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  1. @untag I'm not sure I understand. What were you hoping/expecting to happen when you quickly taped the button?
  2. @untag Thanks for the report and the feedback. It looks like the wait duration was setup to always display as milliseconds on this screen, while the unit shown is always 's'. I've adjusted this now so it should only use milliseconds when appropriate and display the correct unit either way. This will be included in the next update. I agree that the tilt icons could do with some revising, so will pass this feedback on to our designer. In most cases even when there are multiple exe's you should only need to link one. But we plan to revise the system for linking apps to prof
  3. There is a known issue with the RGB drop down right. If you have moved the Control Panels window significantly since it was launched this drop down may appear in the wrong position or not at all. You should be able to access it again by moving the window approximately back to where it first opened. Or just exit and re-open the Control Panel. The old "Swiftpoint Driver" software wont be getting any further feature updates. Other than a few quirks with the new software, it should now be redundant. So all efforts will be focused on improving the X1 Control Panel. It
  4. @Demonspawn Thanks for pointing this out. I've updated the general support page to clarify that the Z driver link is actually the new X1 software for both Z and Tracer.
  5. Over the next few months we will be transitioning the Swiftpoint Community from this forum to our Help Desk's community forum. There will be some trade-offs to this change, but overall we believe it will be a significant improvement. The primary benefit of switching to our Help Desk is its integration with our support and project management systems. Which will allow us to better manage feedback and resolve issues reported by the community. It also includes voting systems for both issue reports and feature suggestions which we encourage you to use. As this will help us prioritiz
  6. @phntmAI Thanks for the report. There's definitely something funny going on with the "scroll down" output so we'll look into this. For now its seems like you can work around this issue by first creating the scroll output as "scroll up", saving it, then changing it to "scroll down" and saving again. I'm in the process of moving all support related activity to our Help Desk, which better ties into our other support systems. So creating a topic or ticket there will be the best place to report issues going forward.
  7. It's not possible to access additional axes by modifying config files, as these are fixed in firmware. However, if you are a developer it's possible to access the raw analog outputs from the Z. If you link those up to your own virtual joystick you could add as many axes as you like. The details on how to access the raw sensor outputs can be found in this thread.
  8. Strange, it should still be working. If you go to the "Game Controllers" dialog, does it still list the Swiftpoint Z? (search game controllers in the start menu to find this dialog) If your Z is still listed you may have disabled the wrong "HID-compliant game controller" in device manager. So try disabling them one by one until the Z disappears from your Game Controller list.
  9. @SmokinX We've discussed adding this feature to the Zs software internally; and its likely this will happen eventually. But we don't have it locked in to be worked on yet. The software for our Pen-grip range is built on a completely different framework. So while we''ll be able to reuse parts of the work we've already done, it wont be completely trivial to transfer across.
  10. @bearshark@Eli_Beeblebrox This one has come up a few times so we have an article in our Knowledge base about it. Here on the forum though I think this specific issue and workaround were first brought up here.
  11. @jellyfish I don't have Flight Sim myself to test this, But once you have a profile setup on your Z with all of the joystick outputs you want to use the setup in Flight sim should be the same as for any other joystick. (If you don't want to setup your own profile the default "Gaming Analog" profile should give you a good starting point). So you should just need to go into Flight Sims keybind menu to map the buttons and axis you want to use. You can find a video of someone going through the process with another joystick here which might help.
  12. @Zentipede We've been getting this question a lot recently. We're not working on it yet , but a wireless version is something we investigated while developing the original Z. Unfortunately it wasn't feasible at the time, but we hope to revisit the idea in the future.
  13. By default the Z's 5 "standard" mouse buttons are set as mouse buttons 1-5 like any normal 5 button mouse; but all of the extra buttons use keyboard keys or joystick buttons. With the Z's configuration software it is possible to set the Z's extra buttons to act as Mouse button 6-16. We do not use these by default however as almost no games/applications support them. I have not tested Minecraft myself but in the majority of games and applications mouse buttons 6-16 will not be recognized at all. So for compatibility reasons it is almost always necessary to set your mouse buttons to ac
  14. @Zeanon We do still have some stock available of the folding mouse mats. Once these run out though its likely we will not produce anymore; as was the case with the cable cube. Unfortunately the demand just isn't high enough to to make it cost effective to produce more.
  15. @pocat I'm trying to get everything organized to push out a beta soon. If things go well it could be this week, but if not then sometime this month at the latest. The new software is built on the code-base from the macOS version of our current software. So still has its full compatibility with the current spcf format.
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