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  1. @bodyboarder2528 To use the Z's analog tilt controls for Flight in Arma 3 you can start with the "Gaming Analog" profile, which has tilts on both axes set to joystick outputs; or you can add these outputs to your own profile as below. With this setup, you should just need to go into Arma's keybinds, find the flight controls for each axis and tilt the Z in the appropriate direction. Pivot can also be setup for Yaw on button press as in the example below.
  2. @tomharto Currently a small workaround is required to enable mappings like that which leave an output held down after you release a button. The next driver update will render this workaround obsolete, but for now just refer to the thread below for how to setup and enable toggle outputs. https://community.swiftpoint.com/topic/10-enabling-toggle-outputs/?tab=comments#comment-11
  3. Here's the summary of what's new in the PC Driver Release August 10, 2018 Keyboard Input recorder Instead of manually selecting every keyboard output using several drop-down list you can now record outputs directly from your keyboard using the new record button on the output list screen. While recording press and release outputs will be added to the output list as you type for all standard keyboard keys and media controls like volume, play/pause etc. Tap outputs will be created automatically if a press output is immediately followed by its own release. So if you want just a press or just a release either start the recording with a key already held down (to only record the release), or stop the recording before you release a key ) to only record the press). You will also be given the option of adding the release output to the release input when you are just mapping a single key with the recorder. Option to disable or enable "Tilt Auto-Zeroing" "Tilt Auto-Zeroing" is a firmware feature of the Z which works to prevent the gyroscope's tilt readings from drifting over time. In general it does its job well; but in some use cases it can cause more problems than it solves. So if you find that you are frequently needing to re-calibrate your tilt angles for your tilt functions to work correctly, try disabling this feature from the profile settings screen. Just note that since disabling "Tilt Auto-Zeroing" will mean that your Z is not trying to auto-correct for the natural drift in the gyroscope, your tilt values will drift over time. But this drift will be slow, so doing a manual re-zero (with the default right trigger pull function on the global profile, or your own custom mapping) should mean you don't have any problems with tilt for even an extended gaming/work session. Auto-Release Inputs Toggle By default there is a fail-safe enabled in the Zs firmware which prevents keys from being left held down if the Z is not currently processing any user input. So a press command will automatically release if the Z is not tilted, no buttons are physically held down, and no macros are running. This means that if you accidentally forget to add a release for one of your press outputs, the key wont be stuck down permanently, which is generally a good thing. However it is a problem if you actually want a key to be left held down after you release a button. For example, the mapping below which starts holding down 'W' when you first press the Left Fingertip button, then releases it when you press it again will not work correctly with the Auto-Release fail-safe enabled. So if you want to make use of these kinds of functions in any of your profiles. Just disable the new "Auto-Release Inputs" setting from the profile settings screen. If you do just make sure that all of your press outputs have releases, or they will remain stuck down until you change profiles, or unplug the mouse. New Ouptuts Added Caps Lock and Application/Menu key under the "Modifiers and Actions" category. These will also work with the new keyboard recorder. UI Changes/ Bug Fixes Added Spanish translation. "Stop Further Outputs" flags are now correctly maintained on the global profile when it is exported and imported. The "Output ID#" setting on "Repeat From" functions now updates correctly when outputs are re-arranged, and also displays the correct number of options on the profile settings screen. The correct side of the slider is now highlighted when modifying analog toggle inputs. Removed '{0}' text from the DPI output label. Resolved issue where '+ADD' button would sometimes be displayed on analog inputs which are set to an analog output (e.g. deep click analog range). Which allowed the creation of invalid mappings. Firmware Changes Updates to scroll-wheel ‘de-bounce logic’ which will resolve the issue of ‘reverse scrolling’ that a few users are experiencing.
  4. Hi @Tonester, The grip pads in the Z are replaceable and we do have some in spares stock. So please just send an email through to support ([email protected]) and we can sort some out for you.
  5. Hi @windtwo, We have an SDK for iOS developers looking to add GT support to their apps, but at this time we have not made it publicly available. If you would like access to it, please just send us an email at [email protected] with some details regarding your app for us to evaluate.
