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  1. - Cursor movement as an output. - Ability to set Polling rate.
  2. Haha wow so easy, thanks so much.. Soon I will have the hang of the driver and wont need to hassle you fine folk
  3. Just as the title states, I want to put a hold duration on a mouse button. For example, I use the Xim4 with my Xbox using the Swiftpoint Z and for one of the keys (x) you need to hold it for 1 second to reload, I want to just tap my mouse button and have it hold for the second needed to do the reload. Can the driver do this? Thanks guys, appreciate these forums as been such great help so far..
  4. Is it possible to create a macro on my LMB that creates downward mouse movement when I fire? So a no recoil macro, can this amazing mouse do such things? Slowly getting used to the functions and software..
  5. thanks so much guys, will take a look soon and try a few things out. Loving the mouse so far...
  6. I got my Z today and I am feeling rather stupid. I cant even figure out to do a simple repeating macro for the left mouse button ( rapid fire macro ) I would have thought for $300 there would have at least been some instructional videos on how to do simple tasks.. Or am I missing something? Any help would be greatly appreciated..
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