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  1. Damir

    The Z + Non-slip stickers

    Similar route to mine... Damir.
  2. <Sarcasm> They do, it's called - run a virtualized Windows 10 session, then passthrough the mouse to it to configure it. </Sarcasm>
  3. This is my config: Right Fingertip on release is Play/Pause. Right Fingertip deep click 30% is Next Track. Right Fingertip deep click 50% is Prev Track. I want to add a new action, while the fingertip is down, and I scroll down or up, I can change the volume BUT I do not want to trigger the Play/Pause. Usually I can use the "Block any other output" checkbox within the config window, but apparently I can't, it is not available. But if I think about it, adding the Block any other output, it will only scroll once before I need to release the fingertip... Dilema... Damir.
  4. Damir

    Change Movement Dpi ?

    Can you elaborate? You can't change profile or DPI when you put the mouse height? You mean when you tilt the mouse? Write your post in french, then use google translate on it, google translate will mostly convey the meaning of your sentence.
  5. Quite grippy It does what I need it to do.
  6. I finally changed the rubber inserts using 3M Safety Walk grip tape. I use the 200 series (type 220 to be exact). Slip-resistant Fine Resilient Tapes and Treads, clear colored.
  7. If I put a magnet on the body of The Z, the rubber grip tape part would be very thick. Though it is a good idea. I'm currently looking into 3M 610 grip tape, I wanted to see if it can work for me...
  8. Damir


    Sorry, no...
  9. Damir


    I use it on my mac, for productivity. Mission Control switching (by gestures, mind you), media control (multi deep click stages), full screen zoom, things in that nature. Damir.
  10. Damir


    Indeed... Hahahah. Damir.
  11. Hi, anyone has any suggestions about a replacement tape (?) for the rubber strip on the side grips? Mine is slippery. I've browsed the web, youtube, and other websites, suggesting a grip tape for guns (IIRC) or grip tape for hockey use. Maybe someone here has a suggestion... Thank you in advance, Damir.
  12. Damir


    It's not dead, yet it is not alive with users discussing things either... Damir.
  13. If you need to use right click's normal behaviour, I think you need to make the "normal right click" as a "deeper click". If the normal right click happens BEFORE the "deep click", it will always trigger the normal right click... Damir.
  14. Yeah, I tried that... Currently it's not good enough. Oh well, I just need to flick it fast enough. Damir.
  15. @Tuudi I'm testing this now... Edit: The wait does not do what I need it to do. I need the "Wait" to break the whole cycle IF the Tilt is over 1.5 degrees. This config only delayed the scroll right process. My current setup is as such: