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  1. LOL Okay, I just found the solution myself. In a desperate attempt I exported all my mappings to a file and then selected "Clear and Reset Settings in Driver and Mouse". Being asked if I want to load the default mappings, I chose yes. Then it took some time until the mouse got reconnected. I performed a test of mapping keystrokes: works again! I imported my old mappings: works again too! ____________ Bottom line: aaaaall is fine again. Huh. Okay! 😄 I'll leave this thread to sink into the archives. Maybe one day it helps someone else.
  2. Hey there, so far my Z has performed quite nice, but lately when I want to map keystrokes to mouse buttons - like the pause key or backspace or a simple letter like "C" - they are just not being sent anymore. No matter if I select "Tap" or assign "Press" to the press event, plus "Release" to the release action, it just doesn't do anything anymore. Mapping of mouse buttons still works just fine, so the hardware is "ok" - as does stuff like vibration, etc. Only key presses as output actions are affected - including every possible type, even media keys. As far as I remember I didn't change anything, so I'm a bit lost about what to check. I just ran the installer for the driver again and selected "repair", but didn't change anything. Anyone experienced this and knows a solution? Or maybe some suggestion what I could try next? Thanks!
  3. Thanks for the tutorial. Anyhow, I got two questions: Regarding "We will be adding Xinput support to the Z in the future" Considering it's been 2 years since that statement: Are we there yet? Could you give any ETA? I once used the solution mentioned above to get rid of the dead zone in GTA Online, but people told me I could get banned for placing stuff (like foreign DLLs) within the game's folder. Can you confirm or deny this claim? I'd very much like to use tilt left/right to steer in GTA Online - but I really wouldn't like to get banned for it. Thanks for any heads-up you can give!
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