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  2. Priimate


    @Munkie Thanks man. I've tried to use their new grenades/meds icon wheel implemented a few patches ago and it doesn't compare to pushing/pulling a trigger and moving the mouse. It just works. The quick grenades can occasionally get funky if the animation cycle doesn't complete before deep clicking (R | cook) but it's just timing on the wait commands. Same with the alt + drag / Text string input + enter combo. That has a pretty high fail rate but I think its the game, not the driver. All things aside I still suck at the game lol, and their netcode/matchmaking is still wonky! but its a lot more enjoyable now
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  4. Munkie


    @Priimate This is a great setup, you on PC?
  5. farkasb7881

    RocketLeague(only mouse)

    Version 1.0.0


    The Rocket League only mouse
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  7. When I deep right click as shown below, the right click menu pops up when I release the right click between I want to deep right click without having the menu that a simple right click release opens. I also want to keep the normal behavior of right click, except when deep click has been pressed. Currently I have tried "stop further outputs", to no avail.
  8. da_kaos_child

    Star Citizen Ver 1

    Version 1.1.0


    Here is a Full Swift Point Z setup for Star Citizen. - My First working system. I will think carefully about Deep Press options and play with this Config Some. Deep press is still another new function for me to learn *I am not using the Flight Pad attachment in this configuration* Included File is a Control layout for Star Citizen. -= Put here - Star Citizen\StarCitizen\LIVE\USER\Controls\Mappings Lower Side Button - Hold and Pivot - Roll while in flight mode In coupled mode -Tilt forward to Strafe up , Tilt back to strafe down (tilt left to strafe left , right for right) In decoupled mode - Tilt forward and back is Strafe forwards and backwards. (everything else is the same) Side buttons are Shields Front , Shields Rear (edge buttons Front and Back) Buttons ontop of main buttons , Shields Left , Shields Right Upper left , Push , Shields topside , Pull Shields Underside ( Not Implemented in game Yet) Upper Right Push - Reset Shields Upper Right Pull - Re-calibrate axis's Upper Side button - Push to Talk LCD , Force Description. Nothing bound to deep presses. --- Settings are modified simple controls for star citizen load out. Decouple Toggle - O Match Velocity of target - P E.S.P Toggle - K Gimble Lock Toggle - L layout_Zpoint-Swift_exported.xml
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  10. doebro2010


    I dont know if it is allowed to offer here the z-swiftmouse. But I have a new one not used and afterwards it turned out I dont need this one. I bought it for 210 euro and want to offer it for 85 euro including box and the bill where I officially bought it. looking forward hearing from you duke
  11. Is there anyway to change the sensitivity of the mouse movement when using the SwiftPoint GT through the Amazon Workspace iPad App ? Thanks
  12. ROCCAT APURI Active USB Hub with Mouse Bungee, Black I liked this unit well enough to buy another one for use with my laptop. https://www.amazon.com/ROCCAT-APURI-Active-Mouse-Bungee/dp/B0071JXE0G/ref=pd_cp_pc_2
  13. I didn't know what to do either. I don't think Swiftpoint GT works on Mac through the USB. I have an older imac that doesn't support BT4. I got Swiftpoint GT working for a day, but now it isn't working. I don't think this product works with OSX and USB. I'm stopping trying now and reverted to the Apple mouse. I'll check back in the future to see if the software support has advanced from Swiftpoint.
  14. I wouldn't recommend this method because wrapping the cable like that will lead to earlier death of the cable. A typical mouse bungie or doing something to create a similar effect as well as wrapping the cable using over-under method is better imo. For instance, my desk has a partial desk that pivots under the right side on a small pole that becomes 2 stationary right feet of the desk; my mouse is on the the pivoting part since it's about the same height as the keyboard. The cube doesn't work that well, nor does a bungie, because the right edge of the desk sticks out over the pivoting part, so I ended up just using a cable Velcro to attach the mouse cable to the pole to create the same bungie effect. There's also a lot of mouse bungie models if you search on thingiverse.com if you're into making your own, but don't want to go through designing it. For me, I think the cube would need to be glued or tied down because the it moves if the cable is pushing it when the mouse is close or pulling when the mouse is far. I don't want the cable to be bent at that angle in the cube either so I don't use it. The main idea is to have something that stays in place as well as direct the cable upwards and off the desk.
  15. Demonspawn

