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  3. Where can I find the beta drivers? Where can I find these beta drivers?
  4. The same thing occurs with alternate functions
  5. Hi, Not sure where this goes, but I'm encountering a bug when adding more than one "Repeat From" Functions in the output actions. I've uploaded examples of the problem here: https://imgur.com/gallery/qQmz5pO. Whenever adding a second "Repeat From" function in the output actions, the software does not want to save changes until I've removed the function. When adding normal scroll actions, everything is fine and I'm able to save. When adding cascading scroll actions and a second "Repeat From", I'm unable to save the changes. This happens when ever I add a second "Repeat From" function. This is the error message I get when I try to change profiles, making it unusable. Restarting the software wipes the changes, but I'm able to use the software again. Kind Regards
  6. the software does not inject into the game, it just lets the mouse act as a keyboard as well, so why should you get banned for it, it's no cheat or anything like that, it's more or less just a keypad integrated in your mouse
  7. First: there was no driver update yet, so how would it be implemented. Second: it's not a nescessary feature because you can always switch via button hotkeys, it's just for the sake of comfort Third: The beta drivers are already on it, so yeah
  8. Please add this already. I'm losing all faith in this product. The hardware is amazing, but the software is seriously lacking.
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  10. Is this mouse legit usable in destiny 2. They are a ban happy company when it comes to software that invades or injects into their game? thanks
  11. swiftpoint normally delivers what you pay for, so it either might be a mistake or (if yyou did not buy directly from them) someone else conne you
  12. I paid SwiftPoint for a GT mouse over a month ago and have not received it. What really worries me is that there’s no response from the company to my emails. Can anyone tell me if this a disreputable company. Have I been conned?
  13. I would be interested by switching profiles automatically depending on the active window (it would be for gnome, X11 only). Would it be possible to disclose information on how to alter the current profile of the Z over USB HID?
  14. I think it's possible to make a toggle command so that on one press the function is held and on the next press it releases
  15. I made a quick tutorial awhile ago: The software always reverts to the last profile edited - so if 'Desktop' was your last then it will revert to that when the software starts. It can be useful but also a pain if you forget to set your default profile as the last one edited. Best way (IMHO) is to create 2 basic profiles - 1st Person and 3rd Person - and set them up for whatever keys you want. Then change the game key bindings to match the mouse. If you then find a game that you want to do something special with (like a deep click zoom) thencreate a sub=profile and just programme that one function.
  16. @Priimate Hi, thanks for your detailed explanation, very kind. I was indeed deep clicking the fingertip button straight off, I didn't realise I needed to do two stages, thanks for clearing that up. Before I read your message I did some experimenting and found that by setting "wait" to 1.5 seconds it worked but now I shall try your suggestion. I play exclusively in FPP (Just don't get on with TPP shooters) so that explains that too. I did find that by setting the right click command to press and hold it worked as a one click action. changing "toggle" and "hold" in game seemed to have no effect.
  17. Hi elethiomell I'm in training grounds now just testing out the grenades and it does indeed work, there's two functions inside the left fingertip button; There's a regular press (Quick grenade) and a 10% deep-click which cooks. Are you pressing down harder on the fingertip button? You'll find you have to normal press LFB until the animation completely casts (when your players hand swings back towards the camera and then stops) and then from the pressed state, following through into the deep-click now starts to cook the grenade 😊 There's a way to adjust that (the wait time in between |Numpad 7| and |R| inside of the deep-click) but I remember getting inconsistent results and found it better to have a two-stage button press/action. As for ADS, I believe it's in settings>gameplay, under Aim and ADS. The profile is set up though to be universal between third and first person and was crafted around the settings being set to HOLD and HOLD. Its common in TPP to doubleclick + hold RMB into ADS, so that just letting go of RMB pulls you out of ADS instead of clicking into and out of it. That also allows a normal click and hold that pulls you into over-the-shoulder aim (Good for peeking with laser sights, s12k etc)
  18. @Priimate Hey, great profile, thanks. I am having difficulty getting the cook grenade function to work, quick grenade never cooks it. Also to get ADS to work I have to tap and release RMB then press and hold RMB if I just press and hold it does nothing. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? (I assume there is some in game setting I am missing)
    This gave me what I needed to put a 5 microsecond wait on the left click function to decide if a deep click would occur.
  19. I second the second for a left-handed version!
  20. No you cannot rename bindings, but you can psuedo name them by adding an OLED Flash to the binding. It has two purposes, it can be used to identify the bind and it is shown on the screen when you press the button.
  21. Version 1.0.0

