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  2. Yes most of what you explain I understand and my stop are loops were in there because I was looping left click then forgot to take out the stop all loops. I still don’t quite understand the nesting though. If I nest a left click within the right trigger push will the driver carry out the right trigger release if I use block further output on the left click release or does it only block left click outputs? When right trigger push is released I want my left click to release if I am not holding down left click, but if left click is held down, then I want a release then press action to be carried
  3. So I'm having an issue. My goal is to Press Right Trigger Push to execute functions including Left Click. Sometimes I need to press Right Trigger Push then while holding it down press Left Click then release Right Trigger Push while still holding Left Click. The issue is that my Right Trigger Push releases Left Click in the release section, but I still need it to be held down.The idea is that releasing and pressing the buttons in any order would produce the same result even while using buttons in and outside of the config. I need some help.
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