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  1. The Qwerty thing is less of a Swiftpoint-Problem and more of a Windows-Problem, Razer has it as well for example, but there is an extremely easy workaround: if you are on qwertz and need a "y", just insert a "z" and vice versa for example And for the Windows driver, I don't really know what version you are using, but the one I have is pretty much bug free
  2. One way could be to assign a complex shortcut and the use an autohotkey script to catch said shortcut and open the software. Basically make a script, add it to autostart so it will always run in the background and use something like ctrl+shift+f24(if the Swiftpoint software let's you use f24) as the hotkey for example If needed I could write the script for you.
  3. Discord Hotkeys should also be global and not remove focus from the game. I eg. use Pause/Break as dc full mute and it works everywhere.
  4. You should be able to disable the controller part of the z and azero via the device manager to fix that problem
  5. @CodeBerryWhat I use the tilt in shooters for is weapon switching, which works extremely well
  6. I dont have an Azeron, but imo nothing can replace a proper Joystick, not even a Z unfortunately. The problem in this case, in games/simulations like SC or ED you need to be able to make rather precise movements and still be able to make "fast" ones too, so you need the big movement angle a Joystick offers. I have tried ED with Z and Keypad, with controller, just basic mouse control and with a Joystick and Keypad and the best results in overall stuff and especially combat came from the Joystick (but that also depends on the Joystick and it's centering mechanism). But I think, a ke
  7. You have yaw/pivot, even analog, as said. Here is the tutorial for it
  8. On kickstarter there is a project for a 6dof Joystick But rn I think the backing cost to receive one is around 1000$ Another way of getting 6dof is head tracking or as HoSaS setup. With only one device it is extremely difficult (obviously) and the Z still is a mouse and not a Joystick. Last but not least I get your problem with the naming(kind of) but if you just think for 10 seconds when assigning stuff it's not really a problem, at least I haven't had a problem with associating tilt left right with roll or tilt forward backwards with pitch.
  9. Well the naming makes sense, since both is right, yaw is a pivot-motion, and roll and pitch are tilting motions, so it is easier for people not that familiar with those terms. and having to assign a button for yaw/pivot kinda makes sense, since you should use it as a reset(because it is nearly impossible to keep the mouse in a 0° pivot all the time)
  10. As I stated above, have a look at the lexip mice: at least one of them features an analog thumb stick on the left side of the mouse and a tiltable base, which let's you use the whole mouse as a Joystick similar to the Z.
  11. As I already stated, I never said the DPad on the Tartarus is analog, the normal switches are(2.1mm of "analog" travel[256 states, so around 10nm per state]). I don't care whether you believe anyones marketing are what you consider crappy, I have a Tartarus pro in front of me and my personyl experience tells me, it works extremely well. What I did for example was taking the "WASD" keys(8, 12, 13 and 14 in that case) and assigned the left XBox stick to them, so now I can use that in overwatch to walk slower or faster, denpending on how far I press the key. Also maybe you should consider
  12. Ah ok, I thought you got "pre-fitted" ones But thanks nonetheless
  13. From which company were these mouse feet if I may ask?
  14. The current stable release is still the up to date version, for anything beyond that you have to apply as a beta tester, if you already are one there are instructions for the new update. You also can just easily import the old config files to the new version
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