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  1. Yes there is a community run server, although there are couple of SP staff member aswell there. https://discord.gg/S5qcDSf
  2. If you want to bypass lower angles you could put the outputs into the return of the tilt instead of the activation point and having stop further outputs checked on the return of the angles past the first one to prevent activation of outputs of lower angles when returnign the mouse to zero angle. Also putting different vibrations to activation points would propably help detrimine on which tilt angle you are at.
  3. Tuudi

    Macro Help

    You're able to configure the press and release of a button independently, so if you have a loop on the press you can add stop looping command to the release of a button. This would make it so on press the loop keeps looping and on release it will stop.
  4. Have you used "save mappings to permanent memory on mouse", if you haven't then the mouse is using the default settings that are on the permanent memory as just changing settings in the driver doesn't save them on the mouse so those could be used without the driver present.
  5. If you mean a physical button, you need to have a press output instead of tap. If you mean tapping a physical button and the mouse holding the bound button/key to it then there a couple of ways to go about it: 1. You need to disable the mouses feature to auto release pressed buttons when there is no interaction between the mouse and the user, then you simply set a button with press of a button/key without release output. You should have a button to also for release any buttons/keys that that you've set up without release or you might not be able to use them. 2. You can make infinte repeat of button/key press, you will also need a button for breaking the loop. With this method you don't need to disable the auto button release feature of the mouse.
  6. Switching your output from press to release of the input should produce the desired outcome.
  7. In short it's by desing not a bug and not something that needs fixing. It means your output command is lacking thus preventing you from adding new outputs untill you finish with that one. So just selecting sub category of keys and then the actual key will make the red line go away.
  8. Maybe this thread can give you some ideas for solutions: Pink rest add-on
  9. Oh, well sadly that isn't possible at current state(don't know if that could be added to the driver though). Only way to cut the side scrollin would be by adding an other tilt degree over the 1.5 degree with the delay and loop breaking in it.
  10. You want to add loop break with skip wait to the begining of the config mode as well as at the release of the 1.5 degree tilt, otherwise the scrolling won't stop.
  11. From another thread reguearding the same issue from issues and bug reports section:
  12. @Mick81 you'd need to download this profile: Editable LMB to be able to reconfigure the LMB.
  13. @Zeanon for analog speed adjustment I'd suggest using mouse movement as input instead of tilting. Unless you want go through making multiple tilt angles with different ammount of lines scrolled.
  14. You'll need to add repeat after the scroll for it to work(and maybe a wait if it's too fast without one). The order should be: scroll -> wait(optional) -> repeat
  15. That must've been one of the prototype mouse from the kickstarter/indiegogo videos, as all the production mouses are black.
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