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  1. you mean something like a perfectly fitted mouse for your hand? Well that would cost a bit And I dont know what you do with your mouse, but I have a hell lot of old mouses and none of them shows any wear on the coating
  2. first of all: not everyone plays GTA(I dont for example) and in that term I can only assume, so your attitude is not really helpfull Second: a "digital" keypress can never work as an analog one, so instead of binding "w" there, bind the controller key there and tell the game to use the controller input
  3. There should be a button similar to this
  4. I don't know if thats the same problem, but when I'm in the browser(Vivaldi) sometimes the scrolling just gets stuck, no difference whether with I scroll with the scroll wheel or with a macro Could be the browser but if not the scroll problem seems to be driver sided
  5. The same thing occurs with alternate functions
  6. the software does not inject into the game, it just lets the mouse act as a keyboard as well, so why should you get banned for it, it's no cheat or anything like that, it's more or less just a keypad integrated in your mouse
  7. First: there was no driver update yet, so how would it be implemented. Second: it's not a nescessary feature because you can always switch via button hotkeys, it's just for the sake of comfort Third: The beta drivers are already on it, so yeah
  8. swiftpoint normally delivers what you pay for, so it either might be a mistake or (if yyou did not buy directly from them) someone else conne you
  9. Zeanon


    Version 1.0.0


    Hi, I recently just created a profile for Apex Legends Features: Deep clicking LMB will reload Deep Click RMB will zoom in on scope, deep clivking further will shoot Right Fingertip will open inventory and close it on release Left Fingertip will switch to second weapon, fire on deep click and reload on further deep click and switch to first weapon on release Front Edge will decrease DPI Rear Edge will increase DPI Left Trigger push will trigger Q Left Trigger pull will reload Right Trigger push will sprint Right Trigger pull will call ultimate Voice chat is mapped to B4 Melee is mapped to middle click middle deep click starts a loop tilt left switches to weapon 1 lilt right switches to weapon 2
  10. you can take those out and put the small ones in instead
  11. I don't know if that's stupid, but what if Swiftpoint hooked Linustechtips or HardwareCannucks up with a sample? The point is, Swiftpoint is not really a big company I suppose, so they don't get that much attention (I also found the mouse "by accident", when looking for a suitable replacement for my Roccat Tyon)
  12. Hey, I suppose the community is just very small, people normally don't buy a mouse for 170€ and Swiftpoint is not such a big company like Roccat, Corsair and so on, I personally have no intentions to keep the mouse to myself, maybe I'll make a tutorial (if I have some time to do so)... And yeah, you have to get used to the mouse (but that's normal)
  13. The problem is that it's too heavy and it has too many buttons.
  14. yeah that's for the joystick input
  15. maybe you need TocaEdit so that the mouse gets recognized by your game
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