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  1. I've had the exact same issue, as represented in this thread: Binding deep clicks to Game Controller>Main Stick>Forward/Back or Left/Right would mean that the axis is pressed fully by default and pressing the deep click brings it closer and closer to the center, which is exactly the opposite of what it should do. This still can have it's uses, for example you can use it to create walk toggle. The axis is pressed fully if you have set it's range up to 100%, but if you set it lower, pressing the button will lock the axis in lower value, so it could effectively work as a walk toggle, or any speed toggle for that matter, for example setting the max range to 50% would make it effectively the same as locking the joystick in half way of your chosen direction. Example: 20190923_174533.mp4 From what I've learned now, if you want to utilize Deep Click for analog movement, you have to use Game Controller>Slider Control. This axis will be a bit off by default as well, pressed in wrong direction, but in the opposite to Main Stick range settings, this one actually works and you can center it. For me proper value seems to be from around 29-31 to 100%. This will make it start from the center, but unfortunately it looks like loosing some of the range means that 100% press does not equal to 100% analog value, but less. This is the U Axis by the way, or Axis 5. Example of it working well, but without full range: 20190923_174348.mp4 To get full range back, reduce Deep Click range, like that: Keep in mid that many games don't support full analog range and some may start react from 50% and up for example, which means if you set your Slider range from 30% to 100%, you will get a dead zone from 30 to 50%. If you want the click to react immediately, you need to find an analog value at which the game starts to react and set the minimum range just below it, effectively meaning that the stick will pressed at let's say 48% at all times, which has a side effect of game receiving analog input at all times, so in games that do not support analog+mouse at the same time you won't be able to use your mouse for camera and aim. Though you should probably consider getting analog keyboard if you really want to utilize analog movement. I would also recommend using VJoy + UCR rather than x360ce, it is much cleaner, easier to use and way more reliable. Here is a video I learned it from:
  2. Deep clicks also have analog option, promotional video on youtube even shows how you can control you engine's RPM with deep click. Nevermind though, games in general don't work with XInput and mouse input at the same time, with some rare exceptions, so you cannot use it anyway. I've tried to get both this and Logitech G13 analog joystick to work for movement together with mouse for camera/aim control, but very few games support that and you would have to emulate mouse to right thumb to make it work which is obviously not desirable and not even possible right now.
  3. Thats a great info, I will test all of that, thank you! Could you also look into my other thread here and see if you can help?
  4. Thanks for your answer. I suspected that this is how it meant to work, just wanted to make sure. If you have some time though you could post some screenshots to clarify what you mean by using button releases instead of presses and blocking further output. I know about these options but don't fully understand how to use them the way you described.
  5. Hi, I am having a bit of an issue with mapping deep click for left thumb analog control. It somewhat works, stick moves when pressed and adjusts depending on the pressure, but it's default position is wrong, the stick is detected fully moved by default and pressing the deep click further brings it back to the center and 100% force is center, which is the exact opposite of what is meant to be, it should be center when not pressed and pressing harder and harder should move the stick more and more, now it does the exact opposite. My driver settings and video of an issue for better reference: 20190828_185550[1].mp4 20190828_184113[1].mp4
  6. Hi, I just got The Z and I love it, but I have one issue. I will explain it on middle button example. I've bind middle mouse click to 8 and deep click to 9. When I just click middle button it works as intended, pressing 8, but if I use Deep Click, both 8 and 9 are pressed, meaning that normal click is pressed before I "reach" Deep Click, which is not my intention, I just want to get strait to Deep Click without pressing normal click along the way, which is meant to be a different key Is it how this Deep Click works or am I missing something in config? Tilt for example doesn't do that, if I bind 8 to Tilt Left 1.8 and 9 to Tilt Left 3.0, mouse knows when I intend to press just Tilt 3.0 and it doesn't also activate Tilt 1.8 because it was on a way to "reach" 3.0. I hope my explanation is understandable. Thanks EDIT: The same issue seems to be with pivot. If I for example bind something to Pivot Left 7 and different key to Pivot 11, and then move the mouse to press Pivot 11, Pivot 7 will also be pressed along the way. Why only tilt doesn't do that?
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