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  3. As far as I can see, you may as well stop developing the Z any further. I think you've cracked it to be honest, and it already has more features than ive got uses for. So kick back and relax a bit. Job Done.
  4. Version 1.0.0


    This is a variation of my FPS profile that makes Gears of war 5 multiplayer a bit less fiddly. Basically ive added a deepclick at 35% on the right mouse button that does 2 extra jobs, firstly it presses the middle mouse click to use the zoom function on scopes. Secondly it taps the Q key to automatically Tag enemies that you are targeting. I found it useful to remap the Top and Bottom thumb buttons to Melee and Active Reload respectively. This takes care of the main controls in multiplayer. Feel free to remap the remaining keys to suit your playstyle. Hope you find this useful, and feel free to tinker and add suggestions for improvement.
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  6. Hi What are the main differences between the Trackpoint and the ProPoint? Does the device already include a wireless USB Charger/Receiver? Thanks in advance, Bertram
  7. As already stated, you are most likely destroying one pair of the feet with that and the mouse isn't as rock stable as it normally is on the mouse pad, which kind of defeats it's purpose, but you could try using the higher lift off setting in the driver, but I would also suppose it would decrease the accuracy of the sensor
  8. Dang, i like the elevated feel. Can we submit enhancements to increase the detection range?
  9. Thats's because you have both kinds of feet attached at the same time, which you shouldnt do(as stated in the manual) because it kills the mouse feet(the one you put the others on top others and that elevates the mouse over the detection range of the sensor, which is completely intentional
  10. So when I have the feet on the sensor just flat out doest pick up and the mouse cursor can't move. I take the feet off and the sensor moves the cursor on screen as expected. Not sure if there is a setting I just haven't found yet or if it's busted.
  11. If you insert either the lock-out-feet or the Tilt-feet the mouse should work properly, you shouldnt use it without either of them since you need some kind of glide base. But I still dont understand what you mean with "I rather like the feel of the mouse lifted."
  12. The magnetic glide pads. There are two.
  13. Which mouse feet do you mean The glide pads or the flight Stick extender?
  14. When ever i pop on the mouse feet the pointer sensor stops working. Is there a way to get them to work in tandem?I rather like the feel of the mouse lifted.
  15. Evening. I got this mouse just over a year ago and its been very good. until a week ago the right click seems to be bugging out. when i hold right click lightly it flickers on the screen and its annoying when playing games an have to rotate the camera and its stops working. my 30$ mouse didn't do this till 2 years after. is this an issue with the mouse or the software? it shouldn't be doing this in just over a year as it cost 300+ Cheers
  16. Hi, First I love using the ProPoint device, since I received it last year. My question is will the ProPoint be able to be used directly with my IPAD Pro once the new IPADOS is launched at the end of September. Hope it does as it will make my IPAD Pro even more useful. Dan
  17. In this case it would block outputs from both buttons untill right trigger push is physically released, as after triggering 'Block Further Outputs' any output from the nested buttons and the parent are blocked untill the parent is released physically. Though pressing any other button while the right trigger push is still held when output blocking is active doesn't prevent them from functioning. As a little example how this works, we'll add a third button to your configuration, bottom thumb button nested into the nested left click: So let's skip straight to the point where 'Block Further Outputs' has been triggered, at this point you won't be able to output anything(presses or releases) from any of the buttons in the nesting sequence, so no more output from right trigger push, left button or bottom thumb button. But I said in the sequence since while your still holding the right trigger push you'll be able to output from bottom thumb bbutton what ever it has bind to it by default, not the nested output, but when you also press left click down and hold it the bottom thumb button won't output anything anymore, sincce it would suppoused to output the nested bind but since it's blocked that won't happen. Only after you stop holding the right trigger push will the output blocking deactivate for it and any nested inputs. Hopefully that's clear enough explanation.
  18. Version 1.0.0

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  19. Yes most of what you explain I understand and my stop are loops were in there because I was looping left click then forgot to take out the stop all loops. I still don’t quite understand the nesting though. If I nest a left click within the right trigger push will the driver carry out the right trigger release if I use block further output on the left click release or does it only block left click outputs? When right trigger push is released I want my left click to release if I am not holding down left click, but if left click is held down, then I want a release then press action to be carried out. I feel like you guys have a way to resemble If Else statements but I can’t quite figure out how.
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  21. Well for starters nested inputs can only be used while the parent input is hold and nesting the parent input to its self just triggers both inputs as it was one input, unless it's behind an other input like in your first screenshot, but in that case as soon you press left button it also triggers the third input of right trigger push. Also it's pointless to nest the same button as first child input instead of using the parent input to configure the button, for the reason I just explained. Also 'Stop Further Outputs' will prevent out putting any more outputs from the button and any nested ones(in order ofcourse) in it while it's held down and to be able to input again from those buttons you'll need to release the parent button. 'Stop All Loops' just terminates any repeats you have on, it won't stop any macros from running through the sequence, but it can skip any waits there might be in the macro. As it goes for macro outputing, if you initiate more than one macro to be run simultaneously they will do that literally interfering with each other. Hopefully this helps you figure out how to get your setup to work, although if you do hit the brickwall again let me know.
  22. So I'm having an issue. My goal is to Press Right Trigger Push to execute functions including Left Click. Sometimes I need to press Right Trigger Push then while holding it down press Left Click then release Right Trigger Push while still holding Left Click. The issue is that my Right Trigger Push releases Left Click in the release section, but I still need it to be held down.The idea is that releasing and pressing the buttons in any order would produce the same result even while using buttons in and outside of the config. I need some help.
  23. I love this mapping, and made some of my own that work similarly for CAD. The problem is that it's a complicated mapping and I need to swap some buttons around. Can anyone point me to the file format so that I can figure out how to move it?
  24. How do you bind an action to a mouse movement. E.G Hold down 9 (delay) Left Click (specific area of screen, or coordinates) ?
  25. I made some commands for fingertipLeft and fingertipRight and decided I wanted to swap them. I exported the settings to a json file and tried to swap left for right with search and replace ("KeyName": "MouseButtonfingertipLeft" and "Id": "fingertipLeft"). However, I get an invalid config file error when I try to reimport. What am I missing?
  26. Deep clicks also have analog option, promotional video on youtube even shows how you can control you engine's RPM with deep click. Nevermind though, games in general don't work with XInput and mouse input at the same time, with some rare exceptions, so you cannot use it anyway. I've tried to get both this and Logitech G13 analog joystick to work for movement together with mouse for camera/aim control, but very few games support that and you would have to emulate mouse to right thumb to make it work which is obviously not desirable and not even possible right now.
  27. Well I don't personally use the analog output, so can't say that I have any experience with it, but I think it's actually meant to be used with tilt and not deep click so that might be the issue. Here's a link to the @Bryce post on Z guides section which explains it: Although I guess you could always post in the Z request/feedback section about the analog outputs compatibility with deep clicking.
  28. Thats a great info, I will test all of that, thank you! Could you also look into my other thread here and see if you can help?
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