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  1. Bryce

    Does support ever answer?

    Hi @RickFox, I apologize for the lack of response. Unfortunately I haven't had a chance to check in here for some time. But I am working through all of the support queries received via email and sent you a response regarding the keyboard layout and and POST issues you raised several days ago. Did you not receive this message? Just in case you did not I'll include its contents again below. On the first issue you raised regarding problems with your system booting while the Z is connected. This is something we have encountered before with early versions of the Z's firmware, but recent versions had resolved it (or so we thought). Since you are still having this issue presumably on the latest firmware this might not help. But in those previous cases before we updated the firmware some users had success resolving the issue by disabling the BIOS option " Legacy USB Support". If this doesn't help, as another test can you try performing a clear and reset of your Z's settings in the driver (make sure to backup you profiles to a file first), then restarting your PC to see if the issue is present while your Z is running the default firmware settings? Regarding your other issue with keyboard layouts this is due to the fact that the Z operates as a QWERTY device, and windows does not support multiple devices with different keyboard layouts correctly. Hopefully we can add other keyboard layout options for the Z in a firmware or driver update. But for now the only solution is to keep the conversion in mind when you are setting up your mappings. The lines of text below will help with this. Just lookup the key you want to output in the UK line, then instead output the key from the US line below it if it is different. UK: `1234567890-=qwertyuiop[]#asdfghjkl;'zxcvbnm,./ US: `1234567890-=qwertyuiop[]\asdfghjkl;'zxcvbnm,./ UK + Shift: ¬!"£$%^&*()_+QWERTYUIOP{}~ASDFGHJKL:@ZXCVBNM<>? US + Shift: [email protected]#$%^&*()_+QWERTYUIOP{}|ASDFGHJKL:"ZXCVBNM<>? US: `1234567890-=qwertyuiop[]\asdfghjkl;'zxcvbnm,./ For example if you want to output the ¬ key, you would need to instead send a "Shift + `" as in the image below. Or for # you would just need to send \ instead. I hope this helps for the keyboard layout issue, and please let us know how you get on regarding the boot issue.
  2. Bryce

    GT: Troubleshooting

    I just updated to macOS 10.14 Mojave, and my GT is no longer working. Mojave introduced some new security features which can interfere with the Swiftpoint Manager and prevent the GT from working. Fortunately this can be corrected by giving the Manager access to your Computer again in "System Preferences > Security & Privacy > Privacy > Accessibility", as in the screenshot below. If you do not have a touch-pad or another mouse you can use to do this, you will first need to disable the Manager. This can be done with just your keyboard by following the steps below: 1. Press "Ctrl + F2" to shift focus to the menu bar, you should see the Apple symbol highlighted in Blue. (on a MacBook you may need to press the "fn" key as well to enable F2). 2. Use the arrow keys to select the tools menu, then Select Disable Manager (Press right arrow twice, then down arrow twice, followed by Enter). 3. The Manager will ask you if you want to disable it, press Enter again proceed. With the Manager disabled, or using another mouse/touch-pad use the steps below to allow the Swiftpoint Manager to function on your computer again. 1. Open "System Preferences" from the Dock. 2. From System Preferences Select "Security and Privacy" from the top row. 3. Now select the Privacy Tab, and look down the list for Accessibility. 4. With Accessibility open, click the lock and enter your admin password to make changes. 5. Once these settings are unlocked click the checkbox next to "SwiftpointManagerHelper". 6. You can now close the "Security and Privacy" window and go back to the Swiftpoint Manager to re-enable it.
  3. Bryce

    Profile setting not overriding Gaming Gestures

    @latexyankee I think I know what might be happening here. The inheritance/overriding system for tilt inputs works a little different than for other buttons. When you override the tilt mappings in a sub profile the two left and right tilt inputs will only override their parents mappings if they are set to the same angle as they are in the parent profile. This exception is what allows config mode to work in all profiles. (If you created a Tilt Right 25° mapping in one of your profiles config mode would stop working on that profile.) So if you update the tilt left and right 1.5° mappings in the gaming analog profile so that their Angle and Noise values match your Battlefield profile, your Battlefield settings will override them correctly.
  4. @robyneil While we don't sell the extenders separately, we do have some spares available. So if you want to do some experimentation with them just contact us at [email protected], and we can set you up with a few spares.
  5. Bryce

    Driver Feature Requests

    @dbdecker @Munkie We should be able to allow this in the driver at some point in the future. But for now it is possible achieve this by making some manual modifications to the config file. I've uploaded a blank profile below which I've made these modifications to if you want to try it out. https://community.swiftpoint.com/files/file/34-editable-lmb/
  6. Bryce

    Editable LMB

    Version 1.0.0


    This profile has been modified to allow you to edit the outputs on the left mouse buttons press and release. It uses a nested left button input which is set to act as left click, but unlike the base left button input this can be edited.
  7. Bryce

    and for us lefties?

