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  1. I'm trying to understanding how multiple tilt angles work. By default there are 2 options. 1.2 degrees and 10 degrees. But when you tilt to the 10 degrees, the 1.2 degree setting also fires, is there a way to bypass the lower tilt angle when a further tilt is recognized.
  2. How do I do that. I don't see a setting in the application.
  3. So, I've found the answer from reading another thread. I think that I've been lifting the mouse off the pad and it won't recognize tilt's that are set for less than 3 degrees. I increased the tilt angle and now it works.
  4. Hi, I just got this mouse and am trying to test all the different actions. I can't seem to get the Tilt forward/backward to work. I have just set both tilt actions to vibrate at 1.2 degrees, but it just won't acknowledge the tilt. Just wondering if there was something special that needed to be done. Any help is appreciated
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