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  1. If you want to bypass lower angles you could put the outputs into the return of the tilt instead of the activation point and having stop further outputs checked on the return of the angles past the first one to prevent activation of outputs of lower angles when returnign the mouse to zero angle.

    Also putting different vibrations to activation points would propably help detrimine on which tilt angle you are at.

  2. You're able to configure the press and release of a button independently, so if you have a loop on the press you can add stop looping command to the release of a button.

    This would make it so on press the loop keeps looping and on release it will stop.

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  3. If you mean a physical button, you need to have a press output instead of tap.

    If you mean tapping a physical button and the mouse holding the bound button/key to it then there a couple of ways to go about it:

    1. You need to disable the mouses feature to auto release pressed buttons when there is no interaction between the mouse and the user, then you simply set a button with press of a button/key without release output. You should have a button to also for release any buttons/keys that that you've set up without release or you might not be able to use them.

    2. You can make infinte repeat of button/key press, you will also need a button for breaking the loop. With this method you don't need to disable the auto button release feature of the mouse.

  4. 1 hour ago, Damir said:

    I need the "Wait" to break the whole cycle IF the Tilt is over 1.5 degrees.

    Oh, well sadly that isn't possible at current state(don't know if that could be added to the driver though). Only way to cut the side scrollin would be by adding an other tilt degree over the 1.5 degree with the delay and loop breaking in it.

  5. From another thread reguearding the same issue from issues and bug reports section:

    On 8/1/2018 at 8:49 AM, Bryce said:

    The Z's USB update rate is 1000Hz, and its optical sensor is also capable of a consistent 1ms response time. However, unlike most other mice there is a lot more going on in the Z’s firmware than just optical sensor reporting and handling of a few button inputs. So the overall report rate will depend on what else the Z’s firmware is processing. For example OLED display modes like “Tilt Angles” and “Deep Click Forces” which are updated dynamically will have an effect on the report rate (noticeable to a rate checking tool, though probably not to most users). Firmware updates since the Z’s initial release have also affected the Z's report rate. With some updates having a performance cost, and others including optimizations to counteract this.

    We are aware that the Z’s report rate can be lower than 1000Hz, and keeping it as close to 1000Hz as possible is important to us. Though, currently our top priorities are adding long requested features. If the community disagrees we can re-evaluate this, and move further optimizations above other planned feature updates and fixes.

    This is obviously not a solution to the above, but as the question was raised by @gasknr, a polling rate cap option will be available in an upcoming driver/firmware release. Not the next one (expected to be out within the fortnight), but the one after that.


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  6. What your after is propably something like this:


    On the screen shot above you would switch to the Building mode and keep tapping the lmb indefinetely. You might want to add some Waits there before tapping and before repeat if needed. Also I guess note worthy is this is on the mouse button press.


    On this screenshot you will break the loop from the press of the button in the release of the button as well as switching back to your weapon.

  7. 9 hours ago, Dirty_Jester said:

    Hello, that does not work for me :( I lift it and click but nothing happens :( 

    That should work if your using the default profiles in your mouse and to be exact you need to tilt the mouse 25 degree to right.

    If you aren't using the default profiles or have removed the tilt input from the default global profile or you have override them in any sub profiles then the profile switching won't work.

  8. In text string out put Alt+0 = ^, at least for me but I couldn't produce zirkumflex from any of the symbol keys without and with any combination with shift- and alt-keys.

    If you want to output just the symbol as a key stroke it seems it's not available at the time in the symbols menu for keys.

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