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  1. Unfortunately this isn't possible, but you can make dpi profiles which you can then change
  2. Are you using FastBoot Fast Boot can cause issues with drivers, for example my old Corsair k95 won't work with fast boot enabled
  3. I know it sounds kind of obvious, but did you activate auto Profile switching?
  4. As already stated, you are most likely destroying one pair of the feet with that and the mouse isn't as rock stable as it normally is on the mouse pad, which kind of defeats it's purpose, but you could try using the higher lift off setting in the driver, but I would also suppose it would decrease the accuracy of the sensor
  5. Thats's because you have both kinds of feet attached at the same time, which you shouldnt do(as stated in the manual) because it kills the mouse feet(the one you put the others on top others and that elevates the mouse over the detection range of the sensor, which is completely intentional
  6. If you insert either the lock-out-feet or the Tilt-feet the mouse should work properly, you shouldnt use it without either of them since you need some kind of glide base. But I still dont understand what you mean with "I rather like the feel of the mouse lifted."
  7. Which mouse feet do you mean The glide pads or the flight Stick extender?
  8. As I already stated in another comment answering a rant of yours: "if you would provide some system information besides "IT SUCKS" someone could maybe help you, a lot of problems are either caused by the user(most of the time unwillingly) or certain hardware configs
  9. the software is not generally broken, for me for example it works It might be that there is a certain issue with your configuration of sort, so if you would provide a little bit more background info than just: "this shit!!", maybe someone could help you
  10. you mean something like a perfectly fitted mouse for your hand? Well that would cost a bit And I dont know what you do with your mouse, but I have a hell lot of old mouses and none of them shows any wear on the coating
  11. first of all: not everyone plays GTA(I dont for example) and in that term I can only assume, so your attitude is not really helpfull Second: a "digital" keypress can never work as an analog one, so instead of binding "w" there, bind the controller key there and tell the game to use the controller input
  12. There should be a button similar to this
  13. I don't know if thats the same problem, but when I'm in the browser(Vivaldi) sometimes the scrolling just gets stuck, no difference whether with I scroll with the scroll wheel or with a macro Could be the browser but if not the scroll problem seems to be driver sided
  14. The same thing occurs with alternate functions
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