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    I am quite happy with this setup for my druid which has a hybrid tank/DD talent build. 1. Tilt: - Left = Shift to Cat form (and change mouse profile to CAT) - Right = Shift to Bear from (and change mouse profile to BEAR) - Forward = Shift to Travel form I recommend an add-on so you can also change your equipment automatically 2. Middle mouse button klick = Shapeshift 3. Index finger for all attacks 4. Middle finger for form specific casts 5. I use the left mouse button deep klick to shift to travel form 6. As Cat DPS my rotation is shred-shred-shapeshift. Thats why I have on one button shred and on the same button as deep click "Shapeshift" More details see on the image attached. For me the Z is a game changer 🐵
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    Version 1.0.0


    This profile has been modified to allow you to edit the outputs on the left mouse buttons press and release. It uses a nested left button input which is set to act as left click, but unlike the base left button input this can be edited.
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    Hi Bryce, It seems that the noise level value is resetting to 0.5° after a short period of use. To solve the delay issue I was attempting to set it the noise level to see if it was an issue of me still tilting the mouse whilst moving it. Right now I have set the tilt to 1.0° and I will not change the settings manually. I will check back periodically to see if it once again has changed.
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