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  1. Hey everyone Iv been trying to figure out how to change the dpi on the swiftpoit Z for a couple days now and I can't find any info or videos on it. Can someone who has figured it out please help me
  2. Hey coachlm Down load this file and load it into the mouse and you'll have a full working pubg layout. (If it confuses you let me know and I can explain it a bit more) Rage
  3. Hey admins and people who have figured out the technical side of the new Z mouse. I have scrapped the basics of the settings and setting up, but I have a question I'm hoping will be answered. I like to play rainbow six siege and player unknown battlegrounds and I would like to know if and how I can config my mouse so when I tilt the mouse I lean in that direction. I want to config it so when I tilt left my guy tilts left and when I straighten it back up my guy goes back to standing or sitting straight. Is anyone able to help me set this up or is it not possible to do? Thanks Ragenut
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