    Scroll wheel right click

    It's under "Middle button press" You can also configure scroll wheel pull and push.
  16. Elmar

    Scroll wheel right click

    Yes, scroll wheel click. Can we configure it?
  17. Demonspawn

    Scroll wheel right click

    The click that exists when you move the scroll wheel to the right? That is just the scroll wheel click. The scroll wheel click sensor is on the right side of the wheel, so tilting it to the right ends up activating it. Z mouse doesn't have left/right tilt on the scroll wheel.
  18. Hello, Can we configure scroll wheel right click?
  19. RickFox

    Does support ever answer?

    Hi Bryce, I got the email you just sent, but not the previous one. My apologies then for accusing you of being rude; stuff happens. Disabling Legacy USB Support was the first thing I thought of, but the BIOS on this HP PC does not have that option. First time I’ve encountered that but it makes sense because it doesn't have legacy ports. I am on the latest firmware; the driver detected and did the updates when I installed it. Note that I did save my settings to the mouse flash straight away when I first got it (it’s a useful/essential feature to me), so that might have triggered the no-boot issue. Clearing the mouse did work. For a while… I cleared the settings and loaded defaults. The PC rebooted several times without issue. Then I reloaded my saved profiles (just into the driver, not onto the mouse flash) and the PC still booted normally. However, after connecting the mouse to another PC and then back here again, I was back to my main PC not POSTing. I did not save anything to the mouse Flash at any time but the other PC did have the driver on it with some extra profiles. Clearing the mouse settings again did not work at first, the PC still would not POST. I unplugged the mouse and waited, allowing the capacitors to drain, then reattached it (with Windows loaded) and cleared settings again. That did the trick and my PC then booted with the mouse attached. By the way, I’ve developed a few small embedded systems and controllers in my time, both the hardware and firmware on MCUs and FPGAs. I know the pains of troubleshooting things like this with the many variables in PCs. Good luck As to sending the mouse back, no way! If it were any other mouse I probably already would have, but this mouse is worth persevering with. It's simply fantastic what I can do with it. It reminds me of the feeling of freedom and control I got with my first 6-axis controller for 3D CAD. Keep up the good work
  20. Bryce

    Does support ever answer?

    Hi @RickFox, I apologize for the lack of response. Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to check in here for some time. But I am working through all of the support queries received via email and sent you a response regarding the keyboard layout and and POST issues you raised several days ago. Did you not receive this message? Just in case you did not I'll include its contents again below. On the first issue you raised regarding problems with your system booting while the Z is connected. This is something we have encountered before with early versions of the Z's firmware, but recent versions had resolved it (or so we thought). Since you are still having this issue presumably on the latest firmware this might not help. But in those previous cases before we updated the firmware some users had success resolving the issue by disabling the BIOS option " Legacy USB Support". If this doesn't help, as another test can you try performing a clear and reset of your Z's settings in the driver (make sure to backup you profiles to a file first), then restarting your PC to see if the issue is present while your Z is running the default firmware settings? Regarding your other issue with keyboard layouts this is due to the fact that the Z operates as a QWERTY device, and windows does not support multiple devices with different keyboard layouts correctly. Hopefully we can add other keyboard layout options for the Z in a firmware or driver update. But for now the only solution is to keep the conversion in mind when you are setting up your mappings. The lines of text below will help with this. Just lookup the key you want to output in the UK line, then instead output the key from the US line below it if it is different. UK: `1234567890-=qwertyuiop[]#asdfghjkl;'zxcvbnm,./ US: `1234567890-=qwertyuiop[]\asdfghjkl;'zxcvbnm,./ UK + Shift: ¬!"£$%^&*()_+QWERTYUIOP{}~ASDFGHJKL:@ZXCVBNM<>? US + Shift: [email protected]#$%^&*()_+QWERTYUIOP{}|ASDFGHJKL:"ZXCVBNM<>? US: `1234567890-=qwertyuiop[]\asdfghjkl;'zxcvbnm,./ For example if you want to output the ¬ key, you would need to instead send a "Shift + `" as in the image below. Or for # you would just need to send \ instead. I hope this helps for the keyboard layout issue, and please let us know how you get on regarding the boot issue.
  21. I don't like getting 'stroppy' and I'm sorry to feel that I have to do so, but I've waited ten days now for support to reply to my emails about my two most pressing issues. There is a limited time for me to return this mouse for a refund and it's almost up. Is anybody there??? My posts here about the issues haven't been answered by support either. I've paid a lot of money for a mouse with software that cannot even recognise my UK standard keyboard layout properly. That's rather poor, to say the least, for something so trivial these days. I also have to unplug the mouse so that my most often used PC can even start to POST. Maybe I'm missing something or doing something wrong, but I don't think so (I've worked in IT for decades) and without any help from tech support I'll never know. It makes me wonder about what other issues might crop up, and what support there will be if so. Not even acknowledging receipt of support emails after this length of time is rude and unprofessional. I do not treat my customers like that, even when they are wrong. I really want to love this mouse. Everything about it, on the face of it, is inspired and absolutely wonderful. But if it can't even work properly on a UK system then it's not fit for purpose.
  22. Calador

