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  1. Comrades is very simple how I see it. Swifpoint is a company founded by type of Wozniaks engineer but there is no any one who does the Steve Jobs role. The company doesn't have good strategies in terms of keeping a good reputation of their products, not for the current users neither for the potential ones. The mouse has a lot of issues specially the software part, and the last update was like June? And is a very young product, normally it will receive at least an update ever 3 months or 4 times per year, no 1 per year or every 6 months. Also they may have internal problems about hiring external people to run their business in the high level due, may be they want to do everything by their own, expecting to become viral one day by magic. Who knows the reasons behind this awful business strategies. But no doubt, they are not capable of handling a serious company and being consistent in their products. Gaming is the best aim, but they prefer to keep releasing office products and less complex products. Maybe the Z mouse was too ambitious for waht they can handle. Actually is better for them that they don't try to sponsor their unfinsihed products (specially the software part) with influencer and gamers, as they will get bad reviews very fast. I really hope they get better as Z mouse is the only thing I will save along with my laptop in case of an emergency. But something ahs to change with Swiftpoint to really become a thing in the market. They are as close to become something similar to Delorean...
  2. Thanks for the reply. I think you made good points but also you took for granted some things. As I said earlier, have in mind that I am an experienced user: - There is no tutorial for doing the "button" standalone import and export, or to link "buttons functions" to another profiles ... it doesn't exist. The only thing close to that is creating sub-profiles inside each profile. - The fact that you have 11 profiles and still has a lot of memory space, maybe related to the fact that they are new profiles with only some few new buttons and keeping the global functions as default for all the other buttons. If you don't take in account full filling the profiles completely with new functions in each button, then you can have 2 sides of the balance, 2 different extreme and oppsoite scenarios: SCENARIO 1 ---A lot of profiles ... 50+ but you only add 1 or 2 buttons, all the rest is like global default. Each new button with basic actions takes about 1-2%? --- (you can test it your self: Check the % of memory space used, go and create a new profile wityhout duplicating ofc, check the % still the same. Now add only 1 new action to any button you want, check the memory consumption, 1% right?) SCENARIO 2 ----4 or 5 profiles max, but each profiles has toons of long macros in eahc button, even tilt and pan do complex functions, different forces of clicking and different macros.--- I have 1 porofile that almost take 20% of memory only 1!!! But is the most polivalent one. If you try both of those extreme scenarios you will realize there is no wrong or right, is just the needs of the user. So when you mean " I don't know waht you are doing" the reality is that every user will have their settings for their needs and you won't even be able to realize how different can that affect the current optimization state of memory. There is no right or wrong, just extreme scenarios that users can face, and for which THE Z mouse hasn't been optimized yet. I hope it is a bit more clear now. Thanks for contributing to this thread.
  3. Hi everyone and specially developers of The Z mouse. * PLEASE SPECIALLY READ THE LAST SUGGESTION IN SOFTWARE, IT IS A CRITICAL SOLUTION FOR MEMORY SPACE PROFILES* First of all, I am confident enough to say that I may be one of the most senior users of the Z mouse. I am using it since Kickstarter and I already have 3 of them, why? simple confidence and I use them in 3 different scenarios with 3 different computers. Of course, I am not the only one using in an intensive and hardcore mode (people feeling offended suddenly stops!), so please any other user with knowledge and experience please contribute to this topic. So, with that clear in mind I want to speak up and say what many of us, the users are feeling right now. The Z mouse as a great potential and is probably the best product in the market right now with so many customizable buttons and profile options. But somehow after 3 mousses brand new and many updates and 3 years using it now, IT DOES STILL FEEL LIKE A PROTOTYPE in both HARDWARE and SOFTWARE. To start with ... I know Americans are big, but in hands size too? I think my right hand is slightly bigger after many hours of use in order to adapt and reach all the buttons and support all my hand. You "developers" may not have never seen what is an actual small adult hand, the trigger buttons are the max they can reach. Fortunately, I am over average hand size and still feels to big. That was a brief introduction, going now by topics and order. I am not going to mention the good points as this is not for advertisement or to boost the morale of anyone present. Just straight to the point so this guy does something in the short term with one of their biggest and forgotten products. But I am sorry I am going to be sarcastic as after many hours of use and so little udpates, I am very very dissapointed with the whole philosophy they have decided to do with the z mouse. Hardware: Memory capacity .... have you ever heard about micro SD cards? 