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    I may be wrong but i'm not sure that you can overwrite the default left mouse behavior for normal clicks but you can change the deep click. If the game you are playing uses the left mouse button I think you can set you mouse like this below to achieve your goal. In this case a normal click should only be press and release, and a deep click will keep tapping it. If for some reason this did not work for you maybe you could add a Left Click Release action as action 1 and then loop from action 2, but i don't think that it is required. I tested both ways and they seemed to do the same thing for me. Left Button Overview Deep Click Press Details Deep Click Release Details Optional Looping with added step above to release the mouse before starting the tapping
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    i don't believe this is directly possible at the moment, though this is something that they have said is on their roadmap. obviously it would be IMMENSELY useful, and i will legitimately dance a jig when it materializes. unless it is already possible, in which case i will also shed a tear for all the wasted hours during said jig. xD if you are feeling adventurous, you can export all the mappings to a file, edit the file appropriately in the text editor of your choice (which better be vim...), and then re-load the file-- i actually spent a non-trivial amount of time reverse-engineering the file format (it's just JSON-- nothing too fancy) with the thought of building my own editor + DSL for this very reason*, but it wound up being just annoying enough for a variety of reasons that i instead gave up and brute-forced it (file is a bit repetitive, it's not necessarily clear what attributes are or are not required, it's not clear what the names are for every button and behavior on the mouse, etc. because the format isn't documented (which makes sense, since it's just their own internal format). honestly, JSON just kinda becomes a worse version of XML in this sort of context owing to the lack of schemas). on an even more narrow and navel-gaze-y note, the real kicker with not having copy-paste in the way that you describe (other than, you know, having to manually do it yourself) is that the UI actively makes the task of copying and pasting more difficult for you, because when you switch profiles (when copy-pasting i usually duplicate the profile in question and edit the duplicate to ensure that i don't leave the entire profile broken if i screw up / misremember things) the UI assumes that you want to pull up the mappings for whatever button you were just looking at, rather than whatever mappings you looked at last on that profile, so there is no way to quickly switch between the old and new profile versions to double-check everything is correct.** it's not that this default is terribly unreasonable, but it reeeallly puts a damper on what is already quite a slog. but hey-- what is programming but the art of spending many hours slogging through arcana in order to accomplish something that you feel should be easier than it is? :^P on that note, if anyone from swiftpoint ever reads this-- i have a LOTTTTTTT of ideas on how to make the macro editing experience more delightful / smooth / etc., having now spent many hours deep in its arcana. that's not to say that it's ungodly terrible or something-- it's just the kind of thing i spend a lot of time thinking about, as it brings me back to my younger and more vulnerable college years as a lowly HCI undergrad/masters studeng xD. on that note, i really cant thank y'all enough making a mouse whose functionality is so comprehensive and delightful that that is a thing that i actually want to do-- almost more than actually play the games for which the macros are being created. (also, when are y'all gonna make a keyboard? xP) * basically, by representing the file format using a PEG , and then "compiling" expressions in the more convenient grammar into the file format ** in case that's not clear: say i wanted to copy and/or move my left trigger binding to the right trigger. if i do this by duplicating the current profile, when i select <new profile>/right trigger and then go back to <OG profile> the UI pulls up <OG profile>/right trigger (which is useless to me, obviously), and if i am at <OG profile>/left trigger and then select <new profile> it goes to <new profile>/left trigger, which is similarly useless, or, at least, useless in the context of trying to accurately, manually copy paste the bindings. and if instead of duplicating the profile i try to move the binding over in situ, i thus have to memorize what the binding was for one of the bindings while i move the other, à la // swap `a` and `b` temp = a a = b b = temp off-hand, i can't really think of a situation in which the current behavior is more useful than simply loading whatever was the most recently edited button/mapping for the newly-loaded profile, but that doesn't mean that it doesn't exist-- it simply means that in my experience it has been less useful than the alternative
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    Unfortunately GTAV does not have support for the DirectInput joystick outputs the Z uses for its analog tilt outputs. Though it is possible to convert DirectInput into Xinput which GTAV does support. Just check the link below for a brief guide on how this can be done. https://community.swiftpoint.com/topic/7-how-to-use-the-z-in-games-that-do-not-support-directinput/ I'm not familiar with "Heroes and Generals" but based on its Steam page it doesn't have any controller support. So while you could use tilt for flying , you would need to setup your Z to output a keypress for yaw, pitch or roll for each direction; so it would not be analog.
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    Version 1.0.1


    This is a relatively simple profile we used for some early testing with PUBG. Left Finger Tip = Crouch and 50% Deep click = Prone Left trigger push = Reload Left Trigger Pull = Switch to and throw grenade Right trigger Push = Free Look Right Trigger Pull = Reset Tilt Angles Rear Edge Button = Map Front Edge Button = Inventory Tilt Left 1.7° = Lean Left Tilt Right 1.7° = Lean Right
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    Version 1.0.1


    My personal all around game profile to play basically anything. The thumb buttons don't have anything bind to them as i prefer to use them for voice chat and other stuff, which can be checked from my desktop profile.