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  1. Just picked this mouse up and so far I'm pretty thrilled with it. My current primary use-case is TESO and there are a few things I'm loving. 1) There is no sprint toggle built into the game, and given how much sprinting you do while on foot or horseback, that's a travesty. I'm using the front edge button as a sprint toggle and the rear edge button as an autorun. I'm having a few issues with it not being "smart" enough to disable the toggle. Maybe what I need to try is setting the rear button to autorun and mount, and the toggle to disable itself if I hit the rear button again. 2) Mouse 2 by default is block, I added a deep press option for bash/interrupt. 3) I set left and right fingertips to my targeted aoe abilities with a deep press mimicking left click. So I can light hold and point, then forcefully cast the ability by pressing harder. 4) I don't accidentally throw my ult out anymore, right trigger pull is now ult. 5) Left and right trigger push are abilities 4/5 which I commonly set to my buffs / long lasting abilities that I don't need to hit all the time. 6) Upper thumb is ability 1 and lower thumb is weapon swap. 7) Mouse 3 is dodge roll, haven't figured out what I might do with a deep click, open to ideas. 8.) Not sure what to do with left deep click, focus target is where I'm probably going with it. Maybe command pet but I don't often use that ability. Overall I never need to move my hand from movement keys in a fight, everything on the mouse is working smoothly. I just need to overcome muscle memory and get more familiar but I'm happy so far. ESO.spcf
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