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  1. One tip I can offer for this is to use separate "Press" and "Release" outputs rather than a single "Tap" output. That might seem counter-intuitive, but a "Tap" output has a built in delay to ensure it is always registered. So a manual Press followed by Release will be quicker. If necessary you can add your own wait between the press and release to limit the speed.
  2. If your Z's 'mouse' type outputs are working (cursor movement, left click, scroll etc.) but keyboard outputs are not. I'd first recommend unplugging and reconnecting your Z, or restarting your PC if that doesn't help.
  3. @deelydian For your trackpad issue it looks like this could be due to an accessibility setting in macOS. Check under "System Preferences > Accessibility > Pointer Control > Mouse & Trackpad".
  4. The key used to activate Push to Talk will vary based on which application you are using for voice chat, and its settings. So you should just need to find what key is used to activate it then map that key to one of your mouse buttons. With your mapping just make sure that the key is set to only be released when you release the button. As if you use a "Tap" output, or set the release to happen immediately after press it wont work. For example this would work (If 'F' was your push to Talk key) But these would not work, as F is released immediately even if you continue to physically hold the button down.
  5. A single button can create multiple different outputs, but not in that exact manner. You would need to use either a deep click, or other input combinations to select which of the different outputs to activate. For example the mapping below which creates a four direction gesture by combining mouse movement with a mouse button. For your other question, modifier keys on your keyboard can be combined with anything the mouse is outputting. But it's not currently possible for the mouse to output something completely different based on your keyboard input. So if you have a button set to output 'A' pressing 'Ctrl' on your keyboard at the same time will result in a "Ctrl+ A". But it couldn't change the buttons output to 'B'. Thanks for raising these points though. We've discussed them both internally before and hope to be able to implement them eventually. The more requests we get the more likely it is to happen.
  6. @MichaelRx The first new variant should be formally announced within a month. Potentially it could ship in August, but I can't make any promises on that.
  7. @MichaelRx We do have a few Z variants in the works. But like the ProPoint in our Pen-grip range; the Z will remain the top tier model in its range for now. So if you're an existing Z user the new variants wont give you a reason to upgrade. But the Zs software will be updated as they are released, so you wont be missing out.
  8. Performing repairs on one of our mice wont effect its warranty, especially if you do so at our suggestion.
  9. The Z doesn't have this exact feature. But the way to achieve something similar is to assign your outputs to the "Release" input rather than the Press; and to use the "Block Further Outputs" flag. As in the example below. With this setup you would only trigger 1 of the 4 possible inputs when you release the button, depending on how hard you press.
  10. If your Z's joystick functions are not working in-game, first check if they are detected by your system at all using https://html5gamepad.com/. If that's not registering any outputs, check that your profile has the joystick axes mapped to its analog tilt outputs. Also make sure that the correct profile is set as active. Beyond that, if DCS world isn't detecting your Z as a joystick at all you may need to modify your controller settings in steam. As mentioned in the thread below on the steam forums. https://steamcommunity.com/app/223750/discussions/0/135508292192710755/
  11. Combination inputs can be created on any input by clicking the small '+ADD' button which appears when you hover your cursor over an input. I've just checked the profile you linked and the combination inputs it include seem to be working correctly. Combination inputs like this need to be pressed in the correct order. So for the example you mentioned shown below the Play/Pause command would only trigger when the thumb button is pressed first, followed by left click (while the thumb button is still held down). Pressing them in the reverse order wouldn't do anything, unless you also created that combination input separately.
  12. Mouse buttons 1-16 are available as outputs under the "Mouse Clicks & Scrolling" section, so they can be added to any input. However mouse button 1 through 5 are assigned by default, and everything above that (mouse buttons 6-16) are not supported by the vast majority of games/applications. So unless you have a specific application in mind that does support them, you are better off using keyboard or joystick outputs.
  13. Config mode doesn't have sub/parent profile navigation by default, but it can be added (config mode is fully customizable). Check the thread below for details on how you can add to config mode.
