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    Version 1.0.0


    This profile has been modified to allow you to edit the outputs on the left mouse buttons press and release. It uses a nested left button input which is set to act as left click, but unlike the base left button input this can be edited.
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    @Damir Currently the only way to break a macro without completing it is to send a profile switch command. So you might be able to set something up using that (you would need to have two profiles which you can switch back and forth between). With that said though, I'm not certain I understand the problem. As the scroll right loop in your screenshot should not prevent you from entering config mode. So it may be some other tilt mapping in your profile which is causing this.
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    @Damir "Block further outputs" is currently only available on release inputs, which scroll wheel and mouse movements inputs do not have. So for now at least you would need to use a different output to avoid play/pause from triggering after a volume change.
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    You can assign an output to any button: Select Output Type -> OLED Screen & Logo Backlight -> OLED -> Show -> Tilt Angles If you trigger that button you should see the angles on your screen of your mouse. You can even trigger that output at the beginning of a tilt (e.g. at 1° left/right tilt) to always show the angles when you start tilting. There is a default "configuration mode" in the default global profile that lets you switch through all OLED Screen Modes when you tilt your mouse 25% to the right. I dont remember which key it was to switch the OLED mod..
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    If you switch your oled-screen mode to tilt angles, do you see any changes in the values if you tilt the mouse. there you can see what value you prefer when the mouse is tilted and use that in your profile.
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    So, I've found the answer from reading another thread. I think that I've been lifting the mouse off the pad and it won't recognize tilt's that are set for less than 3 degrees. I increased the tilt angle and now it works.
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    You're able to configure the press and release of a button independently, so if you have a loop on the press you can add stop looping command to the release of a button. This would make it so on press the loop keeps looping and on release it will stop.
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    He didn't just make that up??? You can't use macros in most professional gaming scenarios, unless you're playing a game where macros are essential to game play. They are not in FPS's, in fact they could be consider a cheat by some, and that's why they aren't used in pro tournaments. You should google the bylaws of pro fps tournaments before calling people liars. Do your own homework too; that way you'll retain the information more effectively.
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    Version 1.1.0


    Here is a Full Swift Point Z setup for Star Citizen. - My First working system. I will think carefully about Deep Press options and play with this Config Some. Deep press is still another new function for me to learn *I am not using the Flight Pad attachment in this configuration* Included File is a Control layout for Star Citizen. -= Put here - Star Citizen\StarCitizen\LIVE\USER\Controls\Mappings Lower Side Button - Hold and Pivot - Roll while in flight mode In coupled mode -Tilt forward to Strafe up , Tilt back to strafe down (tilt left to strafe left , right for right) In decoupled mode - Tilt forward and back is Strafe forwards and backwards. (everything else is the same) Side buttons are Shields Front , Shields Rear (edge buttons Front and Back) Buttons ontop of main buttons , Shields Left , Shields Right Upper left , Push , Shields topside , Pull Shields Underside ( Not Implemented in game Yet) Upper Right Push - Reset Shields Upper Right Pull - Re-calibrate axis's Upper Side button - Push to Talk LCD , Force Description. Nothing bound to deep presses. --- Settings are modified simple controls for star citizen load out. Decouple Toggle - O Match Velocity of target - P E.S.P Toggle - K Gimble Lock Toggle - L layout_Zpoint-Swift_exported.xml
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