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  1. @MichaelRx Other than the changes I mentioned above the basic specifications (optical sensor, micro, on-board memory etc.) will be the same as the Z. At least in the first models introduced. @Heoot The Z's software and firmware will continue to be updated as we introduce new features with the new models in the professional range. But in terms of hardware changes I can't confirm anything yet.
  2. @Zeanon By "subset of the Z's hardware features" we mean that the Z will remain as the top-tier product within the professional range (at least for the time being). For example none of the other mice in the range will include the OLED screen, or gyroscope and some will not have other features like haptic feedback, RGB logo etc. Not all of these details are finalized yet, so I can't go into specifics, but more info will be made available soon in the lead up to launch of the first new model.
  3. @Aaron Unlike the GT, ProPoints software does allow you to bind custom keyboard shortcuts. They can't be set to the buttons directly, but there are a variety of "Tilt Gestures" which they can be assigned to. For example tilt can be used as a modifier for both the center and rear buttons on ProPoint (Right click and middle click). So that if you tilt then click either button, your custom shortcut will activate. The same is true for the scroll wheel, and you also have two sets of four gestures activated by tilting the mouse, holding the center or rear button, then moving the mouse left, right, up, or down. The screenshot below shows an example of one set of gestures assigned to custom shortcuts.
  4. @Kuta The Z's wait function doesn't have a random option currently. The closest you could get would be to alternate between a long list of waits with different timings to approximate the effect of a random wait. What would the use case be for something like this though?
  5. It sounds like you're on the right track, but just to clarify for anyone else reading this. For a setup like this where you want a modifier key to effect other button presses you need to make sure that the modifier key is not released too early. For example if you had Control set as a "Tap", you would not be able to use it to modify other buttons, as it would release itself immediately. The same thing will happen if you set the release immediately after the press. So the standard setup is to have a press output that triggers on button press, then a release output that triggers on button release; as shown below. If you do not have the release output set, the mapping will still work most of the time. But it may sometimes get stuck down. So adding the release output is highly recommended. When you use the record function to add a single key press it will give you the options below. Selecting "When mouse input is released" will add the release output to the correct location for you.
  6. @Stinger6969 The thread below has some detailed instructions for setting up a tilt command which should work for you. If you've already created a tilt mapping as described there, make sure your Z's tilt angles are calibrated. With the default mappings you will be able to do this by pulling the right trigger then leaving your Z flat on your desk for a few seconds. Otherwise you can run a full calibration via the Drivers main menu. If you set you OLED to display tilt angles you can check that tilt has been calibrated with the 'R' value that is displayed. It should read 0.0 (or close to it) when your mouse is flat on your desk.
  7. @FortyTwo More Z stock is currently on its way to both Amazon and Caseking in Germany. So it should be available again within a week or two.
  8. In a previous version it was possible to add a "Pointer Movement" output on some screens. But it was thought this had no effect when added, so the option was removed. I see now that you have found a place where it does have some use, so we will look into re-adding it for this particular case.
  9. @TheKazz It is possible to add additional tilt thresholds, you just need to add them inside one of the two base tilt inputs. You do this with the small +ADD button which appears when you hover your cursor over the tilt input, as in the example below For info on how you can use pivot without pressing another button, please check the thread here. I don't really recommend this kind of setup, as pivot does drift over time and will need to be reset quite frequently. But you can give it a go and see how it works for you. Lifting the Z off the table is not a mapable input itself, it just gives you access to the full range of tilt inputs; which you can't use while the Z is on the mat. The Z's software doesn't currently allow for cursor movement as a mapable output. So for now to do this on the Z you would need to use third party software to translate some key combo from the mouse to cursor movement.
  10. @Interstellar The setup you have there looks correct. If you were testing it in a text editor it will appear that the E key is being released once the G Tap occurs, but it is actually still held down. Try it out using the keys on your keyboard and you will see the same thing. So a better way to test if it's working correctly is something like http://keyboardchecker.com/, where you should see that the E key remains active after the G tap occurs. If this doesn't work in-game, are you able to perform this same action using your keyboard directly?
  11. @NeonGamer It's too early for me to be confident on dates, so all I can really be sure of is that it's at least a couple months away.
  12. @Skip We haven't made any progress on this yet. It's on our list but since this is a relatively niche issue with a known workaround it's not a very high priority. This could change if the feedback we receive warrants it, but at this stage unfortunately it likely wont be addressed in the near future.
  13. @vertexUnfortunately we don't have an ETA for XInput support. It was on our road-map early on, but things didn't pan out as we had hoped and it had to be put to the side for a while. It's still on our wish-list, but is not part of any planned update at this stage. Though if we get more requests for it, it's possible it could be moved further up the list. Regarding being banned for using X360ce in GTA Online, this isn't something we can confirm or deny. As far as I know Rockstar has not issued a specific statement on it, and looking around online I can see reports of people saying they've been using it for years without issue, while a few others say they were banned for it.
  14. @David.L I can't share anything in regards to hardware development. But we're still working on the Zs software for both macOS and Windows and will be giving it a bit of an overhaul in the next big update.
  15. @Nick I'm not sure how you do this on Linux but in Windows you can go into device Manager and disable the Z's controller interface. If there is no equivalent to this in Linux, there is another way you can temporarily disable the controller interface. As you plug in your Z just hold down the "Top Thumb Button" and the "Left Trigger (Push)". This will disable the Z Controller interface until the Z looses power.
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