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  1. I assign mouse movement to my keyboard keys A and D for steering and hold a button to activate and just slide mouse left and right. I don't know if there is a way to make mouse movement to joystick analog movement.
  2. Thanks Bryce, I missed that. I was going by set dpi value and thinking I could add 2 dpi values for x and y..
  3. Is there a way to have separate x /y dpi levels when holding a button and return to normal when button is released? I know it can be done on the main configuration screen , but that is for the whole profile. I was hoping i can do it with a button press.
  4. I too wanted to randomize a wait function and didn't think it was possible. Just tried it out with alternate option and it works great. I had my Z for about 2 years now and there are still things I am discovering. Terrific mouse!
  5. Thank you, for adding it back in. I was thinking of using it recently for a setup I wanted to do, when I went to create a bind - it wasn't there. I thought I was mis-remembering and it was never there. Glad i wasn't wrong and it is coming back.
  6. For a minute there I thought you painted your Z . I thought it looked cool , until I realized it was the lighting .Wouldn't mind having it look like that for real
  7. I too had problems accidentally hitting the larger fingertip buttons, and I do not want to use the smaller ones. My solution to this was to raise the contact points of the left and right mouse buttons by adding a thick foam type material with double face tape. It works great , I can easily hit the left and right mouse buttons without hitting the tip buttons and curl my fingers to hit the fingertip. It looks rough right now but it works. When find a better alternative like a very thick grip tape I'll work on it.
  8. As a hardcore trackball user for the last 20 years, I avoided using mouses unless I had no option. Recently I have tried Logitech G700s, Roccat Tyon and G403. Recently I just discovered the Swiftpoint Z and loved it. The main features that mattered to me are: It is the only mouse I know of in which you can access 8 of the many buttons with just the index and middle finger. All the mouses have their extra buttons on the edges and require stretching fingers laterally to reach them most of the time. The button programming are deep and intuitive. Love how I can configure any keys a
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