    @sholdowa Unfortunately there is only a right-handed model of the GT at the moment - it is optimised and tuned for the right hand, so we don't recommend using it in the left. Creating a left handed version of the GT, (and now the ProPoint) has always been something we would like to do. But since they so optimized for the right hand it would be a no small undertaking, requiring significant product and manufacturing redesign. So while we may produce a left handed version eventually, if there is enough demand, for now all our efforts are focused on the right-handed version of the ProPoint.
  8. Bryce

    Multiple Button Presses

    @Sir Fox McCloud My first thought is that your thumb button mapping for crouch might be missing a release output. This will cause the behavior you describe as without an explicit release output for crouch it will remain held down until it is automatically released (when no buttons on your mouse are physically held down). Sending any press output repeatedly will have no effect unless the button is released in-between the presses. Setting your crouch output up with a separate press and release as below should work correctly.
  9. Bryce

    Gta online

    Unfortunately GTAV does not have support for the DirectInput joystick outputs the Z uses for its analog tilt outputs. Though it is possible to convert DirectInput into Xinput which GTAV does support. Just check the link below for a brief guide on how this can be done. https://community.swiftpoint.com/topic/7-how-to-use-the-z-in-games-that-do-not-support-directinput/ I'm not familiar with "Heroes and Generals" but based on its Steam page it doesn't have any controller support. So while you could use tilt for flying , you would need to setup your Z to output a keypress for yaw, pitch or roll for each direction; so it would not be analog.
  10. Bryce

    Prevent autostartup maximized window

    @Cassiopeia You can prevent the driver window from popping up on startup by clicking on the main driver menu at the top left of the driver window and selecting "View Introduction Videos". From there just un-check the "Show this message again on startup" checkbox at the bottom of the pop-up then close it. After this the driver will still launch at start-up, but will remain minimized to the system tray until you open it (unless there is a driver update).
  11. This one is just a minor release to add driver-side support for a polling rate option, since firmware support for this was added in the previous release. Work on the following update is already well underway and will include the oft requested auto-profile switching feature. Here's the summary of what's new in the PC Driver Release October 15, 2018 User configurable Polling rate The Z's polling rate can now be capped at 1000, 500, 250, or 125 Hz with the "Maximum Polling Rate" setting which has been added to the profile settings screen. UI Changes/ Bug Fixes Minor UI tweaks to the Profile settings pane.
  12. Bryce

    Really basic question about mappings

    @HalcJ5 It wont be in the next update (which I'll be releasing very soon), but we have it lined up for the following update which should be out next month.
  13. Bryce

    On Mac, trigger buttons stop working.

    @Bellum I've just realized that these issues could actually be due to the WOW BTT profile I made for you last month. Are these issues mainly occurring while you use that preset in BTT? We will be doing an update to the Z Mac firmware soon. So I'm thinking of including a new simpler BTT setup which will avoid the possible tilt issue I mentioned above, or perhaps a keyboard based gaming profile which doesn't need BTT at all.
  14. Bryce

    Reset Gaming Gestures Profile

    @csum17 The starter profiles can be reloaded into the driver at any time by selecting "Import Mappings From a File" in the main driver menu (The three horizontal lines at the top left of the driver window) then selecting the "Starter Mappings.spcf" file which will be in the default directory. Or if you want to wipe all of your current profiles and return to the defaults you can also select "Clear and Reset Settings in Driver and Mouse" from the same menu, then chose to load the starter mappings.
  15. Bryce

    Really basic question about mappings

    @HalcJ5 Currently the only way to get this input back (without manually editing your config file) is to use the "-REMOVE" button near the bottom of the window, then add a new set of blank inputs for the trigger with the "+ADD" button that will appear. A better solution which doesn't require you to clear the other buttons outputs will be added in an upcoming driver update.