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  1. Infinite Scroll and Desktop Browser Tweaks

    As a previous user of the G502 and many other Logitech mice prior, my biggest concern with any new mouse is infinite scroll. So upon opening this new mouse yesterday, I began digging into making a working infinite scroll within the software. I also began tweaking some of the initial settings and added in quite a few features. This is nowhere near done and I am open to any suggestions for added keybinds or changes to what has already been done.
    We will start off with Infinite Scroll:
    While holding the Bottom Thumb Button, pressing the left trigger scrolls down at a medium speed and pressing the left fingertip button scrolls at a very high speed. The same is true with scrolling up with the right trigger and fingertip button. And for the sake of keeping the forward/back buttons I made left click and right click forward and back while still holding the bottom thumb button.


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