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  1. HAHA, Perfect analogy for my over-all experience. After working on this problem way too F'ing long, after I finally break down and go to the forum to ask for help (even though that seems mostly futile) FIVE MINS later, I have a massive break-thru that easily solves my problem and makes me feel really stupid, for not seeing it B4
  2. Hey Fugly, could you pass on where you gathered the information to be able to make the loop in the first place? I've figured out where it is in the menu, but I can't get my equations to work the way I want. Thx in advance.
  3. I think he's talking about lifting the mouse up of the surface to go into configure mode. If your answer hasn't been solved yet, you may need to set it to go into configuration mode when picked up at the 30 degree angle.
  4. No, I don't really care anymore. This is from two weeks ago. I've moved on. Go ahead and spout some salty reply if it makes you feel better, but I just honestly don't have to f's to give about this topic anymore. Nothing personal; in fact let me say this; you're 100% right about everything. -Cheers.
  5. I know this is an old and dead thread, but could you possibly tell me how to set time delays between actions? I have this yellow cursor that I think maybe be for that, but the software doesn't allow me to set it? I drag the cursor over and it just snaps back. It's gotta be for something or it wouldn't be there haha. Thanks.
  6. I love the mouse, but the learning curve is a bit steep because their layout choices are a bit un-intuitive; to me that its, it may make perfect sense to others. That started me off on the wrong foot and at first I wasn't real impressed. I wanted to jump in and be playing Fortnite within an hour and it didn't go that way. So I tried to find resources online, and couldn't really find anything beyond a couple user videos that didn't get in too deep. Although the one that did have a walk thru of setting up a deep click is what I've built my entire epistemology around so far haha. I actually contacted support thinking maybe I had missed a resource site somewhere, and while it did take a few days to get back to me, and I'd already replied calling off the request; they still sent back a really well written and conceived welcome letter, and invitation to call for help with setup questions whenever I wanted. They also remarked about how they agreed that a series of tutorials would be beneficial and fairly easy to procure and insisted they would look into it, and work harder toward providing more resources for noobs. Getting back a real email from a real person felt like Swiftpoint's biggest innovation yet. But back to the lack of content online; do you think the community is trying to keep the Z to themselves? Maybe they don't want people to know how amazing it is? Let's be honest; It does give you an advantage in certain games. Maybe players don't want their name attached to that, or to let the competition know their using one? Or perhaps the community is just really small? I'd love to hear other users opinions on that. My first day using the Z, I cussed Swiftpoint fairly often, but once I finally got the magic flowing, and communicated with customer support, I wager high that I'll be a custie for life. Now if I could just get it to stop triggering a random "t" at my cursor when I'm writing? t
  7. Or perhaps the community wants to keep this little treasure a secret as much as possible? That would explain the lack of youtube walkthru's and reviews. There are some, but nothing really in the big scheme of things. Cheap Huwaii phones have a bigger communities on YT Haha!
  8. I finally figured it out. Tho I understood that you start with global and add or take away what you need, and tho I also started a new profile for the game I was designing bindings around; regardless of all that; the software kept reverting to the 'Desktop' profile for whatever reason. Once that was discovered, things became fairly simple, tho I still have a lot of work to do. I do think it's a shame that such an incredible device has gotten so little promotion. I understand swiftpoint is a fledgling company, but it they were half as innovative with their marketing and community reach-out, as they have been with their amazing gear; I think they'd be twice as successful as they today. There are a lot of people that are intimidated by the software and device; I wasn't one of them, but for a few hours I became one! Haha There should be droves of friendly, easy and cheap to make videos flooding Youtube, but I didn't find a single vid that sits you down and walks you thru the pitfalls of the set up or even gloats about the joys of many innovations. Maybe when I get a handle on all this, perhaps I'll give it a shot and put my money where my mouth its
  9. Nope, Now my right sight won't even sight in, no matter what gun I use. I've tried resetting everything, and it just won't work. Time to uninstall reinstall? Idk, very disappointed. Intuitive my arse.
  10. PS When I've tried to download other's profiles to try them out; after I download them, Windows asks me what app I want to open them. I would assume it would be the Swift Software, but it doesn't give me that option?
  11. Woohoo! Thankfully I spoke too soon. I've had a bit of a break thru finally haha, and finally have my right button sighting in & crouching. Hopefully I can suss out the rest fairly quickly. Still if anyone knows of any thorough indepth dives into the in's and outs of the software managment, I'd love a recommendation if you have one. Thanks in advance.
  12. Got the swift today and am fairly proficient with tech, but tho I'm setting things up like others are, I just can't get any results in game. Even simply setting my right click to were I crouch when sighting in is proving impossible. I've been at it two hours and would really like to start gaming. I can assign buttons regular actions like the knuckle buttons to place walls ect, but what I really care about is the deep clicks and I can't seem to set them up properly. I'm getting really frustrated. The software keeps crashing as well, and I have a feeling support is basically nonexistent. There has to be a solid tutorial out there somewhere? Cool community tho. Thanks in advance.
  13. I know this is an old thread, but as a multi-instrumentalist, who was prescribed gaming recently in my late 30's by my neurologist for a severe memory issue (short-term amnesia) I have only been playing a few months, after a lifetime of never gaming. Finding this mouse has been huge for me, because it allows me to use my right hand skills from piano and classical guitar, in gaming. I've come a long way fairly quickly already and this mouse is letting me fly as you suggested. Oh, and my memory issues; since I started playing FN as a total noob, and now Sea of Thieves and Apex; it's been a miraculous turn around. Video games have literally saved my life! Cheers
  14. He didn't just make that up??? You can't use macros in most professional gaming scenarios, unless you're playing a game where macros are essential to game play. They are not in FPS's, in fact they could be consider a cheat by some, and that's why they aren't used in pro tournaments. You should google the bylaws of pro fps tournaments before calling people liars. Do your own homework too; that way you'll retain the information more effectively.
  15. I have my ramp on my bottom thumb, wall top thumb, and floor on right last knuckle and can to sprinting ramp rushes, ramp/floor/wall, all day long. It's not awkward, it just takes some getting used to. Once you have the muscle memory, like everything else; it becomes second nature. GL EDIT! Big OOPS! I realize what you're saying now. You can't just go into fortnite's settings and tell your middle knuckle button to build a floor. You have to go the long route and code it basically. Sorry I didn't read closely enough and I'm going to just leave this post up here,tttt in case the next dumbass that comes along thinks about doingt the same thing on a long dead thread haha. Thanks for your share btw!
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