0.05 second and Tap L Alt after the L Alt release on Left-Trigger-Push Release seems to deal with it, though I often just avoid this Alt-Tab when playing that game in favor of using the keyboard.
  20. I'm seeing the same as you, if an axis is assigned to the deep click range we can only address the first half of that axis at the moment. If you click "advanced" and then uncheck "mirror left and right", you have to put at least 0.2% in Max in either direction for it to accept it, but you can specify Max 0.2% left and Max 100% right and that will then do nothing other than centre the axis immediately when pressed. Max 100% left and Max 0.2% right is exactly the same as 100% mirrored.
  21. You can use the "alternate" output action to get exactly that:
  22. Just saw a job opening for a Software Engineer at Swiftpoint No idea why Swiftpoint don't promote this within their community. It's likely there are many people who use their products that are in the software profession. These people already have love for the hardware and a desire to make the software better. As great as it is to see some unofficial news on Swiftpoint's software development, I personally I don't agree with the methodology of how they are building their drivers. As @Damir and I talked about in the Driver Features and UI Design post, we'd love to see the driver split into a microservice architecture. Where the UI module is completely separated and made open-source, allowing the community to add features and improve the overall design of the interface. Rant aside, it's good to see that they are putting some focusing on the software. I've said it many times before... the hardware can only be as good as the software.
  23. I'd argue the Razer Orbweaver is one of a few other products with a usable thumb stick. Used one for years and love it... but I agree, seeing a smarter Gaming Keypad build by Swiftpoint would be amazing.
  24. Played Destiny 2 with the Z for months. No problems
  25. Today as I was reinstalling all the software on my system there was a new update to the "ZZZ" whereby a profile was linked to a specific *.exe. Now I'm pleased with the ongoing support for a well designed device. I would like to have some virtual credits to buy the developers a beer yet I have the resolve that a thank you should suffice.
  26. I'm using it for Division 2, if they ban me because of it's use I'd be suprised. Do you have any options in mind that might cause you to think it would get you banned? //T
  27. Very happy to see this feature released! I've just tested it and found it to work quite well. Thank you!
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