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  1. Zeanon

    Mouse Wheel

    hm, seems indeed intentional. Than it should not be too big of a deal, I was just wondering if I or Amazon broke something on mine.
  2. Zeanon

    Mouse Wheel

    I'm quite sorry but this link wont give me any pictures and I cant read the texts.
  3. Zeanon

    Have different states of deep click?

    maybe putting a lmb release in front of the b4 and b6 macro?
  4. Zeanon

    Have different states of deep click?

    Do you mean, your macro mapping is gone?
  5. Zeanon

    Have different states of deep click?

    Glad that I could help you.
  6. Zeanon

    Have different states of deep click?

    there is the checkbox
  7. Zeanon

    Have different states of deep click?

    How I understand your problem is that you want to have B8 when you press 50% and B9 when pressing 65%. You can stop the mouse from actuating both actions by checking the block further outputs checkbox where you configure your release action.
  8. that for your information was just for everyone, just as a friendly recommendation. Since your post looked like you were putting the blame more on swiftpoints side than on Windows, I wanted to say that its Windows' fault and not Swiftpoint's. And as you see with the mouse driver: 1809 is not fine, it causes bugs. And about those bugs: I can tell you just a small portion of them: breaks Razers Controll Software, causes bugs with Corsair iCUE and a old K95, broke Gainward Expertool.
  9. Zeanon

    Mouse Wheel

    I know, that it has no side scroll, nevertheless the scrollwheel is not locked on the right side and can be tilted quite a bit so I asked whether this is intentional
  10. That support thing might be right, but the big companys have quite bad support as well(for example Asus, the support is just horrible[at least here in Germany], they are not friendly, they take long to answer and their driver updates are quite slow). Roccat support was just like: yeah not our problem, ask the seller when my tyon died. For me personally the most important thing is that the software works and causes no bugs(the software from my maximus X hero just killed my whole windows...[thats why I switched back to Asrock]) and the Z's software just worked right out of the box with no issues what so ever.
  11. I suppose this is more related to windows10 1809 since it is still not stable after all and causes a hell lot of bugs. The best solution would be to stay with 1709 or 1807(or is it 1803? I still use 1709). Also just for your information: never search for windows updates since this will give you Beta-Version
  12. Hi, I just got to go through the whole forum and I think it´s a shame how much negative feedback exists. The Z is an amazing piece of hardware and software I think, so I wonder why there is this amount of negative feedback. I personally have had a hell lot of other computer hardware from way bigger and/or more reputable brands, but with less quality standards(escpecially Roccat and Razer) and a hell lot worse software(Roccat again, Razer, Asus, Corsair for some instance, Mad Catz). I think the Z´s software has everything you really need(of course there are features which would be cool, but they are not nescessary). In my oppinion it´s way more important to have no major bugs, than to have every feature. And about the update problem: my Tyon got no software update for 2 whole years, despite major bugs.
  13. Zeanon

    Tilt as Scroll

    It would be quite interesting to see, if you could make the scrolling speed some kind of analog I tried mapping different speeds (more or less delay between scroll) to different angles, but that won't work
  14. Zeanon

    Mouse Wheel

    Hi, Just for the record, since I'm curious: is the mouse wheel supposed to be not really locked in place on the right side(if I push it to the left, it just lifts of there till it is stopped by the right mouse button)?