  14. @PureSelfishness I'm not familiar with this 90's maneuver, but it sounds interesting. Could you attach a screenshot of how you have configured this on your mouse? That will help me understand how it works, and hopefully see why it might not be working as you expect.
  15. @BokChoy What platform are you running Citrix on top of? My first guess for what could cause this is if you are on Windows with the Control Panel installed, and have "Touch Input" enabled under "Mouse Settings > Tilt Gestures > Tilt + Move". This settings converts gesture scroll inputs into Windows Touch events which may not be supported by Citirx. So if this is the case disabling "Touch Input" should resolve the issue.
  16. @eeeeb We are addressing the issue with the factory, but that will only come into effect for new builds. As all current stock is of the original design. @Cyglade I agree that before attempting any kind of repairs, ruling out the possibility of a software/configuration issue is important. But at this stage we don't think there is a problem with the inheritance system. Since in a lot of cases mouse buttons 1-5 are all inherited from global, but it's only mouse button 3 that people are having problems with. Also using the OLED screen set to display force values will confirm if there is a hardware issue. As the displayed button names and force values work independently of the driver or mouse configuration.
  17. I think the simplest way to do this would be to use an alternate function on release as shown below. So pressing the button starts an infinite loop every-time. But the action on release will alternate between a "Wait 0" (which effectively does nothing), and stopping the loop.
  18. Sorry for not commenting on this sooner. I believe I've spoken with most users in this thread already via our support desk. But for those who haven't contacted support directly yet, that is the best channel for these kinds of issues. But to address this in a general sense. These issues are not due to poor quality control or cheap parts. You'll find the switch we use in a lot of other high end mice, and you'll also find the same issues occurring with most mice to varying degrees. As pocat suggested the problem is caused by dust or debris working their way inside the switch and blocking the contact. Recently I've been showing users who encounter this problem how they can resolve it by opening and cleaning the switch. So far the results have been positive But I'd like to continue gathering feedback before posting the instructions publicly. So if you are having this issue please submit a ticket and we will help you resolve it.
  19. @Tino As @Zeanon said, what you have setup is correct. The only issue is that Warcraft unfortunately does not support mouse buttons 6+ as outputs. While they are standard mouse outputs very few applications actually support them. So in most cases you will need to use keyboard or joystick outputs instead.
  20. Assuming your other joystick outputs on this profile are working, that looks like it should work too. If you set your Zs OLED screen to display tilt angles, is the 'Y' value (Yaw) updating as expected? If it is, check if the pivot mapping on the starter profile "Gaming - Analog" is also not working (it's on right trigger push).
  21. Unfortunately this seems to be an issue with iOS 13.4. As we've encountered it across all of the mice we've tested, though it appears inconsistently, seemingly without rhyme or reason. We'll continue to monitor the situation in case there is something we can do to improve it. But for now I think this is an issue Apple will need to address with an iOS update.
  22. Is your pivot mapping showing any output on https://html5gamepad.com/? If it's not could you provide a screenshot of how you have configured pivot in the Swiftpoint Driver?
  23. Analog joystick outputs cannot be mapped to mouse movement, but they are available for tilt. If you still have the default "Gaming Analog" profile it has tilt setup as a joystick. But you can also easily add it to any other profile by going to its tilt settings and adding a "Game Controller" output to the "Analog" inputs; which are at the bottom of the tilt sections. You can find more details on the options available for tilt inputs here
  24. To do this you just need to create DPI levels with the specific X/Y settings you want. Then set the button press to switch to that level, and button release to switch back. For example: You can either jump to a specific DPI level as I have done above, or move up and down levels with the next and previous options shown below.
  25. @Mitchy1690 Unfortunately it has been some time since the last update for the Windows driver. However work on it is still ongoing. Since the last update our focus shifted to getting the Mac version up to speed with Windows . That milestone was reached late last year and since then we have been moving our Windows development onto the same cross-platform framework that we used for the Mac version. While at the same time doing an overhaul of the UI. So there is a significant update coming for both Windows and mac users, and further updates are planned for the foreseeable future.
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