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  1. The Qwerty thing is less of a Swiftpoint-Problem and more of a Windows-Problem, Razer has it as well for example, but there is an extremely easy workaround: if you are on qwertz and need a "y", just insert a "z" and vice versa for example And for the Windows driver, I don't really know what version you are using, but the one I have is pretty much bug free
  2. One way could be to assign a complex shortcut and the use an autohotkey script to catch said shortcut and open the software. Basically make a script, add it to autostart so it will always run in the background and use something like ctrl+shift+f24(if the Swiftpoint software let's you use f24) as the hotkey for example If needed I could write the script for you.
  3. You should be able to disable the controller part of the z and azero via the device manager to fix that problem
  4. @CodeBerryWhat I use the tilt in shooters for is weapon switching, which works extremely well
  5. I dont have an Azeron, but imo nothing can replace a proper Joystick, not even a Z unfortunately. The problem in this case, in games/simulations like SC or ED you need to be able to make rather precise movements and still be able to make "fast" ones too, so you need the big movement angle a Joystick offers. I have tried ED with Z and Keypad, with controller, just basic mouse control and with a Joystick and Keypad and the best results in overall stuff and especially combat came from the Joystick (but that also depends on the Joystick and it's centering mechanism). But I think, a keypad(in my case a Razer Tartarus Pro) can most definitely replace a second joystick/a throttle unit, because I would rather have all the important stuff like up/down and left/right, select target and so on reachable than a sliding throttle control (which I can't operate as fast/precisely as when just using two buttons in ED to control throttle, for whatever reason).
  6. You have yaw/pivot, even analog, as said. Here is the tutorial for it
  7. On kickstarter there is a project for a 6dof Joystick But rn I think the backing cost to receive one is around 1000$ Another way of getting 6dof is head tracking or as HoSaS setup. With only one device it is extremely difficult (obviously) and the Z still is a mouse and not a Joystick. Last but not least I get your problem with the naming(kind of) but if you just think for 10 seconds when assigning stuff it's not really a problem, at least I haven't had a problem with associating tilt left right with roll or tilt forward backwards with pitch.
  8. Well the naming makes sense, since both is right, yaw is a pivot-motion, and roll and pitch are tilting motions, so it is easier for people not that familiar with those terms. and having to assign a button for yaw/pivot kinda makes sense, since you should use it as a reset(because it is nearly impossible to keep the mouse in a 0° pivot all the time)
  9. As I stated above, have a look at the lexip mice: at least one of them features an analog thumb stick on the left side of the mouse and a tiltable base, which let's you use the whole mouse as a Joystick similar to the Z.
  10. As I already stated, I never said the DPad on the Tartarus is analog, the normal switches are(2.1mm of "analog" travel[256 states, so around 10nm per state]). I don't care whether you believe anyones marketing are what you consider crappy, I have a Tartarus pro in front of me and my personyl experience tells me, it works extremely well. What I did for example was taking the "WASD" keys(8, 12, 13 and 14 in that case) and assigned the left XBox stick to them, so now I can use that in overwatch to walk slower or faster, denpending on how far I press the key. Also maybe you should consider being less stubborn and just looking into things before you call anything crappy. And who talked about proprietary, Aimpad means, there are basic switches in there with an additional rangefinder under them, just measuring how far the key has been pressed and you can add certain stuff to that if you want. And yes, you could put more buttons on the thumb area of the Z, but you should also consider there needs to be space, where the mouse can be grabbed tightly so you can lift it of and use the gyroscope. the layout of thumb buttons is also highly personal, but a general thing is: it is way easier to navigate on something like the Saitek MMO7 or the Rocccat Tyon that on a Roccat Nyth or MMO TE. On the note of button stiffness: highly personal again, i for example prefer super light switches, since I dont hammer on my mouse and I still have a rat 5 and 7 around and I came to prefer the light keys of the Z. Last but not least: the ActionLock feature: you can do that with the Z's software. Like really I don't know what your problem is, you asked for a keypad device with more granular control than just basic key pressed or not. I told you a few products that offer exactly that, the stuff I told you was not based on marketing but on research, since the topic of analog keyboard switches fascinates me. For razer's "crappy" marketing: as I already told you, I have a Tartarus pro and the analog switches work, that has nothing to do with marketing, but with personal experience. I also never talked about the 4-way DPad on the Tartarus since that is clearly a 4-way DPad, but about the actual keys themselves (except for the DPad, the scroll wheel and the top most side button which are both micro switches, the other 20 keys[19 on top, one on the side for the thumb], that can detect 256 states of travel) And now on the analog matter: you were like: nothing from razer in Terms of keypads has analog functionality, which is right in the way that you can not send analog information over usb, only digital, but is wrong in the way, that they do not offer a keypad with the functionality that is commonly referred to as analog.
