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    Pulling any Trigger is hard x D for me so I did a build with out pulling or using Fingertip 'n' what I can do I have small hand but I liked your Front Edge = F and R Loop (Just for Weapon Animations) I toke that in my build : $ Ty
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    @Skip Ideally we'll be able to address this issue more directly by having the Z disable smooth scroll automatically when it's no longer connected to Windows. But if that's not feasible a mappable reset output could be a good short-term workaround. For those of you that primarily use the Z on Linux one option to avoid this issue entirely would be to downgrade your Z's firmware to before it added smooth scroll support. Unfortunately you would need to roll-back the driver quite far to do this, but version 1.2.48 would work, and you can download it here.
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    Actually the driver of the Z Mouse does not use any keyboard layout at all. The driver registers keycodes, in other words it only cares which fisical key was pressed, not which character is linked to it. I recommend to use 'record keystrokes" function, then you wont have to lookup a keyboard layout to figure out which character to use.
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