    Need help binding right mouse button

    I'm not sure what game you are playing but if the scope comes up with right mouse click held down and then steady is normally done by pressing shift, you can combine the actions into just pressing and holding right click as follows However i would suggest taking advantage of the Deep Click to hold breath by programming as follows. Then adjust the deep click pressure as needed. This will allow you to press the right mouse to bring up the scope and only when you press it harder will you pause motion to steady aim. When you release right mouse past 50% it will stop steady aim and when you release 100% it will put the scope down.
  23. Calador

    single shot autofire

    Maybe this has to do with the speed of the loop. Try adding a Wait step above the Repeat and then keep increasing the time till it does what you want.
  24. And wait untill you try gesture-style configs for instance: left fingertip -> reset pivot (yaw) mouse mov. left, 50 units, single -> ctrl+c mouse mov. right, 50 units, single -> ctrl+v mouse mov. down, 50 units, single -> ctrl+x mouse mov. up, 50 units, single -> ctrl+a release -> reset pivot (yaw) Then you can copypaste a whole page using T-like gestures (up to select all -> left/right to copy/paste) - I'm using the Z for productivity tasks, but I'm sure you can come up with equally useful usages for games. Damn, you can even have 2 of these in the same button, with deep clicks
  25. FMC

    Analog scrolling

    Aaah, I see. I'm using the Z for productivity tasks (mainly 3D art) so that wasn't an issue. Post a feature request and I'll be giving it a like, and add "please add per-pixel everything on top of per-unit" 😁 Also, secondary joystick? All the best!
  26. edward81

    Analog scrolling

    Yeah thanks FMC. This is what I did actually, but this i just a scroll step and work only if you browser use smooth scroll. I need to dig how is made with the tayon but i think that they mapped the axis as joystick, and then the SO picked that axis as scroll. So you can actually scroll pixel by pixel. But unlucky, the Z only support the primary analog stick for the emulation, at least with the UI.
  27. These days I discovered the potential of Z. Mainly for macro research. Compared to the NAGA2014 thumb control twelve keys, Z uses more fingers, and different parts of the fingers. In this way, I can almost complete the operation like a piano, which can be changed and very complicated. This is something I can't do at the NAGA2014 with my thumb alone. The feeling of flying fingers is awesome. 9/5000 The feeling of flying fingers is awesome
  28. FMC

    Analog scrolling

    Try this (working for me in latest patch, it was actually a nice suggestion!): Tilt Left 1.2 -> Scroll - Down - 1 units Wait - 0.1 seconds Repeat From - Output ID 1 - 0 times (infinity) Tilt Left 1.2 return -> Stop Looping (skip wait commands = True) Tilt Right 1.2 -> Scroll - Up - 1 units Wait - 0.1 seconds Repeat From - Output ID 1 - 0 times (infinity) Tilt Right 1.2 return -> Stop Looping (skip wait commands = True) ---------------- You can map this to anything, of course. Another nice place to try is in a deepclick -> mouse movement -> left/right (after 50 units is a good range) Hope this helps!
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