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    Hi everyone, I hope this is the right place to post this, please move if there is a more appropriate forum. I find using Sub-profiles useful, however having to open the UI to navigate through them is slow. Ultimately I'd like to see an auto profile switch feature added (hint, hint), however until then I've added the following controls to navigate up and down the profile branch using the Left Trigger. This complements the already existing Next and Previous profile controls assigned the the Front Edge buttons when the mouse is tilted into Config mode. Go to 'Global Defaults', click 'All Mappings' and scroll down to 'Tilt Right 25°'. You'll see that 'Rear / Front Edge Press' are set to 'Next / Previous Profile'. I've chosen the Left Trigger to add the controls to. Find 'Left Trigger Push', click 'Do Nothing' > 'Select Output Type' > 'Select Profile / Reset Angles' then change 'Go To Profile' to 'Go To Sub-Profiles'. Repeat for 'Left Trigger Pull', choosing 'Go To Parent' at the last step. See attached image. I hope someone finds this useful. Regards, Mike
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    Sure it's possible to interupt the loop with another button, but not the same button because we don't have the global intermediate variable to toggle the state of the button. I'm thinking it would be nice if we could program the buttons with texts and coding, just like controling the I/O of the microcontrollers so we can modify, copy, paste and do more stuffs with the amazing mouse.
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