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    As a previous user of the G502 and many other Logitech mice prior, my biggest concern with any new mouse is infinite scroll. So upon opening this new mouse yesterday, I began digging into making a working infinite scroll within the software. I also began tweaking some of the initial settings and added in quite a few features. This is nowhere near done and I am open to any suggestions for added keybinds or changes to what has already been done. We will start off with Infinite Scroll: While holding the Bottom Thumb Button, pressing the left trigger scrolls down at a medium speed and pressing the left fingertip button scrolls at a very high speed. The same is true with scrolling up with the right trigger and fingertip button. And for the sake of keeping the forward/back buttons I made left click and right click forward and back while still holding the bottom thumb button.
  22. Here is a mapping that will work for you. Instead of each deep click changing a track, they will modify what the scroll wheel does. So at 30% you can scroll through your tracks and at 60% you can change your volume. Each of these allows for continuous scrolling until released. It will then prevent the Play/Pause button from being pressed. Audio Help.spcf
    Thank you for fixing it!! It works great.
  23. Fixed it! Added the following to /etc/udev/hwdb.d/71-mouse-local.hwdb (the path may change depending on your distro): mouse:usb:v214Ep0005:name:Swiftpoint Z MOUSE_WHEEL_CLICK_ANGLE=30 MOUSE_WHEEL_CLICK_COUNT=12 Not 100% sure about the values, but they seem to work just fine. Then I ran "udevadm hwdb --update" and replugged the mouse to pick up the config changes (there's probably a way to do that live but I didn't bother looking). edit: I spoke too soon. Seems like the fix is replugging it in linux; when it comes up on boot it comes up with the too fast scrolls.
  24. Dug in a bit more. Turns out the axis values for the swiftpoint Z are far too high in linux: event16 POINTER_AXIS +4.93s vert 1800.00* horiz 0.00 (wheel) event16 POINTER_AXIS +4.96s vert 1800.00* horiz 0.00 (wheel) Note the 1800, vs: event26 POINTER_AXIS +4.12s vert 15.00* horiz 0.00 (wheel) event26 POINTER_AXIS +4.18s vert 15.00* horiz 0.00 (wheel) for a "normal" mouse. Haven't figured out if I can adjust a multiplier or something on this yet.
  25. Zeanon


    Version 1.0.0


    Hi, I recently just created a profile for Apex Legends Features: Deep clicking LMB will reload Deep Click RMB will zoom in on scope, deep clivking further will shoot Right Fingertip will open inventory and close it on release Left Fingertip will switch to second weapon, fire on deep click and reload on further deep click and switch to first weapon on release Front Edge will decrease DPI Rear Edge will increase DPI Left Trigger push will trigger Q Left Trigger pull will reload Right Trigger push will sprint Right Trigger pull will call ultimate Voice chat is mapped to B4 Melee is mapped to middle click middle deep click starts a loop tilt left switches to weapon 1 lilt right switches to weapon 2
  26. I am very much enjoying the z mouse and am messing around on a private server looking forward to wow classic. My gameplay has improved already but I think there is more. For example the button press that also has a possible action on release of said button, would that work for example with a macro that requires two button taps (because of the global cool down) like a cast sequence macro? I love the tilt controls but I don't use them to strafe so to free up mouse looking while strafing, playing as a warrior I use tilts to change stances with macro'd abilities like shield block and recklessness. Its a bit sensitive so I have been adjusting it from 1.2> 1.7 >2 etc I want to slightly lift the front of the mouse for berserker maybe or thunderclap but I haven't been able to get that to work yet. Please share ny awesome uses for this great mouse with wow thankyou
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