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  1. Oh, well sadly that isn't possible at current state(don't know if that could be added to the driver though). Only way to cut the side scrollin would be by adding an other tilt degree over the 1.5 degree with the delay and loop breaking in it.
  2. You want to add loop break with skip wait to the begining of the config mode as well as at the release of the 1.5 degree tilt, otherwise the scrolling won't stop.
  3. Tuudi

    The Z does not report @1000Hz?

    From another thread reguearding the same issue from issues and bug reports section:
  4. Tuudi

    single shot autofire

    @Mick81 you'd need to download this profile: Editable LMB to be able to reconfigure the LMB.
  5. Tuudi

    Tilt as Scroll

    @Zeanon for analog speed adjustment I'd suggest using mouse movement as input instead of tilting. Unless you want go through making multiple tilt angles with different ammount of lines scrolled.
  6. Tuudi

    Bug in Keypad= mapping

    Seems that the '=' doesn't input anythign in text editor and in calculator it inputs '5' instead '='.
  7. Tuudi

    Tilt as Scroll

    You'll need to add repeat after the scroll for it to work(and maybe a wait if it's too fast without one). The order should be: scroll -> wait(optional) -> repeat
  8. Tuudi


    That must've been one of the prototype mouse from the kickstarter/indiegogo videos, as all the production mouses are black.
  9. Tuudi

    Copy profile into a subprofile?

    Currently it isn't possible to copy buttons from one profile to another. But when you make a sub profile it inherits all the settings done in it's parent profile untill you overdrive any you feel you want to change. This includes hardware settings and all buttons individually.
  10. Tuudi

    Need Help, Love Mouse

    What your after is propably something like this: On the screen shot above you would switch to the Building mode and keep tapping the lmb indefinetely. You might want to add some Waits there before tapping and before repeat if needed. Also I guess note worthy is this is on the mouse button press. On this screenshot you will break the loop from the press of the button in the release of the button as well as switching back to your weapon.
  11. In the screenshot above, pushing left trigger runs throught the macro(inputs 1-6) waits for 10 seconds and then runs the macro starting from input 1 through 6 and repeat. As the times it repeat here is left 0 it will run this indefinetely untill either broke out by an other button press(or maybe on left trigger push realease) or when profile is changed.
  12. The output number chosen in repeat function is the output you want the loop to begin from not a single output you want to repeat. Also you'd need to add a 10 scond wait before the repeat, since you can't define a wait time into the repeat function.
  13. Tuudi

    middle mouse button stopped working

    I'd suggest to mail them at [email protected] since it sounds like a mechanical defect and they propably and get you a replacement for it.
  14. That should work if your using the default profiles in your mouse and to be exact you need to tilt the mouse 25 degree to right. If you aren't using the default profiles or have removed the tilt input from the default global profile or you have override them in any sub profiles then the profile switching won't work.
  15. Tuudi

    How do I change dpi?

    You can find it in the general settings next to all mappings named: "<profilename> settings".
  16. In short, you can't use keyboard keys to alter the Zs button bindings. But you can "sacrifice" one of Zs buttons as altering button if you really need to have one. The other way would be to make sub profile that can be accessed back and forth easily.
  17. Tuudi

    Driver Feature Requests

    You know there's a section for this kind of posts, although it's only visible for logged in users. https://community.swiftpoint.com/forum/25-z-suggestions-feedback/
  18. Tuudi

    how to output Zirkumflex / ^

    In text string out put Alt+0 = ^, at least for me but I couldn't produce zirkumflex from any of the symbol keys without and with any combination with shift- and alt-keys. If you want to output just the symbol as a key stroke it seems it's not available at the time in the symbols menu for keys.
  19. Tuudi

    swap left and right mouse buttons

    Currently it's not possible to remap the base of left mouse button. But it could be in a future driver update.
  20. As far as I know there's single pressure sensor in the mouse which is only able to differentiate left and right sides, so if your holding right mouse button you'll trigger the right finger tip buttons deep click easier, as well the middle mouse clicks, and vise versa.
  21. Version 1.1.0


    This profile lets keyboard shortcuts to be executed using just the Z, it also includes media player controls, basic browser controls and Z setting functions.
  22. Tuudi

    Button wireframe diagram

    These are from the Z backers facebook page. I didn't make them but I guess why not to share them over here too.
  23. Tuudi

    about loop from function

    It might be that instant is just too fast execution for the program you are using the loop with, so adding an other wait command before the repeat might fix this, like 10ms wait or you could even try 1ms but that propably wouldn't change the behavior from current much.
  24. Tuudi

    General gaming

    Version 1.0.1


    My personal all around game profile to play basically anything. The thumb buttons don't have anything bind to them as i prefer to use them for voice chat and other stuff, which can be checked from my desktop profile.
  25. Tuudi

    How to make everything else!!!

    You could have the "tab" as tap there as it does the same thing as press and release, that would be the more effecient way to do it by the on board memory wise. Also even though there is failsafe for releasing held down buttons/keys in the mouse it would be propper practice to have a release output for buttons/keys unless you intentionally want/need to have buttons held down even after you release the physical button pressed. But having alt release in the release of your current setup propably would not work as you intended any more. You could also just remove the left click from the release and use the actual left click as you have the alt tab set to right side, or you could use one of the fingertip buttons with deep click. Regular click = previous window, deep click = selecting which window to make active