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  1. @Bellum Unfortunately these profiles can only be imported by the Swiftpoint Driver on Windows for now.  

    When our complete configuration tool for mac is released it will be compatible with these files, but for now I've created a similar profile for BTT which you can find attached. It is setup as follows:

    Input Output
    Top Thumb Alt+1
    Bottom Thumb Alt+2
    Left Trigger Push Alt+3
    Right Trigger Push Alt+4
    Left Fingertip Alt+5
    Right Fingertip Alt+6
    Rear Edge Alt+7
    Front Edge Alt+8
    Left Trigger Pull Alt+9
    Left Fingertip Deep Click 50% Alt+-
    Right Fingertip Deep Click 50% Alt+=

    Another option if you have access to Windows, is to save custom profiles to your Z's internal memory so they will still be available when you plug your Z back into your Mac.

    NOTE: Due to the modifier keys used in the Map All profile on the Z this setup will not work consistently and is no longer recommended.


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