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  1. @Priimate Hi, thanks for your detailed explanation, very kind. I was indeed deep clicking the fingertip button straight off, I didn't realise I needed to do two stages, thanks for clearing that up. Before I read your message I did some experimenting and found that by setting "wait" to 1.5 seconds it worked but now I shall try your suggestion. I play exclusively in FPP (Just don't get on with TPP shooters) so that explains that too. I did find that by setting the right click command to press and hold it worked as a one click action. changing "toggle" and "hold" in game seemed to have no effect.
  2. @Priimate Hey, great profile, thanks. I am having difficulty getting the cook grenade function to work, quick grenade never cooks it. Also to get ADS to work I have to tap and release RMB then press and hold RMB if I just press and hold it does nothing. Any ideas on what I am doing wrong? (I assume there is some in game setting I am missing)
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