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  1. I think it's possible to make a toggle command so that on one press the function is held and on the next press it releases
  2. I made a quick tutorial awhile ago: The software always reverts to the last profile edited - so if 'Desktop' was your last then it will revert to that when the software starts. It can be useful but also a pain if you forget to set your default profile as the last one edited. Best way (IMHO) is to create 2 basic profiles - 1st Person and 3rd Person - and set them up for whatever keys you want. Then change the game key bindings to match the mouse. If you then find a game that you want to do something special with (like a deep click zoom) thencreate a sub=profile and just programme that one function.
  3. Many mice are not allowed to be used competitively because of macros etc too
  4. I believe that the left click can't be bound to anything other than left click because of what it does in Windows/Mac so the deep click would be the way to go.
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