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  1. 9 hours ago, Dirty_Jester said:

    Hello, that does not work for me :( I lift it and click but nothing happens :( 

    That should work if your using the default profiles in your mouse and to be exact you need to tilt the mouse 25 degree to right.

    If you aren't using the default profiles or have removed the tilt input from the default global profile or you have override them in any sub profiles then the profile switching won't work.

  2. In text string out put Alt+0 = ^, at least for me but I couldn't produce zirkumflex from any of the symbol keys without and with any combination with shift- and alt-keys.

    If you want to output just the symbol as a key stroke it seems it's not available at the time in the symbols menu for keys.

  3. It might be that instant is just too fast execution for the program you are using the loop with, so adding an other wait command before the repeat might fix this, like 10ms wait or you could even try 1ms but that propably wouldn't change the behavior from current much.

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  4. You could have the "tab" as tap there as it does the same thing as press and release, that would be the more effecient way to do it by the on board memory wise.

    Also even though there is failsafe for releasing held down buttons/keys in the mouse it would be propper practice to have a release output for buttons/keys unless you intentionally want/need to have buttons held down even after you release the physical button pressed. But having alt release in the release of your current setup propably would not work as you intended any more.

    You could also just remove the left click from the release and use the actual left click as you have the alt tab set to right side, or you could use one of the fingertip buttons with deep click.

    Regular click = previous window, deep click = selecting which window to make active


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  5. You can make multiple DPI levels with seperate X and Y axes in profiles settings and then apply the levels to button press and release. (sadly you can't go to zero DPI, 100 is the lowest)


    And here the bottom thump button will use the level 2 setting when pressed and go backto level 1 when it's released:


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  6. Well first off seems that the second example would require wait commands between each output to have it work out properly.

    As for your last question about running 2 repeat action in one button press, it seems you can only use one repeat in any given "command line", so you'd have to have every a -key press set seperately so you could have the one repeat run the "command line" indefinetely.(untill broken by stop looping command)

    You'd need to have one button set like this:


    Also to answer the last question in the first post that I missed, setting alt+tab like this let's you use mouse movement: (alt is set to press in button press while tab is only taped, alt will be released on button release)


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  7. Have you tried using the mouse with 3 fingers insted of the standard 2 finger style? If you use edge buttons with index, left button with middle, and right button with ringfinger you should be able to reach the right side rest with your pinky.


    When I started using the Z I too started with the standard style and were bit annoyed that the right side rest was too short to reach pinky, though I started to try different ways to hold the mouse to get the best grip to it and now that I've been using it with the 3 finger style I don't think I'll ever use the mouse any other way, it dosen't just give better grip for the mouse but also allows more versatile botton use.


    Just my two cents on the matter, as the mouse should be customizable to fit practically anyones needs I don't see why there couldn't be extension to the rest for those who insist on using the mouse the standard way.

  8. I was wondering if the pivot could be added as parent input with empty output as it would work great for peaking in FPS games, setting the output empty by default would prevent people from accidentaly triggering any unwanted uotputs, which is why it wasn't included as parent input if I remember correct.

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