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About This File

PUBG profile I tweaked to my liking.  Here are the mappings

Default DPI is 400.

Front Edge - (R) Reload. 

Rear Edge - (Z) Go prone

Right Mouse Button (RMB)

  • Deep click 25% activates hold breath when ADS.  In PUBG settings menu I use (O) for hold breath, so you would have to adjust that key bind as well.
  • When RMB is held down the thumb buttons can be used to peek and the scroll wheel can be used to change zero distance on scope
  • When RMB is held down, DPI changes to 200.  Goes back to 400 DPI when released

Top Thumb

  • (F) - Interact
  • [When RMB pressed] - (E) Peek right.  Press and hold down; not toggle

Bottom Thumb

  • (I) - Inventory.  Also switches DPI to 1000 for faster looting. When button is pressed again to exit looting screen the DPI goes back to 400 DPI.
  • [When RMB pressed] - (Q) Peek left. Press and hold down; not toggle

Right fingertip button - (3)  switch to pistol

Left fingertip button - (G) switch to grenade. Press again to cycle grenade types.  Deep click selects melee weapon

Left trigger push - (B) adjust firing mode (i.e. single, auto, burst)

Left trigger pull - (1) switch to weapon slot 1

Right trigger push - (V) switch to first person mode

Right trigger pull - (2) switch to weapon slot 2

Middle button press - (ALT) free look

Other notes:

  • Early on, I tried to use the tilt controls for peeking but it wasn't doing me any favors.  Trying to tilt, aim, and hit someone is just too much in a high pressure situation especially if you have jittery hands.  I find using the thumb buttons for peeking to be a lot more reliable.
  • I think it's best to put the crouch movement on your keyboard/keypad rather than on the mouse since you may need to crouch while shooting.  That's hard to do if you have C mapped to any buttons on your mouse.




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