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  1. Munkie


    Downloaded. Will test and let the swiftpoint community know my opinion, this will be based on my vast wealth and knowledge of Tarkov and also the Swiftpoint Z mouse. Thanks Ping. Commnuity, i look forward to keeping you informed! Cheeki Breeki!
  2. @milkman Hey buddy, i grabbed EFT back in '16 Just re-installed, will start by using @AODqw97config and let you know!! Here we go again!!!
  3. @Priimate @elethiomell You cats still play? The latest patch is great, would be ace to run as a swiftpoint squad! )) @djchristoph
    I wanted to use this setup for a few weeks before reviewing, today is the day! Outstanding. Its a 5 star setup. Honestly, its a very well thought out profile, peak and ads = genius, cook and vibrate nades = game changer, higher dpi on lmb to counter recoil = mindblown! Even using the triggers to then allow further actions, it's just making the most of this perfect piece of engineering. If you really want to make the most of your Z and you enjoy pubg, grab this profile and give a few weeks to get used to, once you have, oh my, you will not go back. Kudos to @Priimate
  4. @Priimate This is a great setup, you on PC?
  5. Thanks @Bryce !! My next Feature would be: Game Detection. In the config of each profile, we can find an exe (or other) and when this is live the profile changes. @Blaen has already mentioned this however with some Razor software this is very much the same. Thanks for the amazing work!
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