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    This gave me what I needed to put a 5 microsecond wait on the left click function to decide if a deep click would occur.
  1. No you cannot rename bindings, but you can psuedo name them by adding an OLED Flash to the binding. It has two purposes, it can be used to identify the bind and it is shown on the screen when you press the button.
  2. Version 1.0.0


    As a previous user of the G502 and many other Logitech mice prior, my biggest concern with any new mouse is infinite scroll. So upon opening this new mouse yesterday, I began digging into making a working infinite scroll within the software. I also began tweaking some of the initial settings and added in quite a few features. This is nowhere near done and I am open to any suggestions for added keybinds or changes to what has already been done. We will start off with Infinite Scroll: While holding the Bottom Thumb Button, pressing the left trigger scrolls down at a medium speed
  3. Here is a mapping that will work for you. Instead of each deep click changing a track, they will modify what the scroll wheel does. So at 30% you can scroll through your tracks and at 60% you can change your volume. Each of these allows for continuous scrolling until released. It will then prevent the Play/Pause button from being pressed. Audio Help.spcf
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