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  1. Its even worse: Since < hasn't a counterpart on the US keyboard, its completely unusable (yes I tried every single key from the various dropdowns). Please fix this... and if its only by using some less retarded layout than the US (meaning one that has ALL keys at least). Why isnt the driver using the default OS's layout anyway?!?! would be much easier and less work for Swiftpoint Software devs to integrate at all Im assuming... I posted a temporary workaround here:
  2. What abouit this one? I really need THIS key to be recognized somehow (have been using it for years in gaming): Temporary workaround is using "," which is the other key linked to "<" in the dropdown and rebinding "<" to be also "," using an Autohotkey script: CODE (should work on all German layout keyboards, but the Scancodes might differ on some special keyboards): ~SC056::SC033 You obviously could take anyother key as well, you would jsut to know the scancode. In case anyone need help with this, PM me or reply here 😉
  3. probably thats against some licence agreements but yeah, any link would be great...
  4. Hi, I received my SP Z Mouse today and was eager to try it out... but it seems the site hosting the drivers has been down all day? Any alternative sources or when will this be available again? https://www.swiftpoint.com/customer-support/ https://www.swiftpoint.com/swiftpoint-z-pc-driver-update-v-1-2-52-0/ Best regards Andy
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