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  1. Calador

    Scroll wheel right click

    In case you were asking about side to side, this mouse does not have left/right push even if it feels like it does. It only has the spinning motion (Push/Pull) and the downward press (Middle Click Down).
  2. I don't think there will be a way to get it to Hold the right mouse button and work the way you want, but if all you are looking for is a quick tap then you could try this. Notice how i moved the action to below the deep click setting. The initial press does nothing now and if you release it without triggering the deep click it will right click once and release. If you hit the deep click it wont right click at all. In your photo above if it worked as you expected then the right mouse button would never be released. There is a global setting for catching this type of behavior that you can disable that i think would both do what you think it should, but also cause your right mouse to stop working until you gently tapped it not triggering the deep click.
  3. Calador

    Need help binding right mouse button

    I'm not sure what game you are playing but if the scope comes up with right mouse click held down and then steady is normally done by pressing shift, you can combine the actions into just pressing and holding right click as follows However i would suggest taking advantage of the Deep Click to hold breath by programming as follows. Then adjust the deep click pressure as needed. This will allow you to press the right mouse to bring up the scope and only when you press it harder will you pause motion to steady aim. When you release right mouse past 50% it will stop steady aim and when you release 100% it will put the scope down.
  4. Calador

    single shot autofire

    Maybe this has to do with the speed of the loop. Try adding a Wait step above the Repeat and then keep increasing the time till it does what you want.
  5. Calador

    Profile setting not overriding Gaming Gestures

    Wow I did not know this either but it does make sense as to why I was having issues. I ended up changing my global tilt angle for config mode to 50° which I actually like better. To make this a bit more user friendly would it be possible to show this information in the All Mappings view? If you do add it please add some indication that this is being inherited from global.
  6. Calador

    single shot autofire

    I may be wrong but i'm not sure that you can overwrite the default left mouse behavior for normal clicks but you can change the deep click. If the game you are playing uses the left mouse button I think you can set you mouse like this below to achieve your goal. In this case a normal click should only be press and release, and a deep click will keep tapping it. If for some reason this did not work for you maybe you could add a Left Click Release action as action 1 and then loop from action 2, but i don't think that it is required. I tested both ways and they seemed to do the same thing for me. Left Button Overview Deep Click Press Details Deep Click Release Details Optional Looping with added step above to release the mouse before starting the tapping
  7. Calador

    Push/Pull trigger mappings

    I think the answer you are looking for is no. At this point in time you will have to delete the other button mapping and then recreate the mappings for both push and pull.
  8. If you are stuck normally i would suggest removing the old software, rebooting the PC, and then install the new driver with Admin privileges.
  9. Calador

    keybinds for league of legends

    Can you provide more details like Are you having trouble with one aspect of the config, like movement? Are you having trouble selecting the correct profile for the game? As of right now the mouse drivers do not automatically switch profiles based on the game you are playing. If you setup a profile for the game and then switch to it then it will not matter what application you are in. I dont play LOL but one thing I do for other games is have the config app on a second monitor, or play the game in windowed mode with a lower resolution, so that i can configure the game controls and mouse while playing the game. Once i have the config all set i change the resolution back to normal.
  10. I'm trying to use the mouse in an MMO to have full control of a character. I want to be able to use left trigger push for "left" and right trigger push for "right", but when i press both together it will be "up". I can get this to work just fine, however depending on how I release the buttons it does not behave as expected. The left button is a mirror of this mapping. So if I press the right button first then the left trigger he does start to run forward. If i let the left button go first it then does what i expect and he starts to run right again. The issue is that if i press right first then left, and then let go of the right button first he just runs forward. I can see why it does this, but i assumed that if the outer function was let go (Right Trigger Push) the inner function (Left Trigger Push) would also be canceled and then the mouse would function as if i was pressing just the Left Trigger. Unless there is a better way to make this work I would ask to make a change to the firmware that would allow buttons to be combined without being nested. This would block the combo from being nested on either of the two original buttons as well. If I'm having a derp moment and you guys can suggest a working solution that I'm not seeing i would be super grateful.