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  1. To anyone who recently has been playing Sekiro, that game also has this issue and it took me forever to realize I needed to unplug the mouse to get my XB1 controller to work.
  2. Thanks for the replies. I do like the idea of making the left and right click thicker, cool idea. I have some rubber square chair feet I think I will try those out. I came up with this. They work out great and they can easily be removed leaving no sticky residue.
  3. So we have large and small fingertip button caps to pick from. And while it's great that they gave us these options I do still wish there was a medium size cap. The large for me are just way too easy to click accidentally. So I've been using the small which work fine, but it seems like the little top part that's like a head should be larger. I was wondering if anyone has done any modifications to the caps? Like made the large buttons smaller (I was thinking about cutting them) or made the small buttons feel slightly larger? Or if anyone has any ideas on how to modify them a bit it would b
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