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    PUBG profile I tweaked to my liking. Here are the mappings Default DPI is 400. Front Edge - (R) Reload. Rear Edge - (Z) Go prone Right Mouse Button (RMB) Deep click 25% activates hold breath when ADS. In PUBG settings menu I use (O) for hold breath, so you would have to adjust that key bind as well. When RMB is held down the thumb buttons can be used to peek and the scroll wheel can be used to change zero distance on scope When RMB is held down, DPI changes to 200. Goes back to 400 DPI when released Top Thumb (F) - Interact [When RMB pressed] - (E) Peek right. Press and hold down; not toggle Bottom Thumb (I) - Inventory. Also switches DPI to 1000 for faster looting. When button is pressed again to exit looting screen the DPI goes back to 400 DPI. [When RMB pressed] - (Q) Peek left. Press and hold down; not toggle Right fingertip button - (3) switch to pistol Left fingertip button - (G) switch to grenade. Press again to cycle grenade types. Deep click selects melee weapon Left trigger push - (B) adjust firing mode (i.e. single, auto, burst) Left trigger pull - (1) switch to weapon slot 1 Right trigger push - (V) switch to first person mode Right trigger pull - (2) switch to weapon slot 2 Middle button press - (ALT) free look Other notes: Early on, I tried to use the tilt controls for peeking but it wasn't doing me any favors. Trying to tilt, aim, and hit someone is just too much in a high pressure situation especially if you have jittery hands. I find using the thumb buttons for peeking to be a lot more reliable. I think it's best to put the crouch movement on your keyboard/keypad rather than on the mouse since you may need to crouch while shooting. That's hard to do if you have C mapped to any buttons on your mouse.
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