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To me, having left hand only control movement and push-to-talk while the right hand does aiming, shooting, abilities, etc. seems more natural. This profile is developed to achieve this as best as possible.

I generally play at 700 DPI * 5 In-Game Sensitivity. The mouse sensor is natively 1000 DPI so I don't go much higher (my second DPI is 1200). I also have specific aim reticles for the characters I play (or want to improve on) FYI.

Even though I typically play Moira or Mercy, I always try to play other heroes whenever I can and most of my testing for mouse map and aim reticle is done in Practice Range as well as from Quick Play experiences. I haven't found a need to use the Tilt or Pivot yet so feel free to let me know if you have some ideas to improve this profile!

What's New in Version 2.0   See changelog


Version 2.0:


  • DPI switch moved to Front Edge Button (Previously Left Fingertip).
  • Q moved to Rear Edge Button (Previously Right Trigger Push). It was too easy to hit by accident. 
  • Spacebar assigned to Top Thumb Button (Previously achieved by mapping Mouse Button 5 to Jump in-game). I figured it would be better to assign it explicitly.
  • V moved to Left Trigger Pull (Previously Right Fingertip). I realized that "melee" = "not shooting" XD.


  • R changed to 90% Left Click (Previously 50% Left Click). When other people tried my mouse, they would unintentionally reload.
  • Left Click assigned to 90% Right Click (Added to try to achieve quicker scope shot/beam switch). I actually ended up using this more with Mercy and Brigitte
  • Single key bindings changed to Press on Press & Release on Release (Previously Tap on Press). This doesn't change anything in Overwatch, but I use this profile with other FPS games to get a feel for how to set up a profile and some require the key to be held for a certain duration.


  • F assigned to Right Fingertip (Added to eliminate the need to take index finger off D).
  • V is looped to Tap as long as Left Trigger is Pulled (Left Trigger Release Stops loop). I wanted to be able to melee without needing to repeatedly click; this gets me an additional hit on average.
  • 2 assigned to Left Fingertip Press and 1 assigned to Left Fingertip Release (Added for quick weapon switching for characters with a secondary weapon). I really like this because, as a Mercy main, this allows me to switch weapons using the underside of the distal joint of my index finger and because of this...
  • Left Click is looped to pattern Press for 0.5 sec and Release for 0.5 sec for as long as Left Fingertip is 90% Pressed (Left Fingertip 90% Release Stops loop). I really like this one, because it will keep characters like Soldier from losing their accuracy after the 5 or 6th shot as well as automate burst firing (which helps reduce awkward reload instances as well as aim at a Pharah (or Mercy) in the air or a Widowmaker straffing back and forth).
  • C assigned to Right Trigger Push (Added for quick communication while maintaining access to Left Click & Right Click). I use this a lot and access to voice lines and emotes is nice.
  • Tab assigned to Right Trigger Pull (Added to eliminate the need to extend pinky finger).

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