  6. Version 1.0.1


    This is a simple profile for WoW (or other MMOs) which can be used to quickly assign a full Action Bar worth of skills to the Z. It uses an Alt modifier with the numbers keys from 1 to =/+, so should not interfere with any default keybinds, and by combining your mouse buttons with Ctrl and Shift modifiers, three full action bars worth of skills can quickly be accessed without moving a finger off WASD (Or four if you're comfortable holding Shift and Ctrl together). Also included is a version with tilt to assigned to Ctrl and Shift modifiers, if you want to have access to three full actions bars directly from the Z. Input World of Warcraft World of Warcraft + Tilt Bottom Thumb Alt+1 Alt+1 Top Thumb Alt+2 Alt+2 Left Trigger Push Alt+3 Alt+3 Right Trigger Push Alt+4 Alt+4 Left Fingertip Alt+5 Alt+5 Right Fingertip Alt+6 Alt+6 Rear Edge Alt+7 Alt+7 Front Edge Alt+8 Alt+8 Left Trigger Pull Alt+9 Alt+9 Right Trigger Pull Alt+0 Alt+0 Left Fingertip Deep Click 50% Alt+- Alt+- Right Fingertip Deep Click 50% Alt+= Alt+= Tilt Left Ctrl Tilt Right Shift Middle Mouse + Right Trigger Pull Re-zero Tilt Angles
  7. Getting that approach to work well could be a challenge, but using those contact points it would be possible.
  8. Hi @Glamor, sorry for the slow response. Currently the Swiftpoint Driver on Mac is just a tool for updating the Z's firmware, and adding a profile which can be used in conjunction with Better Touch Tools. So it does not actually install anything, you just run it once then use BTT. This being the case it will not be preventing the Z from connecting to the Windows Driver on your VM. However for this to work you will need to "attach" the Z to your VM so that all five of its USB interfaces are forwarded through to the VM where the Windows driver can detect them. While your Z is attached to the VM in this manner it will be disabled on your Mac. So once you have made changes using the Windows Driver, save them to your Z's internal flash memory so they will be available when you detach the Z from your VM. The Windows Swiftpoint Driver is compatible with Windows 7 and up, so your Z should definitely be working with it on a native Windows installation. If you are connecting via any kind of hub, please try plugging your Z directly into your laptops USB port. If this doesn't help, is your Z just unable to connect to the driver on all of these systems, or is it not even working as a normal mouse too?
  9. @treb42 I just had another look at this and you're right that unplugging the Z doesn't seem to resolve it anymore (if it ever did). But resetting the slider by binding it to a pivot input the re-zeroing the Yaw is still working. If you want to test that you have it setup correct just go to the website below which displays the Z's controller outputs in real time. http://html5gamepad.com/ On this page you'll likely see that "Axis 6" is set to -1, while other axes up to 8 are approximately 0. With the setup above pushing the left fingertip button should set this axis back to ~0 (you may need to press it more than once). If it doesn't work, just make sure that you are resetting Pivot (Yaw) not Tilt, and that your slider output has a range from 0-50%. Also be sure not to pivot your mouse when you press the button or the slider will move off 0 again. I hope this helps. But if you have any further trouble with this feel free to upload your profile and I'll take a look at it.
  10. @SilentMan While it's possible we could branch out into other peripherals at some point in the future. For now we are focused on providing updates to the Z's software/firmware and the upcoming ProPoint.
  11. I should have linked to it here, but since my post we have made an announcement with details on the first of the upcoming driver updates, which you can read in the thread below. https://community.swiftpoint.com/topic/198-swiftpoint-driver-development-update/ Work is under way on this, with the first release coming this month if all goes well.
  12. @SilentManThese contact points are not currently utilized, but they could allow for expansion of the Z's hardware features in the future.
  13. I'm not certain which versions of Office this add-in supports, but perhaps it does not support yours? I tested it with Office 365 and just needed to run the INSTALL.bat file, then close and re-open Excel to get it working.
