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  1. Change the scroll wheel to scroll just one click instead of one page? Can you post your mouse's current configuration?
  2. https://community.swiftpoint.com/topic/17-swiftpoint-z-faqs-and-troubleshooting/
  3. You can try connecting it into a USB port directly on the computer, and/or move it to another USB port, preferably the ones behind the computer (directly to the motherboard).
  4. Explain exactly what you want to do, maybe a usage case to be clear. Sounds really dumb, but if you want to move the cursor, move the mouse...?
  5. Oh, I see. I use the short one as pictured. It is less intrusive.
  6. I don't think the vibration motor in The Z can be addressed as force feedback motor. It is used internally by The Z's firmware for it's exclusive use. Damir.
  7. What do you mean? Pictures? Are you pressing the fingertip buttons? If so, you can use the short fingertip button extension thingie. Damir.
  8. I have the old MX Master. It feels good in my hand, but the tracking and responsiveness... Yes, an aluminium mousepad, and I sand it down a bit with a nail file to smooth out the micro ridges.
  9. <Sarcasm> They do, it's called - run a virtualized Windows 10 session, then passthrough the mouse to it to configure it. </Sarcasm>
  10. This is my config: Right Fingertip on release is Play/Pause. Right Fingertip deep click 30% is Next Track. Right Fingertip deep click 50% is Prev Track. I want to add a new action, while the fingertip is down, and I scroll down or up, I can change the volume BUT I do not want to trigger the Play/Pause. Usually I can use the "Block any other output" checkbox within the config window, but apparently I can't, it is not available. But if I think about it, adding the Block any other output, it will only scroll once before I need to release the fingertip... Dilema... Damir.
  11. Can you elaborate? You can't change profile or DPI when you put the mouse height? You mean when you tilt the mouse? Write your post in french, then use google translate on it, google translate will mostly convey the meaning of your sentence.
  12. I finally changed the rubber inserts using 3M Safety Walk grip tape. I use the 200 series (type 220 to be exact). Slip-resistant Fine Resilient Tapes and Treads, clear colored.
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