  11. Ah ok, I thought you got "pre-fitted" ones But thanks nonetheless
  12. From which company were these mouse feet if I may ask?
  13. The current stable release is still the up to date version, for anything beyond that you have to apply as a beta tester, if you already are one there are instructions for the new update. You also can just easily import the old config files to the new version
  14. As already stated and as Bryce mentioned in at least one post/tutorial, you can go into device manager and disable(not uninstall, just disable) the game controller HID associated with the Z. I also had to do this, because certain games like mirrors edge can not handle controller and mouse being connected at once and just go spinning, when there is a controller present
  15. You could technically remove the game controller function in device manager
  16. The interface itself is digital, which means, you can pass information in a very precise manner, lets say 16bit resolution, which feels like analog, due to the amount of states it has, but is not truely analog, since it is still something like let's say 256^256 states. Compare it with PWM and voltage controlled fans, the PWM ones are not analog, while voltage controlles ones are. And I never said, the Thumstick(DPad) of the Tartarus is analog, but the keys themselves on the upper side have 256 recoginzeable states over a travel of 2.2mm, which I would say that I am not able to distinctively press one exact state, so the work really well, to simulate let's say a thumbstick. What do you think, why Joystick manufacturers like VKB-Sim or Virpil advertise their sticks with 16bit resolution or more, would they do that, if they could use real analog, which has an unlimited amount of stages?
  17. If you are looking at it that way, nothing plugged in via USB is analog, since USB is a digital interface. That being said, you may believe Razer's marketing or not, that's on you, I belive what I am using and that is a Tartarus Pro which works extremely well for emulating the left controller stick e.g. You don't need to believe me, but there is no need, to damn things without testing. Also on the keypad side there is Coolermasters ControlPad with Aimpad Technology, which is "analog" as well in the matter, that it can detect how far the key is pressed, and you will not believe it, but that works.
  18. I don't think, using a analog stick on your mouse while plaing shooters would be a good idea, since it would be kind of hard to use it precisely when flicking around the mouse like hell. Also there is the Lexip mouse which has an analog thumb button. On the keypad side, you could get a tartarus pro and use the analog inputs, to put a controller stick on "WASD", which works surprisinglx and extremely well(I'm doing that in the games, that can handle simultaneous controller and mouse input)
  19. I have FS9/FS2004, which I could use to test a bit around, but you added the analog outputs to the mouse in the software, because otherwise it definitely will not work. Also an interesting behaviour I observed on elite dangerous with my Mad Catz FLY 5, deoending on the control preset you use to customize, it either takes the direct input from the joystick, going around the software(meaning, any macro/hotkey I bind in the Saitek Control software just gets ignored, even though they work anywhere else), which could also be the case with the Z and MS FS, so it might help, to either save it on the memory of the mouse and/or use a generic preset in MS FS and customize that instead of of selecting the pre configured "Z" control profile.
  20. But non rechargable batteries are also bad, cause they might fail on you right in a ranked match, so having a dock for charging seems to be better in my opinion
  21. The battery thingy would be easy: either make a rechargeable one via ab hub/cable or just remove the feet to access it, its just magnetic so super easy But a wireless one would make this rather heavy mouse even heavier
  22. I was just wondering, if there is a reason, why the cable cube or the folding mousepad for the pengrip mice are not available anymore(I also didnt know where to put this post so here it goes, since it's kinda related to the Z)
  23. Nope, it's a Z with less features for less money and it is lighter(less components = less weight), so if the Z is not too heavy for you and you already have one it would be a downgrade
  24. Well but those wont fit on the Z, since they are for a Lexip mouse My point is, I have a Roccat alumic(awesome pad btw XD), but it is a bit like sand paper, so ceramic feet would be better on that one, since they are way more robust. But I also need feet, which offer good stopping capabilities, not only good gliding.
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