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  1. Thanks, that would be nice, but i still think it should become an official feature for the mouse
  2. the mouse is marketed to work as a mouse, joystick, and a gamepad, but there arent realy any usefull gamepad functions. like, for most car simulators or other flying games, you have gas/breaks or shooting on the trigger buttens or stear and look with the diferent sticks could it be added to the mouse configuration, so you could map the left/right analog tilt to the left stick and front/back to the right stick, and even more usefull add the posibility to have analog read on left mouse preasure for left trigger and analog read on right mouse preasure for right trigger? it would make the mouse so extremely more powerfull than it is now
  3. okay, so a custom made thing wouldn't be able to get information or tell information to or from the mouse oh well, could have been fun
  4. On the underside of the mouse there is a little dip with 6 pins inside. I am a bit curious about them? Because i havent found anything on your site that supports them, and the mouse is not young anymore. Have some theories, but would like to know. 1: are they made for an atachment that was planed but never made? 2: (i play a lot with arduino's) are they like the icsp pins? to directly program the mouse? 3:something third... and if it is for attachments that havent been made, are they functional? like could i maybe create my own attachments? (again i like playing with arduino gadgets)
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