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  1. FastBoot was disabled, though thanks for a suggestion. Actually it does not seem to be windows related, as even in bios, if I plug in Z, though it does not work (cursor does not move), it blocks buttons clicking. Seems like there is smth strange with its HID implementation maybe that affects laptop bios. Razer Mamba does not cause the issue.
  2. I have Xiaomi Gaming laptop (gen 3, RTX2060, win10) and it does not load if mouse is plugged in (may be it will eventually load, but I waited for several minutes, only mi logo appeared, normally it loads in several sec). Can not access bios either. Usb devices loading is disabled in bios. Tried changing poling rate - did not help. Otherwise if mouse is plugged in after windows loading, it works just fine. Other usb devices do not cause such problems (I do not have another Z though). I use latest drivers and firmware (not beta). I will try some additional testing with another laptop/mouse, but may be some one has faced that and can help me in advance.
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