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  1. Thank you very much! @Zeanon I foggot to check Beta forum. I have submitted an application and hope to join you soon. @andersonjosephine
  2. My driver is Beta-included FW: 191. No update info recently. I don’t know how to get a new driver. I am very worried whether the configuration .spcf file can be used on the new driver, or I have to edit everything in the new driver.
  3. You can try lexip mo42. You will get the best mouse with best sliding experience in the world.
  4. I use lexip mo 42 with my Z perfect!
  5. "lexip mo 42" try it you will find a new level.
  6. I think it's the dust that caught the micro switch, I added a metal cover very early to prevent dust from entering, and now they work very well.
  7. @Bryce @ITUSFORUS I agree with you! "I really hope they get better as Z mouse is the only thing I will save along with my laptop in case of an emergency." In fact, this company has the potential to become APPLE. Because they did make a mouse that nobody else would dare. And this mouse really works. And it's a living mouse that grows. The longer it is used, the smarter the mouse will be programmed. It is impossible to replace it with another mouse. Logitech has released countless ergonomics, Razer has released countless black technologies, but I think their mouse will be exc
  8. The official said that there will be a huge update in the next version. This forum is almost ignored and can only wait.
  9. Fortunately, you are not the only one who is crazy about Z. Share your suggestions and Bryce will see and make the right decisions. Although their update is very slow. But their efforts are visible. Z's company size cannot be compared to Logitech and Razer. I believe that companies that can make this miracle mouse will definitely have a solution.
  10. Does anyone know that moving 180 units to the right refers to 180 pixels, or is it the actual physical distance 180mm? What is the unit of measurement? Do you need to move different physical distances under different resolution computers?
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