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  1. Steering wheel

    General setting for steering wheel. I used it in Dirt rally 3 and it works pretty well. Basically, mouse tilt used for steering, fingertip deepclick buttons used for acceleration and braking and trigger push for gear change + vibration notification when gear changed. It feels natural to change gear since braking + gear down and accel + gear up aligned correspondingly. 

     It is quit disappointing that Z have only Joystick left/right, up/down axis and a slider. I would love to have 4 axis per each deepclick button. 
    Also, I wanted to assign up axis for right deepclick and down axis for left deepclick but I could not. Driver wont let me do that even though in a game up axis could be used for accel and down for braking. I'm getting output like on a picture from driver with red line on top of the tab.
    Nonetheless Z is absolutely amazing!!! One can use it as steering wheel and it does not feel clunky!!!

    Some drifting with Z


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