64gb memory? even if you are very little creative there are still smaller memories available with at least 512 mb to build in your hardware .... I have 7 profiles and that is the max I can get out of the mouse ... a total shame, ridiculous small amount of memory ... what the actual funk capacity does it has? 128kb? anyway, you better do something in terms of memory capacity as at the moment it feels like an awful mac product with limiting intentioned hardware design for not clear reasons. The size, honestly IO can't help you guys. You would have to work this out yourself. How to make a mouse compatible with many hands size. I believe the market options hat do that tend to lack of other features, like the madcatz mosques Madcatz Mad Catz RAT 6+. But if you manage to make an adjustable size mouse like the Madcatz with all your features ...hey ..you may literally be the best product of quite few years all over the world with unbelieve quantity of sponsorships crazy to use your mice in tournaments and etc ... EA sports. But as I said you have your own philosophy ... you perhaps know what you’re really doing with the gaming market ... I don't really understand your tactic ... but that is confidential to you. Just as a short reminder ... every year the age of average gamer is younger and as you can imagine the average hand size market of gamers, maybe is smaller than you think. but you know they grow up and their parents won't be buying more gaming stuff for they little annoying kids, so and adjustable mouse will become the pet of every gamer. YOU ARE WELCOME! Gyroscopes and stabilizers, pretty sure you did your best here in terms of market options of hardware ... but even though ... or they’re not very reliable or you need BIG BIG BIG BIG updates into the software, because EVERY MONTH I have an unresponsive piece of sh.t mouse that doesn't work and can't understand what is it ... and suddenly it seems like it needs a recalibration... So, this point I will go in the next section. SOFTWARE: This is probably the hardest part before releasing the product, but the only option you can work out once you have already sold a lot of the hardware. Profile optimization, because you aren’t making a hardware solution right now for the low memory capacity. Why don't you make instead of profiles, you make buttons options? READ EVERYTHING this is THE MOST IMPORTANT REVIEW OF ALL THEN THREAD! I have 7 profiles, and many profiles share the same actions. I imagine and believe that Global defaults was aimed to works as a basic template with the default layout so you don't need to add the same button functions and taking memory for it. BUT IT DOESN'T WORK LIKE THAT. MY SUGGESTION. Switch from profile-based memory to button-based memory. Let me explain it. Instead of creating a profile from scratch and adding functions for each button, we could have just button function creation standalone. Once you have around 100 different button functions in all the buttons, you can start creating infinite profiles. HOW? for example: the 2 thumb buttons, you could have around 10 different functions, for example button bellow function 1, it triggers Ctrl+Z, you could call it for Example Undo function instead of 1 so you recognize it better. Function 2 same button, Ctrl+Tab, you can call it switch windows function, function 3 = copy (ctrl +c). You would build each of them the same way we do now, the exact same interface everything is the same. But the way we create Profiles are anymore based on the profile but in the buttons itself. So now we have all the buttons with many different functions some simples some complex. now we can create the profiles... HOW? We just pick up from a list of functions for each button. for example, a profile for WORD OFFICE, we chose the applications that it triggers this profile, and we start picking the buttons and functions. that way we are not generating new profile buttons, but creating a very small file that knows what functions do each button pick from the list of functions. That way you will never have duplicated functions in different layouts, you will have different profiles sharing the same functions. I am not a senior programmer, but I know this will save ... I don't know 90% of space efficiency? even more? Came on ... a person like me came up with this idea and give you for free? At least now take this idea and make it real .... cause we need it RIGHT NOW! Seriously forget about all the bugs and issues to the next update after this one, just make more efficiently the profile and memory system. How to import and export? You import and export profiles as usual, but some profiles won't work unless you create or import the button function with that name or ID code. For example: the profile WORD OFFICE= thumb 1= function COPY PASTE (id=012389) if it is not found, it will say to create it or to import it. So now here it comes the new function of importing and exporting button maps function list. Now we will be even able to share in the community more efficient layouts and functions. Instead of making a big file to share, we just now have to share just the functions we need and create that profile or import it. For example, Counter Strike, there is a user that has created the best working function to change DPI in an ergonomic way that makes you change DPI in order to AIM fast or precisely without even noticing you re clicking additional keys. Instead of sharing a complete profile and messing our own profiles, we just add a new function to the button we want and update our own profile. EASY MORE CUSTOMIZABLE AND MORE MEMORY EFFICIENT.
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