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  1. So I have a standing desk that tilts front to back. Sometimes I leave the mouse resting turned sideways and it will calibrate with a ~0.7 degree angle then if I start using the mouse and jump into a game it will make it nearly impossible to lean to one side and the other side will be way to sensitive. Since the mouse doesn't recalibrate if it's constantly moving this killed me a few times where I immediately discovered the issue then kept trying in vain to get it to zero out by not touching it while also not dying. Anyways I figured out a quick fix if anyone has a similar issue. The following setting is based under the default "tilt right 25 degrees enters calibration mode" gesture, the 1.5 second delay gives you time to put the mouse back down and stop touching it before it recalibrates. I also recommend using the lcd to display roll/pitch/yaw unless you use it for DPI so you can make sure the calibration is always correct (this can also be cycled in calibration mode using a default setting). Just wanted to throw this out in case anyone else was having similar issues. Loving this mouse more every day.
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