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  2. Hi, anyone has any suggestions about a replacement tape (?) for the rubber strip on the side grips? Mine is slippery. I've browsed the web, youtube, and other websites, suggesting a grip tape for guns (IIRC) or grip tape for hockey use. Maybe someone here has a suggestion... Thank you in advance, Damir.
  3. Damir


    It's not dead, yet it is not alive with users discussing things either... Damir.
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  5. Toggle


    Is this community dead ? Im not seeing very many posts.
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  7. FlexN


    Is there anyway you can add scripting onto the mouse. Like logitech has LUA to control things like recoil on FPS games. Please get back to me Sincerly, Me
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  9. RazerMajor

    Star Citizen Ver 1

    How does this work exactly? I put the profile in the correct folder but in regards to setting it up mouse side, how do I do that?
  10. If you need to use right click's normal behaviour, I think you need to make the "normal right click" as a "deeper click". If the normal right click happens BEFORE the "deep click", it will always trigger the normal right click... Damir.
  11. Yeah, I tried that... Currently it's not good enough. Oh well, I just need to flick it fast enough. Damir.
  12. Oh, well sadly that isn't possible at current state(don't know if that could be added to the driver though). Only way to cut the side scrollin would be by adding an other tilt degree over the 1.5 degree with the delay and loop breaking in it.
  13. @Tuudi I'm testing this now... Edit: The wait does not do what I need it to do. I need the "Wait" to break the whole cycle IF the Tilt is over 1.5 degrees. This config only delayed the scroll right process. My current setup is as such:
  14. Thank you, this almost solved my problem. I use several programs where I need right click to stay down, so right click tap would not be a good solution for me.
  15. You want to add loop break with skip wait to the begining of the config mode as well as at the release of the 1.5 degree tilt, otherwise the scrolling won't stop.
  16. Here's my issue: I set 1.5 degrees tilt as side scroll, and 25 degrees right tilt to the "Config Mode". Now if I tilt the mouse slowly, it will enter the side scroll and I can't enter "Config Mode". Is there a way to add a slight delay on the tilt before it initiates side scroll? As in, stay in the 1.5 degrees tilt for 0.3 secs THEN start the side scroll? Thanks, Damir.
  17. Aromeyn

    GT with IPad Pro

    I have the new IPad Pro 12.9 and pencil. The GT pairs but does nothing on the IPad. Any ideas?
  18. Version 1.0.1


    Adjustment to the first setup, the definition does not change much, just the behavior.
  19. Zeanon

    Mouse Wheel

    hm, seems indeed intentional. Than it should not be too big of a deal, I was just wondering if I or Amazon broke something on mine.
  20. Damir

    Mouse Wheel

    This is what I found doing a google search for The Z tear down...
  21. Zeanon

    Mouse Wheel

    I'm quite sorry but this link wont give me any pictures and I cant read the texts.
  22. Damir

    Damir's Setup

    Version 1.0.0


    Settings for MacOS: LMB has 3 states: Normal LMB. Button 4 on medium press. Button 6 on hard press. RMB has 3 states: Normal RMB Button 7 on medium press. Button 10 on hard press. Normal Middle Button. Top Thumb Button: Button 5. Bottom Thumb Button (MacOS Mission Control gestures): Press: Ctrl <down> Mouse movement Up: Up arrow. (Mission Control view all Apps) Mouse movement Down: Down arrow. (Mission Control view current app windows) Mouse movement Left: Left arrow. (Previous Virtual Desktop) Mouse movement Right: Right arrow. (Next Virtual Desktop) Release: Ctrl <up> Front Edge Button: Button 11. Rear Edge Button (click to scroll):k Mouse movement Up: Scroll Up. Mouse movement Down: Scroll Down. Mouse movement Left: Scroll Left. Mouse movement Right: Scroll Right. Left Fingertip Button: Button 13. Right Fingertip Button: Button 14. Left Trigger Pull: Volume Up. Left Trigger Push: Volume Down. Right Trigger Pull: Button 9. Right Trigger Push: Button 8. Tilt Left 1.5 deg: Scroll Left. Tilt Right 1.5 deg: Scroll Right. Tilt Right 25 deg (Config mode): Left Trigger Pull: Alternate 7 options. Scroll Wheel Pull: +100 DPI. Scroll Wheel Push: -100 DPI. Left Fingertip: Previous DPI Level. Right Fingertip: Next DPI Level. Left Trigger Push: Backlight OFF. Right Trigger Push: Backlight Hue rotation. Front Edge: Previous Profile. Rear Edge: Next Profile (image is wrong, too lazy to do another screenshot). Right Trigger Pull: Reset Angles.
  23. @Bryce Can I please get info about native Mac "driver"? Launching Windows 10 VM every time I need to change something on The Z is inconvenient - and inefficient. Thank you, Damir.
  24. Tuudi

    The Z does not report @1000Hz?

    From another thread reguearding the same issue from issues and bug reports section:
  25. I found something weird... https://zowie.benq.com/en/support/mouse-rate-checker.html Using this site as a "rate checker" between my Logitech G700, G900, MX Master, and The Z. Both Logitech G700 and G900 reports very close to 1000Hz (around 900+ Hz), the MX Master reports around 120 Hz up to 126Hz. The Z reports around 700 Hz (-ish). All mouse(s) connected to the same USB hub, on the same port of my Mac. Why is that? Damir.
  26. Damir

    Mouse Wheel

    https://g.pconline.com.cn/x/988/9883110_3.html Looks like it is by design...
  27. Damir

    Have different states of deep click?

    Well, from what I can see, it was a fluke. I removed the configuration, saved, unplug the mouse, replug, reconfigure, and the problem is gone... Go figure.
  28. Zeanon

    Have different states of deep click?

    maybe putting a lmb release in front of the b4 and b6 macro?
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