  14. @MrBig1028 It's not possible to assign copy-paste to the GT directly with its own configuration options. However this can be achieved by using a third-party application like X-Mouse Button Control. Which can intercept mouse inputs and convert them into something else. So for example you could set your GT to output mouse buttons 4 and 5 on the two mouse button combos. Then use the setup below so X-Mouse Button Control will convert these into copy paste. The situation with horizontal scrolling In excel under Windows 7 is unfortunately a bit more complicated than it should be. Since by default Excel does not have a shortcut for horizontal scrolling. On Windows 10 the GTs Gesture Technology driver allows horizontal scrolling by using touch inputs, but these are not supported on Windows 7. So instead you'll need to use the Excel add-in linked below which enables horizontal scrolling via the "Shift + Scroll-Wheel" shortcut. https://github.com/T800G/OfficeScroll Once you have this installed and confirm it is working, you can use X-Mouse Button Control again to send the Shift+Scroll-wheel command when applicable, as below. I've attached the XMBC profiles below if you want to try this approach. I haven't tested it thoroughly so it may need some tweaks, but it does work. XMBC - Example.xmbcp
  15. @ifixit Mike's setup should work no matter how your profiles are arranged. If you are in a sub profile, just use "Left Trigger Pull" to move up to its parent, then the edge buttons to cycle between profiles on the "Parent" level. Then if you want to access another sub profile, navigate to its parent and use "Left Trigger Push" to drop down again.
  16. If you are using a Non-QWERTY keyboard layout some of the Z's keyboard outputs will be swapped by Windows; since they are always in the QWERTY format. The way to workaround this is to look at the position the key you want to output occupies on your keyboard, then assign the key that has this same position on the QWERTY layout. Windows will perform its conversion on the output and you should end up with the key you wanted. For example if you were using the a QWERTZ (German) layout and wanted to output a "^" you would need to assign "` OR ~" from the symbols category instead. QWERTZ (German) QWERTY (US)
  17. @Nordlp The GT's scroll-wheel direction can be reversed on Windows using the cloud config page. Just set the switch on the bottom of your GT to config and this should open automatically. Then just follow the on-screen instructions to access the config menu. From there go to "Configuration" > "Customize settings" and the option to set the scroll-wheel direction can be found further down the list (as shown below)
  18. I haven't played the Witcher 3 in a while, and don't currently have it installed on my work PC to test, but from memory what you describe sounds like it should work. My only initial thought is that the wait times may be required between the release and press inputs, rather than the other way around. As in the example below. Though perhaps the middle "Shift Tap" should also be a press and release with a short wait time between?
  19. Here's the summary of the changes in the PC Driver released May 23rd, 2018 Improvements and bug fixes Added Chinese translation.
  20. Unfortunately cutting a hole through the flight stick extender would not allow for mouse movement. As the optical sensor will be too far from the mousing surface to track anything, even when using the maximum lift off height. We prototyped a lower profile attachment which allowed for both pitch and roll with mouse movement. But unfortunately we could not resolve the problem of the sensor getting out of range; particularly when tilting forward, or combining two axes simultaneously (left+back, right+forward etc.). It might be possible to set up something that works for mouse movement, roll, pitch, and yaw. But it would require compromises to one or more of these inputs. So the best solution right now is generally the tilt feet, which easily allow for everything except pitch; and even pitch can be used, just not optimally.
  21. There were couple of other driver/firmware updates we had in the pipeline which we hoped to include with 1.2.48. But when it become clear these would take more time to prepare we decided not to hold back the Chinese translation to wait for them. I've perhaps been too hesitant to speak about driver updates, as things don't always go to plan. But we're now in the process of putting more development resources back onto the Z. So updates are coming (both bug fixes and new features), and we will have more substantial news to share regarding these in the coming weeks.
  22. @BryceThompson Currently in order to change the mappings saved to the Z's firmware you will need access to the Swiftpoint Driver on Windows. As the configuration method used on Mac does not modify the Z's mappings at the firmware level. A Mac configurator that works like the Windows one is in the works. But for now you will need access to Windows to make changes to mappings for use on Console.
  23. Further to @doublehooksta comment, the Map All profile is intended for use on Mac with Better Touch Tools. As a means of allowing customization on Mac until our own Z configuration tool for Mac is available. You can find further details on how to use the Z with Better Touch Tools at the link below. https://www.swiftpoint.com/macdriver-help/
  24. Hi @madkurt The next firmware update is currently looking like it will contain a couple new options to allow the disabling of tilt calibration, and the auto button release fail-safe. After this there are a few other fixes which we want to add, but once those are in place force calibration will be near the top of the priority list for firmware changes.
  25. Hi @muhd firdaus zukki, Due to the GT's compact design the batteries are non-replaceable. But the GT's battery life should not degrade significantly for many years of normal usage.
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