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  1. Right now mouse movement gestures are only available to the Z in the new software. In the Zs "Expert Mode" names can be assigned to any mapping so profiles are always easy to understand in the new interface.
  2. @rwong In the current software it isn't possible to remove the remove left click from the left mouse button directly. But this will be possible in the updated software we will be launching in the next few months. In the meantime importing the profile below will allow you to modify the left mouse buttons outputs.
  3. Yes, everything in your current Z profiles can be carried across to the updated software. When we start the beta test details will be posted in our beta test clubs.
  4. @Basedmoni While some components were removed for Tracer, their weight is negligible. So there wont be a noticeable difference in weight between Tracer and the Z. The "positioned better for speed and comfort" point on our campaign is in comparison with other mice. As the button layout on the Tracer is an exact match with the Z.
  5. Thanks for the clarification. I agree with you that having that kind of customization would be a great feature. Our current Z/Tracer design partially accommodates it with the fingertip and trigger button caps. But the other buttons are more difficult to swap out, so would need to be re-designed either with removable caps, or just made easier to access (e.g. currently all three left mouse buttons need to be removed to swap out the edge buttons). It's something to consider for the future though. Yes, profiles from the Zs existing software can be imported into the updated software. The case that came with the retail edition of the Z wont be included with Tracer.
  6. @Zentipede Sorry, I missed your response. To give an example of what I mean, of the two setup shown below the first will be slower than the second. As the Left Click "Tap" output in the first setup includes a built in delay, but the "Press" and "Release" do not. "Slow" repeat using Tap output Fast repeat using Press and Release outputs
  7. Do you mean producing different coloured parts so users could swap them out, or just making different coloured versions of Tracer? Either way, this isn't something we looked at for Tracer. But during the Z's development we did play around with swappable back-plates. XInput support has always been on our wish-list. But given Tracers reduced analog capabilities it wasn't a high priority for the launch version of our new software. So it's still on the table, but not part of any firm plans right now. Keep nudging us on it though. I want to see it added too, it's just a matter of having it high enough on the list when we have the budget to do it. The new interface is mainly about simplifying the experience for new users, as the current one tends to scare people off. So more advanced features like the parent/sub profile system have not been modified in this update. But there is one change that will make the process of moving mappings from a sub profile to a parent (or vice versa) a bit easier. The new version will add the ability to copy blocks of mappings from one input to any other input. So if you've setup a bunch of nested inputs with complex outputs you will be able to quickly copy this to another profile. Rather than having to re-create it from scratch.
  8. We've been doing closed Alpha testing for a while now. So I'll push out a version to the beta test group in the near future. Public release will of course be before Tracer starts shipping in October, but how much before will depend on how testing progresses. Some Z specific features will not be part of the re-designed interface on launch (e.g. OLED & Tilt). But all of that functionality will still be available in the new software via an updated version of the old interface.
  9. Yes to PC and Mac, but not Linux. The new software is built on the cross-platform framework we used for the Z's macOS software released last year. On launch it will be compatible with Windows 7+, and macOS 10.12+. And future updates will be released on both Windows and macOS simultaneously.
  10. @CodeBerry I can confirm that our new software will also support the Z. So the new user-friendly interface, pre-configured profiles and action libraries will also be available to all Z users.
  11. One tip I can offer for this is to use separate "Press" and "Release" outputs rather than a single "Tap" output. That might seem counter-intuitive, but a "Tap" output has a built in delay to ensure it is always registered. So a manual Press followed by Release will be quicker. If necessary you can add your own wait between the press and release to limit the speed.
  12. If your Z's 'mouse' type outputs are working (cursor movement, left click, scroll etc.) but keyboard outputs are not. I'd first recommend unplugging and reconnecting your Z, or restarting your PC if that doesn't help.
  13. @deelydian For your trackpad issue it looks like this could be due to an accessibility setting in macOS. Check under "System Preferences > Accessibility > Pointer Control > Mouse & Trackpad".
  14. The key used to activate Push to Talk will vary based on which application you are using for voice chat, and its settings. So you should just need to find what key is used to activate it then map that key to one of your mouse buttons. With your mapping just make sure that the key is set to only be released when you release the button. As if you use a "Tap" output, or set the release to happen immediately after press it wont work. For example this would work (If 'F' was your push to Talk key) But these would not work, as F is released immediately even if you continue to physically hold the button down.
  15. A single button can create multiple different outputs, but not in that exact manner. You would need to use either a deep click, or other input combinations to select which of the different outputs to activate. For example the mapping below which creates a four direction gesture by combining mouse movement with a mouse button. For your other question, modifier keys on your keyboard can be combined with anything the mouse is outputting. But it's not currently possible for the mouse to output something completely different based on your keyboard input. So if you have a button set to output 'A' pressing 'Ctrl' on your keyboard at the same time will result in a "Ctrl+ A". But it couldn't change the buttons output to 'B'. Thanks for raising these points though. We've discussed them both internally before and hope to be able to implement them eventually. The more requests we get the more likely it is to happen.
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