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  1. I made one but I'm not super happy with the response times it produces. I am considering re-introducing a 'flip attack side' key to the top thumb button and starting from scratch. As it stands, I went with what is probably the most intuitive layout for Mordhau: ------------- Mouse Wheel Scroll Up/Down: Left/Right stab Left Button= Left Horizontal Strike Right Button: Right Horizontal Strike Left Fingertip Press: Left Upper Strike Right Fingertip Press: Right Upper Strike Left Trigger Push: Left Lower Strike Right Trigger Push: Right Lower Strike Left Trigger Pull: Send Keys (not type text string!) C-C-C-C-4 (insult) Lower Thumb Button: Kick Upper Thumb Button: Feint/Parry ------------- I'm very open to suggestions, this layout is fine for Frontline but I am still getting my ass handed to me on duel servers. Note: I experimented with Adding Morphs to Deep Click but in the heat of things you either accidentally trigger them sometimes or if the threshold is high enough the extra tension can mess up your flow. Maybe a better player would do better with slash-stab morph and upper-stab morph on the left/right buttons and left/right fingertips!
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