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  1. Long time Z Mouse user, I just started seeing OPs issue on MAC. Ie. it started scrolling by page instead of line. The same mouse works fine on PC, only Mac has the problem. The issue started when I introduced a different USB hub to my setup. When the hub is plugged into my PC, all connected device work (including Z Mouse). When the hub is plugged into Mac, all connected device work EXCEPT Z Mouse (it scrolls by page not line??). Side note: my previous USB hub had a different issue with Z Mouse (mouse pointer moves but buttons won't click and LED logo is unlit) I tried everything in Swiftpoint Z Software settings (storing in mouse, etc). No luck. It did appear to be a mouse config issue (either Mac OS Mouse Settings or Swiftpoint looked responsible). The problem went away once I changed the USB port... I literally tried everything else to this point and this was the only thing that fixed it. The solution may seem trivial but the underlying issue is affecting OP with a separate use-case. Perhaps the issue could be addressed in the USB device driver during USB device enumeration (or something like that)
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