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    The profile features are almost where they need to be, at least to keep me happy, but the problem I regularly face is with re-using profiles across different machines. For example, I set up a profile for Ghost Recon: Breakpoint, unimaginatively named "GRB", and it's under the top-level "FPS" profile on machine number one. Now that I've tweaked it the way I like, I can export it from machine one and import it to machine two. But when I do so, it's always imported at the top-level, not under the "FPS" profile on machine two. I suppose I could simply export ALL profiles from machine one and clear/import to machine two, but that breaks the application associations. So what I really need is some way to re-parent a profile or import my GRB profile underneath an existing one on machine two. Is there any way to do this? Thanks in advance.
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    Thank you for the response Bryce! That did it!! I didn't even know about that preference, as I'm sure you've heard before. The strange thing is I have been using the Logitech MX Master 2S for the past couple of years, and the trackpad was never disabled. Apparently, when the external mouse is connected via Bluetooth, the preference operates differently. Thanks again for your help, and AWESOME job on the mouse! One of the best and definitely the most unique experiences I've had with a computer peripheral.
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    Yeah that alternate on release is a sneaky little trick. I'll happily take a Azeron as a thank you or a comment like at the very least 😉
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    Just on the sub-/parent profile stuff The reason for that is, to save internal memory, to allow users to create more, fine tuned profiles than otherwise possible. For instance I have 1 general profile for gaming and then like 10 adjusted to different games, to perfectly fit the needs of each game. That would not be possible with any other mouse I know of. The global profile is like the most parent profile, where you add your standard stuff like config mode, or in my instance dpi switches and profile shortcuts, which as long as you don't overwrite them are present on any profile. And adding an empty binding on a sub profile to a button which has a function on the parent profile is pretty useful imo (Example: gaming profile with tilt for weapon switch -> 9 games use it, one does not -> in terms of memory usage it is better to have that on the parent, so it is only stored once and overwrite it in one sub profile, which makes a total of to bindings in memory, compared to 9 if you add it in each du profile respectively) (I hope I didn't get anything wrong and I could help you a bit maybe, even though I'm just a user as well) Also if you need help, there is a community discord, and I could try to explain stuff to you in voice since I spend a hell ton of time in the software already https://discord.gg/pYfSftV
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    I think the simplest way to do this would be to use an alternate function on release as shown below. So pressing the button starts an infinite loop every-time. But the action on release will alternate between a "Wait 0" (which effectively does nothing), and stopping the loop.
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    You can use the "alternate" output action to get exactly that:
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