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  1. Unfortunately, when I install the Swiftpoint Manager I lose even the Stylus + Scroll Left/Right Gesture.
  2. Unfortunately, the Stylus + Scroll Down/Up Gesture still doesn't work.
  3. I uninstalled swiftpoint manager for MacOS and entered in configure mode. The operating system was set to Windows. When I changed it back to MacOS the problem was solved.
  4. I installed the beta version of MacOS 10.15 Catalina and now the gestures for my Swiftpoint GT mouse does not work.
  5. I managed to fix the problem. It turned out one of my installed third-party application, namely Remote Mouse has been interfering with the settings of the other bluetooth devices. When I removed its rights from the privacy section of setting the stylus gesture functions have started working again.
  6. Hello, I recently bought Mac mini and having a Swiftpoint GT as my only bluetooth mouse I started using it with it. It works well on the basic tasks as well as the basic functions of the stylus. However recently I tried the more advanced functions like stylus gestures but they didn't worked for me. Like: 1. Tilt + scroll: for mission control and launchpad 2. Tilt + rear button: for moving between the fullscreen apps. I have installed the Swiftpoint Manager and have been given it full rights in the Privacy section on my Mac.
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