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  1. What @CodeBerry said - I got an e-mail from Indiegogo
  2. I got the e-mail about the Tracer and thought, "new Z software at last?" I hop on to ask the question and it's already been asked and confirmed! I'm happy @Bryce Will it finally be possible to re-order profiles/sub-profiles and be able to export/import sub-profiles without having to mess with the export file?
  3. It is possible but VERY clunky! During the beta testing I requested the ability to be put in the software so that sub-profiles could be exported and then imported to a location of your choice but this has not been implemented. At the moment you would have to export your profiles and then open the exported file (it's just text) and then copy your sub-profile to the right level that you want it and then import the new main profile. Doing it this way it is possible to export a sub-profile, provide it to someone else or for another machine but you'd then have to export the profiles on that machine and ticker with the file to slot in your new profile. As I said VERY clunky. There is also a wording error in the import options - see: As I said VERY clunky.
  4. Any idea when the 'next big update' will be?
  5. I think it's possible to make a toggle command so that on one press the function is held and on the next press it releases
  6. I made a quick tutorial awhile ago: The software always reverts to the last profile edited - so if 'Desktop' was your last then it will revert to that when the software starts. It can be useful but also a pain if you forget to set your default profile as the last one edited. Best way (IMHO) is to create 2 basic profiles - 1st Person and 3rd Person - and set them up for whatever keys you want. Then change the game key bindings to match the mouse. If you then find a game that you want to do something special with (like a deep click zoom) thencreate a sub=profile and just programme that one function.
  7. Many mice are not allowed to be used competitively because of macros etc too
  8. I believe that the left click can't be bound to anything other than left click because of what it does in Windows/Mac so the deep click would be the way to go.
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