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    @CodeBerry I can confirm that our new software will also support the Z. So the new user-friendly interface, pre-configured profiles and action libraries will also be available to all Z users.
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    We've been doing closed Alpha testing for a while now. So I'll push out a version to the beta test group in the near future. Public release will of course be before Tracer starts shipping in October, but how much before will depend on how testing progresses. Some Z specific features will not be part of the re-designed interface on launch (e.g. OLED & Tilt). But all of that functionality will still be available in the new software via an updated version of the old interface.
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    Just saw the new crowd funding campaign for the TRACER. Very interesting, not for the device itself (as we have the Z) but for the software. I'm glad the software has been revamped and it looks like someone saw my Driver Features and UI Design post, as many of the ideas and features look very similar. Can I please get confirmation from Swiftpoint that this software will be compatible with the Z? Surely you will have the sense to have one driver for both devices. @Bryce
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