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  1. Yes, that is intentional, the Stop Looping command will be executed as long as the input is active. So the proper way to use it is to have it in a release(in this case, if you can start your second loop in release you could stop your first one in press/threshold) or on a seperate input.
  2. There's option in the driver to recalibrate your gyroscope.
  3. It might be that your mouse is self adjusting the gyro, so disabling the auto-zeroing from that profile and then zeroing it to match your desk will propably solve this issue.
  4. In this case it would block outputs from both buttons untill right trigger push is physically released, as after triggering 'Block Further Outputs' any output from the nested buttons and the parent are blocked untill the parent is released physically. Though pressing any other button while the right trigger push is still held when output blocking is active doesn't prevent them from functioning. As a little example how this works, we'll add a third button to your configuration, bottom thumb button nested into the nested left click: So let's skip straight to the point where 'Block Furt
  5. Well for starters nested inputs can only be used while the parent input is hold and nesting the parent input to its self just triggers both inputs as it was one input, unless it's behind an other input like in your first screenshot, but in that case as soon you press left button it also triggers the third input of right trigger push. Also it's pointless to nest the same button as first child input instead of using the parent input to configure the button, for the reason I just explained. Also 'Stop Further Outputs' will prevent out putting any more outputs from the button and any nested o
  6. Well I don't personally use the analog output, so can't say that I have any experience with it, but I think it's actually meant to be used with tilt and not deep click so that might be the issue. Here's a link to the @Bryce post on Z guides section which explains it: Although I guess you could always post in the Z request/feedback section about the analog outputs compatibility with deep clicking.
  7. So here's a simple example with two outpts, so if you just tap the button, so it doesn't reach the 50% force treshold for the deep click, it will output number 1 and when deep clicked it will output number 2 and skip number 1 on button release. Also worth a notice that there won't be any other outputs until you release the physical button, that is how the stop further outputs works. How the release looks, notice the checkbox to stop further outputs: And here's a screenshot with four outputs with increasing vibration force to tell yooou which output your getting(you could also a
  8. That is exactly how it's meant to work, even tilt, one way to have multi output do single select output button is to use button releases instead of presses. You could also add vibration to the press of the output to know which output you are giving, not nessesary for the regular tap but for the deep clicks. Also you'll need to block further outputs when doing this so you don't output the other outputs also, not nessesary to add this to the regular tap, again. Hope that's clear enough, though if not let me know and I can take some screenshot to clarify it.
  9. You'll first need to disable the 'Auto-Release Outputs' from general setting page of the profile you want to use your toggle button on. Then to make a toggle button you use 'Alternate' to switch between button/key press and release on the same button.
  10. Yes there is a community run server, although there are couple of SP staff member aswell there. https://discord.gg/S5qcDSf
  11. If you want to bypass lower angles you could put the outputs into the return of the tilt instead of the activation point and having stop further outputs checked on the return of the angles past the first one to prevent activation of outputs of lower angles when returnign the mouse to zero angle. Also putting different vibrations to activation points would propably help detrimine on which tilt angle you are at.
  12. Tuudi

    Macro Help

    You're able to configure the press and release of a button independently, so if you have a loop on the press you can add stop looping command to the release of a button. This would make it so on press the loop keeps looping and on release it will stop.
  13. Have you used "save mappings to permanent memory on mouse", if you haven't then the mouse is using the default settings that are on the permanent memory as just changing settings in the driver doesn't save them on the mouse so those could be used without the driver present.
  14. If you mean a physical button, you need to have a press output instead of tap. If you mean tapping a physical button and the mouse holding the bound button/key to it then there a couple of ways to go about it: 1. You need to disable the mouses feature to auto release pressed buttons when there is no interaction between the mouse and the user, then you simply set a button with press of a button/key without release output. You should have a button to also for release any buttons/keys that that you've set up without release or you might not be able to use them. 2. You can make infi
  15. Switching your output from press to release of the input should produce the desired outcome.
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