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    War Thunder 2 Separate files for Planes and Tanks for Realistic. As in the file, Right Trigger Pull will change between Plane/Tank profiles for quick access. PLANE: Bombs- 4 Rockets- 5 Flaps Down- ] or } Flaps Up- [ or { Machinegun- 1 Cannon- 2 TANKS: Scope- Left Shift Binocular- V Spot- Y Machingun- Space Additional Gun- / or ? First Ammo Type- 1 Second Ammo Type- 2 Third Ammo Type- 3 (Bottom Thumb Press- DPI Set 100 from 1500) The File "profile.config.blk" is the control setting from my War Thunder. First picture is for planes. Second and Third picture is for Tanks. Change however you want if you need. I might post a profile for Helicopter and Naval, as well as Simulator Mode for Air. profile.config.blk
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