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  1. I am very much enjoying the z mouse and am messing around on a private server looking forward to wow classic. My gameplay has improved already but I think there is more. For example the button press that also has a possible action on release of said button, would that work for example with a macro that requires two button taps (because of the global cool down) like a cast sequence macro? I love the tilt controls but I don't use them to strafe so to free up mouse looking while strafing, playing as a warrior I use tilts to change stances with macro'd abilities like shield block and recklessness. Its a bit sensitive so I have been adjusting it from 1.2> 1.7 >2 etc I want to slightly lift the front of the mouse for berserker maybe or thunderclap but I haven't been able to get that to work yet. Please share ny awesome uses for this great mouse with wow thankyou
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