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    I am quite happy with this setup for my druid which has a hybrid tank/DD talent build. 1. Tilt: - Left = Shift to Cat form (and change mouse profile to CAT) - Right = Shift to Bear from (and change mouse profile to BEAR) - Forward = Shift to Travel form I recommend an add-on so you can also change your equipment automatically 2. Middle mouse button klick = Shapeshift 3. Index finger for all attacks 4. Middle finger for form specific casts 5. I use the left mouse button deep klick to shift to travel form 6. As Cat DPS my rotation is shred-shred-shapeshift. Thats why I have on one button shred and on the same button as deep click "Shapeshift" More details see on the image attached. For me the Z is a game changer 🐵
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    Has the Pointer Movement been removed or am i missing something? I use it to keep the mouse pointer moving while using mouse movement, if anyone has another way to do this i would appreciate it.
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    Comrades is very simple how I see it. Swifpoint is a company founded by type of Wozniaks engineer but there is no any one who does the Steve Jobs role. The company doesn't have good strategies in terms of keeping a good reputation of their products, not for the current users neither for the potential ones. The mouse has a lot of issues specially the software part, and the last update was like June? And is a very young product, normally it will receive at least an update ever 3 months or 4 times per year, no 1 per year or every 6 months. Also they may have internal problems about hiring external people to run their business in the high level due, may be they want to do everything by their own, expecting to become viral one day by magic. Who knows the reasons behind this awful business strategies. But no doubt, they are not capable of handling a serious company and being consistent in their products. Gaming is the best aim, but they prefer to keep releasing office products and less complex products. Maybe the Z mouse was too ambitious for waht they can handle. Actually is better for them that they don't try to sponsor their unfinsihed products (specially the software part) with influencer and gamers, as they will get bad reviews very fast. I really hope they get better as Z mouse is the only thing I will save along with my laptop in case of an emergency. But something ahs to change with Swiftpoint to really become a thing in the market. They are as close to become something similar to Delorean...
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    This appears to scale based on what the DPI is so I am guessing this is referring to pixels. 1 unit = 1 pixel. It would be awesome if we could set what the units were and manually configure what measurements we wanted it to use for the units whether it was Millimeters, inches, or pixels
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    As far as I can see, you may as well stop developing the Z any further. I think you've cracked it to be honest, and it already has more features than ive got uses for. So kick back and relax a bit. Job Done.
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    Version 1.0.0


    This profile has been modified to allow you to edit the outputs on the left mouse buttons press and release. It uses a nested left button input which is set to act as left click, but unlike the base left button input this can be edited.
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    Hi Bryce, It seems that the noise level value is resetting to 0.5° after a short period of use. To solve the delay issue I was attempting to set it the noise level to see if it was an issue of me still tilting the mouse whilst moving it. Right now I have set the tilt to 1.0° and I will not change the settings manually. I will check back periodically to see if it once again has changed.
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